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Aviram Steinhart | CFO

Israel |

Avraham (Avi) Shalel | Founder and CEO at Plarium

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Michael Morgovsky | General Manager and co-founder at Plarium Israel

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Leon Danilov | Project Manager at Plarium

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Reviews 45,178

  1. Poker?
    Michael Mulcahy
    Doesn't feel like real poker at all. Tournaments have people joining and leaving the entire time. No betting caps so people are going all in consistently. Needs big tournaments and betting caps in different game modes. Multi table tournaments would help as well as you buy in for set time tournaments so there are 200 people in a tournament not eight people then someone leaves and another joins. Uninstalled within 5 minutes. Fix that and I will change my rating.
  2. Can't even start the game
    Mykola vyshnevetskyy
    I have nexus 5 with android 5.0.1and the game doesn't launch. When I press on the game icon the screen goes black for a few seconds later goes back the my home scree. Please fix the bug.
  3. app is nice
    linda case
    but completely useless for playing poker.. all the people just randomly bet the chips with only seeing thier first few real rhyme or reason.. just betting all thier chips without understanding its a card game and not roullette.. makes me wonder if its just kids without a clue.. uninstalling..
  4. Rigged so unfair
    Raymond Lee
    All I'll say about this game. Its for the choosen few who win all the time. So unfair and so rigged. You can stick it up the highest place i can think off
  5. Poker sharks,more chips page?
    Bradley Wakefield
    I used to think,this was a great game,but the last month and half,everytime,i get into the game,then press through to where you buy chips,well in top right hand corner,it says,more chips,and as i have said,everytime now,when i press on more chips,i used to get through no problem,but for a month&a half,evertime i press the more chips bit,it keeps coming up,record not found,what does that mean,cant understand this,thats why i only gave a 2 star,if i could get back through,to the more chips page,i would rate it 5stars,but because of this problem,only a 2,i wish pokershark.could help me,but they probably not?
  6. Worst play money poker game in the store
    Waleed Hendricks
    This is really bad. Work harder. Needs better graphics and game play and lacks a lot of functionality that other games have.
  7. Awesome
    Kirklin Schiltz
    Poker total if it's poker I'm playing at age 11 years or is that 12 years close tho
  8. Doesn't work no longer
    bobby cole
    Doesn't work with Facebook login no more it's just keeps loading and nothing else plus i try to notify customer service for months and still no response from them guess they don't care about the problem plus forces close
  9. Doesn't work on5.01
    zsolt varga
    Since if got my phone updated it doesn't load. I've used to play a lot.
  10. App keeps connecting without any success
    Khurram Hashmi
    Ever since installed on Samsung S5, the app asks for Facebook login and keeps on connecting to it till the time I manually quit the app.
  11. Stood me up
    Sean Whealton
    I had a straight and was about to win about 1.3M chips and right before it said I won, the game stood me up out of my chair and gave my chips to the guy who lost...
  12. Crap
    Catherine Miles
    Cant login wiv fb wont let me put my password in uninstalled
  13. Unfair and doesnt work right
    Zox kiana
    for some reason it never gave me the option to raise once in the 2 hours I played it.EDIT:my gf had this app as well and after playing for awhile she found a number of problems. 1-you cant go all in, she kept getting awesome cards and going all in but then losing for no reason, heres the reason-you thi k youve bet all your chips but it always retains 4 or 5 so then you dont know its your turn and times you out.thats fking stupid. Problem 2-it doesnt go by the winning hand.sometimes 1 pair beats 2 pair.
  14. Ok
    Pj Yegn
    I like it but it is not good you cant choose the tables even if you want to play 500/1000 fast game it seats you in a diferent table. And the players are like a kid they do all in dosnt matter what card they have... PLAY SMART PLEASE AND PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEMS I WANT TO SEE THE TABLES BEFORE PLAYING.
  15. Bug
    Carlo Sarsonas
    Plz fix dis fuking bug! it always flash back d history of my winning even if im in a game. i cant call in a game when it appears that bug. .i give 5 when it fix. .
  16. Imam Prasetyo
    seller Chip 99 Domino on Facebook Invite My PIN 7CC18397 (transaksi via Chat or Empty Room)
  17. Loading problem
    George Flores
    Game will let me log in using Facebook, please fix because this game used to be great!
  18. Viviane
    Jerry Chevery
    Yes that I was looking for. Excellent thanks all the team.
  19. AwesomePOKEr
    Hizamudin Ribain
    I Love To Play It , (y)
  20. Z
    Mingly Setiawan
    Wasting my time when i want to login use fb. I use guest i get 80k and max chip only 30k. Wtf


What`s new

✓ Fixed rotation issues.
✓ Fixed various network problems.
✓ Better email validation mechanism on Plarium account.
✓ Improved player avatar retrieval mechanism.
✓ Better facebook integration.
✓ Fixed potential chips loss via tapjoy offers.


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