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  1. Not OK
    Felicia Taveras
    I bought it on my Kyocera rise, (not a well known product but I do enjoy it) and the menu is unresponsive. When I get lucky and click endless mode, I can move one condo then the person appears and tells me to click to move on. Which in that case, it is unresponsive as well.
  2. Very Amusing
    G Freeman
    I killed a lot of time with this title. Major Mayhem has since diverted my attention but I'm becoming a believer in Adult Swim Games.
  3. Im shocked..
    Abdulaziz Shaban
    I recently downloaded smamc, the free game, me and my whole family got addicted to it, so i bought this one, the free version is way more better than this one, it contained more options, i should be playing this one more than that one, but no.. Please fix i love this game.
  4. Superb!
    Robert Lewis
    My partner tells me I have a funny trance-like look on my face when playing this. Mental game with great graphics. Recommended.
  5. Force closes
    Carlos V
    Very fun game but it force closes constantly ive tried cold booting but still happens, same thing for super monsters ate my condo, will gladly give 5 stars if fixed. Transformer TF 101
  6. Crashes And Reboots My Phone
    Joachim Jupiter
    It's a fun game. I bought it on the strength of [adult swim] but only a few days after I purchased it, it gets to the menu screen, crashes and reboots my phone. WTF? Fix it. HTC EVO 4G lte
  7. Fun fame, with half baked design
    Stefan Todorov
    The game lacks some very basic features. No way of viewing achievements or scores for example. It's fun, but limited, and with few features, it gets boring fast. Adult Swim obviously abandoned Android, which is disappointing.
  8. Great until 4.3 update
    Dave Bufka
    Love this game! Easy to play and very addictive. But, as soon as I recieved 4.3 on my GS3 the crashes started. It's pretty unplayable at this point because it freezes up and my phone re-boots.
  9. Monsters Ate My Condo
    Land Hicks
    CASIO 3G CASIO 4G KYOCERA Brigadier. Unique art. Catchy music. Memorable characters. Great control. Insane scoring action. Hi-Speed Travel Motion Sickness Resistant. "Offline" play. YOU MAKE HIGH SCORE!!!
    Lucia Carpenter
    This has to honestly be one of the worse games Iv ever played. The graphics are terrible \u0026amp; the gameplay is no way intuitive. It doesnt tell u what each monsters super power is while u are playing but instead when u exit out of playing \u0026amp; go to the menu u can read about each power from there which doesnt help ur game cos by the time u go back in to play u forget. I dont relish in writing bad reviews but with this game I was shocked at how many good reviews it got. Thats why I wanted to play but sadly NO WAY
  11. Love it. Tense and fun. Nexus 7
    Ben Gregoire
    This game has everything I want in a game. Quick paced arcade feel. Its fun and not stressful. It makes playing feel fun and rewarding. It's beautiful and smooth too.
  12. Stupidly addictive
    Sean Cotter
    This has become my go to time killer. The style is vibrantly neon, the gameplay simple but requires forward thinking and some quick reactions, and it runs frantically yet smoothly on my phone. It is easy to end up entranced, completely 'in the zone' only to realise that half an hour has passed and your hands have pins and needles. Highly recommended provided that you don't have to be productive for a while...
  13. Horrible crashing problem
    Dee Shands
    Great game minus how it will always eventually crash which makes playing endless impossible and is annoying as hell to reset your phone just cause of a game. I honestly soul like my money ancient till this is fixed cause it makes the game almost unplayable
  14. Addicting!
    tn e
    Please update this game. I really love it, but like others with HTC phones, it freezes and restarts my phone. The weird thing is that, other than that, it plays smoothly--in fact, it plays better than on my bf's S3, even though his is a better phone. Please fix that one bug...
  15. Would Be Great
    Haley Matsumoto
    This game is very fun, but it crashes my phone every few minutes! It just freezes my phone and I have to take out my battery and everything. Any way to fix this?
  16. Crash and burn!
    Risto Aristov
    It would be more fun if it didn't crash and freeze my phone every time I tried to play. Uninstall/reinstall 3 times and it still won't work. Wish I could get a Refund.!
  17. Awesome fun
    Mikkel Gjoel
    More than addictive, this game as great fun. Insane skinning guys! \\o/


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