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  1. Summer Slone
    Love the app except for the "lost connect" error I keep getting in the middle of every other game. Causes me to lose chips. Please fix for 5 star. Thank you for a good app none the less
  2. Gregory Livingstone
    not worth the download... you get a small daily bonus that essentially allows you to play for maybe 5-10 mins... there's no way to earn additional chips unless you bet your own... I play a facebook version of farkle that allows you to play a single player game and rack up scores to convert to chips... something to consider maybe?
  3. Disconnection
    Damien Atkins
    I have lost 300k chips through disconnection when everything else on my phone that needs Internet works fine so it is just the game dont see the point in playing if its gunna do that because I wont win anyway
  4. Was Addicting fun
    Kat Hoskins
    This is the only game that seems to ALWAYS loose connection,none of my other games do that.when it happens you loose your coins and don't get them back,fix this please,and possibly make it that if you do loose connection you at least get your coins back,I've lost several thousand so far because of it. Also when playing against the AI 5-7 times are almost always a farkle makes playing for coin no fun connection issues make it no fun and not getting coins back is no fun.Fix these and I'll give 5 stars AGAIN
  5. Nick Killingsworth
    Good game, but it is rigged . 90% of the time who ever bets the smaller amount wins. The smartest bet would be only 500 chips and never no More.
  6. Failboat
    Brendan B
    Says i need to check my internet connection. My connection is fine, check your game. To have something this simple ruin what could be a fun game is sad. Amateur hour. Uninstalled.
  7. Awesome
    heather lillard
    This game is a good game I love it and I am teaching my boyfriend how to play it...some times it works and some times it don't it just depends on what kinda mood it wants to be in....I would tell people to play it it's fun and relaxing to me...the only thing I think it need is the chatting box so we can talk to other players like it does on Facebook....other then that I live it.
  8. Bogus lossss
    Joyce Coook
    Husband and I are playing on WiFi and mine will say connection lost while his is fine. Glitches
  9. Loved it but didn't with any more
    Kyle Wisdom
    Can't connect to the internet. Deleted and reinstalled but nothing still. Fix!!!
  10. It's a great way to play dice !
    Richard Smykal
    I Iike it. Passes the time. It's just a little too predictable when you know your going to Farkle.
  11. Enjoyable but a few flaws
    R West
    A fun app and an enjoyable time user if you have 10-20 mins to spare, last update has problems- lost 1.2 million chips sitting next to router but in game lose connection. Needs a fix
  12. Farkle Live
    Sharon Williams
    With the bug fixes I will be enjoying my game againBugs fixed game on,just dont play as much as in the beginning
  13. love the game, but...
    Amanda Pearson
    the "can't connect" has caused me to lose a LOT of chips, and I haven't been able to play the game hardly over the past 4 days. please fix. this was my favorite app, and now, I can't play it...
  14. Ugh connection error!!!!
    Jamie Elliott
    Ok I love this game and just started experiencing lost connection error. I see that many other ratings also are about the same problem. It is getting really aggravating. Please fix for five stars.
  15. sonya soderberg
    This company will steal from you. Playkot has stolen hundreds of dollars from me. I'm a cancer patient in a cancer ward. They have stolen and continue to steal. This game is rigged. I'm not exaggerating. It's rigged to allow you to win only so much. They have it set to get your money. Playkot is a thieving organization.
  16. Farkle Live
    Annie Di Sciascio
    I love playing Farkle Live! It's lots of fun, challenging and competitive. I like the ease of use, graphics and sounds on Farkle Live.
  17. Krystal Tillman
    This game I love but won't let me connect to the internet even though I am connected ... This game sucks .... Please fix...
  18. Generator sucks.
    callahan Marsden
    Dice code sucks. Farkle every other roll. The online play is solid but the added bonuses of players being able to pay for extra moves or 2x score means you could play someone and never roll the dice because the spent more money.
  19. Great when it works.
    Miguel Candelaria
    Love the game but how do you skip the stupid tutorial when you use the app for the first time on a new device. I had to sit threw it 3 times in a row when I installed it on 3 different devices. So frustrating and time consuming. Please add an opt out button or something
  20. I hope it is a good game that you can play against each other and try to get more coins
    Dakota Davis
    Games that you can play and it's fun to go and play against each other