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  1. Way too hard
    Jack Hyland
    tried starting a game about ten times just after purchasing but never lasted more than a few seconds - I find the controls way too sensitive. No beginners /easy mode. Wasn't able to get a refund via Play store even within fifteen minutes of purchase.
  2. impossible
    Vlad Matejka
    I don't know if I suck or if the game just really lives up to its name. I can't get past the first curve. The music and aesthetic is great. Maybe decrease the difficulty a little?
  3. Surprisingly fun and addictive
    Houston Baker
    I bought this game on a whim, totally planning on returning it. However, even after the first run I knew that I would not be refunding this app. Instead I have been spending ever spare moment I have trying to beat my score on this beautiful elegant game. This is not going to be an app you regret getting. The only thing I would change is the music.
  4. Fun game
    Nathan Bousfield
    It gets difficult as you get better and play longer, but it is a really fun game.
  5. Best game out there
    Tony Stuefen
    Amazing game, addictive, challenging, no glitches, perfect app everyone will be jealous you have it
  6. Fantastically Simple
    Robert Schlie
    But extremely difficult, I LOVE IT! And no in app purchases make me love it even more!
  7. Amazing, addictive, eye-pleasing!
    Rahul PM
    Lots of twists and curves blended with Incredible visuals give a joyful experience. Unfortunately high scores are not recorded and set to zero every time we open this app! 5 stars if this is fixed!
    Dr. Leo Kelso
    I can't say with absolute certainty, that either I hate nor do I love this game but for whatever the crazy reason am profoundly and obscenely addicted to it! ;)
  9. Impossible, yet amazing.
    Riyguy Gaming
    I don't know what makes this game the way it is, but I just love it. It is very Difficult meaning it is very fun for a person like me.
  10. Difficult for an average user.
    Bhagirath Raichada
    I would consider myself an average user who who games on my phone from time to time. While Impossible Road is very pleasing to the eye, it is difficult to do well in. I keep falling off corners very easily and am almost always too far to get back on track. The times that I do, the ball bounces really hard and it's back to the same falling and hoping to get close to the track. I would really like to see some tweaks, and would otherwise not consider this money well spent. Thanks.
  11. Great, but stutter ruins it
    Even Geithus Øwre
    The game itself is pretty great in its simplicity. However, I'm constantly frustrated by frequent stuttering that makes it impossible to stay in control of the ball. It's one thing to die from a mistake, but technical issues causing you to lose all the time is infuriating.
  12. Addicting
    JT Salinas
    This game is worth the $2.99 imo. I got it a a year ago and I'm still playing it. It's a great time waster when I'm out some where and I'm waiting on someone to make their turn in hero academy
  13. Fun and addictive, but not perfect.
    John Jamison
    Impossible Road reminds me of Flappy Bird in that it's simple, addicting and something you see yourself getting better at the more you play it. There are just two issues I wish would get ironed out: 1. The ball needs more weight. It bounces a little too much and you end up losing control as a result. In a game this fast, one tiny bounce can ruin everything. 2. The ball gets too close to the camera when it's up in the air and you can't see the road. Not cool. Still a 4 star game though. Can't stop playing.
  14. Not worth the money I spent and here's why:
    This game is cool in theory, but terrible in execution. There's a whole mound of control issues that need to be adjusted. White ball creates a giant blind spot, no way to control either moving or falling speed and how getting back on track creates a huge bounce that does more harm than good, just when you thought you are back into the road, it sends you in the air again. Just great. And no power-ups or lives either, if you fail once, you lose. All in all, this is a very lackluster driving simulation game.
  15. Tougher than Chuck Norris in full body armor
    Gary Storey
    impossible is the word. Since the age of 15 I haven't really played a game thats made me want to smash my tablet against the wall as hard as I could. At 33 I thought I had matured beyond the point of pre-pubescent rage quitting, but this game has made me question that. I managed to get to checkpoint 6 on my first go but have actually been getting worse...I'm scared that if I keep playing this game my tablet will become one of the many items of space junk littering our upper atmosphere because I'll send the thing into orbit. Despite this game making me angrier than a wasps nest football, I can't help playing it...
  16. Impossible, but not unfair.
    Eric Kemp
    People are saying it's too hard. Well it is titled 'impossible road'. People want things too easily. Once you figure out the game mechanics, it's a lot of fun. It's a nice feature having a second chance...going off the track doesn't always end your run, and sometimes a good landing is rewarded by taking a humble low score and fast tracking you to say, 35. Or higher. Very clean styling and feel. When you buy this game, you get what you pay for. Would recommend!
  17. Impossible but possible
    Fits it's title for sure and a lot of fun too as you get better with coordination! To make it even better and see where you messed up would be great. To add a replay button after you lose to see the ball rolling and falling everywhere would make the game beyond perfect already! Oh and the option of rotation would make it even more fulfilling.
  18. Great but could be better
    Daniel Sandler
    The game is great and maybe I'm nitpicking but its not perfect. The transition when you die to the again screen to starting again could look better. Also it'd be great if it kept track of more stats like longest without jumping
  19. Imraan AJ Khan
    Don't complain because you suck at it. If you don't like challenges don't download. You can spend hours on this trying to beat your high score. Nice time pass. Good work.
  20. Like woah.
    David Watson
    Challenging, infuriating, fun! Wish I could play the same track over again. I like to learn to beat a level.


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