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Aviram Steinhart | CFO

Israel |

Avraham (Avi) Shalel | Founder and CEO at Plarium

Israel |

Michael Morgovsky | General Manager and co-founder at Plarium Israel

Israel |

Leon Danilov | Project Manager at Plarium

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Reviews 17,111

    Thora Harris
    Fans be careful of this game it takes to much data nearly used 100mb
  2. Nice!
    Benita Stefanczyk
    Better than most slots I've played recently,and I've been searching for weeks! All slots play well except one,which has been mentioned in another review; Sultans Slots. It didn't activate a bonus but the next time it did. Also the spin got stuck so I tried the auto spin for a few turns and the spin button unstuck itself. So quick fix. Small issue: the pay table over the win bar is unnecessary and a little irritating. The constant Facebook pop-up is extremely annoying,especially in the middle of free spins!
  3. Just started...
    Jennifer C
    a little slow and am still trying to figure it out, probably not the easiest slot game, in navigation and such, I've played. Will update soon
  4. Sounds like I had same problems uninstall
    Kat Ksl
    Great graphics, fun games with various ways on the bonus & scatters. Low payouts & slow in wins. Keeps loosing coins. The wheel gives bonus gift coins every 4hr spin. The amount won doesn't always transfer into ur accnt balance. Warning, watch & follow amount won, be sure applied to accnt. Also be aware ur balance as seems to loose $$ from acct ... just disappears, going from very good to way down. It may now show only 5 credit or 50 etc when it was in hundred $$ KK's or Millions.
  5. Play slots Free Slots
    paula marcello
    Different slots hard to understand what's happening. He to keep reminding game constantly waiting for load. Suckd
  6. Playslots
    Cindi Mitchell
    The ONLY good thing about this app. are the graphics. The bonuses are very few and far between and if you DO get one on the paltry amount of coins they give you to start with,...put it this way: finally got free spins- won 0! Got 2 bonuses betting 60, won 30 each time., i mean c'mon guys- can you really hope your game is SO great that people are going to start throwing you money right out of the gate just for the 'privilage' of playing it?? This is the 2nd time i will b uninstalling unfortunately.
  7. Not bad till the bonus round stopped working
    Nicholas Hackshaw
    When I get 3 bonus cards now it does nothing, I have got about 10 of them so far and none triggered the bonus round. Is there a limit to the amount you can win a day? If so that might have causes the issue,and if so still stupid .
  8. Chanda Hendrix
    Everything has to load and it takes a significant amount of time otherwise great slots game
  9. qlurium playslots
    im desai
    nicee game i like this game best one free dwnld must dwnld
  10. Doesn't pay...boring
    Ted Chuparkoff
    When I need to fall asleep...I play this casino. EXtremely slow & boring.
  11. Download this slot now!
    Sophia Ivashin
    Beautiful graphics, 3-d animation and fun and upbeat music and sounds make this app a blast!
  12. Steven Johnson
    Very boring low payouts no bonuses. Boring boring uninstall don't waste your time playing can't rate low enough. -3
  13. Suzan Benefield
    The WORST payout to bet ratio on Google play, and I've seen them all! There's no way I would spend money on this app. When you're betting 150, get 5 of a kind and win 30, THATS pathetic! Uninstalled!
  14. tony gibson
    Fun to play gambling is fun for me and my brothers and my other mother
  15. Fun
    Lyn Simmons
    Good so far. I am enjoying this game.
  16. Rednex Simmons
    Game sucks every time you get any good amount of money it will rob you. The only way to win on here is to pay real cash
  17. Elis Serrano
    Nice games nice graphics,enjoying it so far
  18. rium global playslots
    Monil Desai
    nice casino game i lke this game best to shot the n win n play
  19. Playslots- freeslots
    Randy montgomery
    Loading is way to slow,but the payout isn't to, so come on and don't be shy,,,,,, play along
  20. Slow start
    Holly U
    Just started, not sure what to think yet.


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