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  1. It's a cool game
    ayoo kalifaah
    Because I play it 24/7 lol sike I'm not a nolife but foreal this game is the best ;)
  2. Not giving me stars
    Roman Charles
    My objective is to get 50x multiplier in one game, which I always do, and it never gives me my stars for completing it. Other than that, great game!
  3. Fix Bugs Please!
    Dani Navarrete
    This game is addicting but I'm tired of reaching my goals and not getting the stars for it. Reached the goal multiple times, I don't want to pay for it!
  4. One of the best free to play games
    Varun Raj
    Take your conventional match 3 free to play game, remove waiting times and add a lot more craziness and variety. You get Super Monsters Ate my Condo. Phenomenal job.
  5. Good and bad
    Billy Bob
    The bad news is that while I play the game the screen can la ggy.the good news is that the game is very addicting to play.and I like the colored monsters if you make this game better I will rate the game five or four stars
  6. Fun games poorly developed
    ZhuoJun Loh
    The original version does not has any noticeable lag but this one just lag pretty badly. I am sorry, some developers are not doing their job right.
  7. 50 pt multiplier
    David Dillman
    I was about to post a comment and see I'm not the only one. One of the goals is to get the 50x multiplier. When I reach the goal, it doesn't clear. Aside from this bit of frustration, the game is phenomenal. It's colorful, creative, has an amazing soundscape.
  8. Monsters ate my battery!
    Darren King
    I absolutely love this game and have been getting all my mates hooked on it too. One problem while I can appreciate that games in general eat your battery, I have found that this in particular eats your battery when it's not even running! It leaves the audio_out2 open which in turn sets a partial keep awake for media server which sucks the battery dry. Only fix is to reboot the phone or tablet after playing. Please fix!
  9. Sucks
    Taylor Curtis
    I here that this game is so amazing but it doesn't even work on my phone because when ether I pressed play I just turned yellow and didn't do anything !!!
  10. Fix the fn bugs!
    Kim Tee
    Love this game, but sick and tired of losing my progress EVERY TIME I turn it off!!! Can you guys get it together or what? Cuz I'm about to give up and uninstall! So frustrating!!!!
  11. Good but...
    Nicholas Gaming
    The time that I was able to play it, it was fun and always played, it started to freeze up my tablet so I deleted it, trying it again and hope it works
  12. Very Very Addicting
    Hanna Cha
    I barely do any arcade game due to repetItion but this game is an exception. Very addicting and very polished. I am very impressed and looking forward to possible updates and new feature!
  13. Really fun but...
    Ashley Maloney
    I really like this game and it is fun and addictive but it keeps resetting my place! Like recently, I made it to junior and I came back to play another time and I'm back to elementary. Don't know why it does this but I wish it would get fixed...
    Indiana Munoz
    As you play, you've gotta make sure you stack 3 condos of the same color, & continue on as you feed the wild funny monsters. It's a funny game with strange characters. I think it's a great idea for a game. Very fun!
  15. Old phones need not apply
    Eric Collins
    I have a Droid X, 2.3. The game barely runs on it. I'm not complaining, I understand why. Just a word of warning to old/slow phone owners; this is a 3D, gFx intensive game. Slowdown is a distinct possibility. It is fun otherwise though.
  16. Love the concept, not the lag.
    Mitiya Wright
    This game is wonderfully colorful, and trippy. However, the lag tends to take away from the fun of the game. I'm not sure if it's my phone or not, but if there's some sort of optimization needing to be done, I pray its done soon. Otherwise, this is pretty solid.
  17. Great game with some issues....
    Michael Marshall
    Some achievements (eg, x50 multiplier) aren't being recognised as completed and take numerous attempts. Often, when I use several boosts in a single game, at random points several of the coloured condos "lock" up whilst flashing and they then act like concrete ones until I upgrade them. The tower will suddenly shift or wobble (whilst using Peace boost) and then just topple. All that said, though, it's an amazing game which I can't recommend highly enough! SGS2
  18. Excellent game! Extremely addictive!
    Alex T
    There seems to be a bug with the achievements. No matter what I just can't seem to complete the achievements that require you to achieve a score multiple. Even if I made a multiple of 100 the game does not grant me the achievement and I end up having to buy it which is not very satisfactory! Otherwise a great game!
  19. My new fix!! Lol
    Eric Randall
    Love this game. Glitchy here and there. Like when I buy power ups and hit play, it'll just put me back to the menu you get after you've finished playing a game and all those tokens are gone, which gets frustrating. But over all, awesome game. It's become my crack! Lol
  20. Slow and irritating compared to the fantastic original
    Constantine G
    The older, paid version is a lot more fun. This one has performance issues (among others) even on a Nexus 7.