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Aviram Steinhart | CFO

Israel |

Avraham (Avi) Shalel | Founder and CEO at Plarium

Israel |

Michael Morgovsky | General Manager and co-founder at Plarium Israel

Israel |

Leon Danilov | Project Manager at Plarium

Israel |

Reviews 85,026

  1. Great game
    Hans A
    Great strategy game. Keep up the good work.
  2. Good time killer, not a great one
    Justin Anderson
    Lots of little reasons its not great. Play it for a week you will learn every reason im talking about. UPDATE: tried contacting support and all i got was run around and getting refferred to the FAQ section. Not a good way for a company to handle improvement suggestions :(
  3. Great game and not really p2w type
    Afyfy Rosli
    This game required patiences. To conquer is by creating many account to have more firepower. To those who want to play i recommend it. The only problem for this game for me is too much update per time. And the consequence for losing troop is high. I start from scratch take me around 5 days to start small troop. Also, got some spy in the clan which lead to bad gaming experience. I feel bad to newbie like me who are their prey. So yeah, patience required... I recommend to people who want to play this game.
    Jim De Wolf
    ok the game starts off ok you make friends and you get going and you have 3 days to build your base and get troops ,but after that you have to have crystals and to get them is to go up lvls (not bad you say lol)or you buy them ok to go up lvls is not too bad at first then it gets stupid beyond words , you need crystals to get your troops out of the infimary and what it says to get them out is not the same as how much it costs , ie it says 20 crystals to get your troops out lol that is to get 1 troop out !!! so work it out , you have 100 troops in there !!! and it costs ? lol ok , now say you have lost 100 troops and 250 valkyries (which costs 200 crystals) , ( yes you got it the 200 crystals =1) ok to up grade your turrets , guess what it costs ! yup crystals , right thats the crystals.. to up grade things that dont cost crystals , ie to get mines to lvl 9 can take up to 15 hours ! now who wants to wait 15 hours? ok now lets get to getting troops ! well there are various troops and for that you need modules and to get them wow can take for ever, but you can trade for them , but again not always ! i could go on about missions !! everything costs crystals and expensive if u buy
  5. jarred raubenheimer
    The game is fun, but server is lagging big time and no hp info for selected troops, makes attacking a guessing game!
  6. Big bug.
    Eirick Schule
    I been doing mission and i have not seen a single troop reward for it.
  7. Good game but one problem
    Andrew Erickson
    If you use an android the only way to change name is by signing in to Facebook. Not my preference to do. Should be able to change name however wanted. Apple users can change their name in game center, so why can't android users change their name as well. Will give 5 stars if fixed
  8. Fun in a bun?
    Theo Klepin
    Good game. A little laggy but fun. Problem is it seems like a cash grab. You can get crystals in game but not enough. If you lose the fight you can spend months trying to build troops back up. 1000 Plasma canons will cost $500 or take 37 days and 12 hours to train if you can get the resources to train continuously. 1000 is not enough for an army so expect months before you can defend yourself again. Defense can be consolidated among players but offense can not so one player worth of offense must smash itself against many players defense resulting in high losses and making the game unbalanced. EDIT: Nice cookie cutter response however, as stated above the amount of crystals a person can earn in game is dwarfed by the sheer quantity of crystals a person would need to maintain an army. Your token in game crystals are only a drop in the poorly balanced bucket.
  9. Larry Watson
    I love this game...but did give up linking to many app freezes...unload/reload of app to get this game back...
  10. Latest update SUCKS big time
    peter jr
    why the hell the latest update ruin this game???
  11. Updates suck
    robert smith
    Its a reasonably good game but it really is psy to compete....also the updates usually cause trouble. The update that landed last night has caused an issue where i cannot even log in.
  12. Great game but...
    Khairi Syamil
    I like this game but it need to connect with wifi only. It will better for me if connect with data connection mobile. Please do something...
  13. What about your other Facebook game
    Nick Cave
    Pirates tide o fortune was a great game too its like this game so I would like to know if its on here as well. But this game is missing some of the more advanced units after the battle cruiser and exterminator add it back and its a 5 star for me
  14. Pay to play?
    Kublai Kahn
    Plarium is turning this game into a pay to play game. I would rather quit than continue to pay for little in return for my investment. NOT WORTH THE AMOUNT YOU HAVE TO PAY TO HAVE ANY FUN ANYMORE. This game used to be fun and rewarding for playing until they drastically reduced amount of rewards for effort and time spent on game. Sad to see them change in the direction of greed.
  15. Cool
    Karel Esterhuizen
    I enjoy the game dont really know why but there are places left for inprovements but its cool so far
  16. 4 star
    Gabor Kovari
    Pay to play, but until now is quite enjoyable without making payments.
  17. Becoming Pay to Play
    Masum Miah
    Liked this game very much at first, been playing for nearly a year...getting put off now bcos global rewards, lvl up rewards r not rewards anymore, more like a tease so u purchase crystals and resources. U lose soooo many troops during morgana infestations and get like 1 in 10 reward return (if that) and becomes really really time consuming to recuperate the infantry unless u buy crystals......IF U WNT TO CONTINUOUSLY PAY THEN THIS GAME IS FOR U
  18. Richtet sich nur an Paygamer
    Die Belohnungen für Events werden immer weniger. Früher gab es 2-3x mehr für die gleichen Punkte. Lohnt sich mittlerweile fast nicht mehr mitzumachen da man mehr verliert als man gewinnt. Hinzu kommt dass auf dem internationalen Server der Preis der Kristalle 50% weniger ist als auf dem Deutschen! Fühlt sich immer mehr noch Abzocke an. Mit den neuen Updates geht es immer mehr bergab als bergauf. Genügend andere Mitspieler sehen es auf die gleiche Weise. Änderungsbedarf!!
  19. Beat strategy game I ever played
    xxcreeperscopexx 543
    This game is one of my favorite games
  20. Lito Uy
    Im addict in this games...many friends here....getting to know each others strategies.....!


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