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Elizabeth Yang | Production Assistant

Jodi Holt | Senior Project Manager

Kieron Mirchandani | Guest Planning

Judy Moy | Line Producer

Reviews 268,806

  1. This game rocks!
    Mike Fleischauer
    Simple yet fun, the tilt controls work very well. Achievements and power-ups keep you playing, but the fact I get to crush yetis is the icing on the cake!
  2. Good but,
    It said "max jump" in one of the achievements. Is there like a shop I am missing? Do I have to be logged into Facebook to do it? Because I don't have Facebook.
  3. Just a great game
    Le Slo
    I really like it and you don't ask me to rate you every 3 seconds so yeah
  4. Great game
    Sean Lane
    Just wish they had a permanent upgrade for the amount of hits your boulder can take before you die.... you could call the upgrade "pressure treatment" or "density upgrade". Do that and give me gems for the idea and names and I'll give it 5 stars
  5. Epic
    Rebecca Robinson
    Fun, silly, and the jiggling boobs on the lady yeti are just hilarious
  6. Feel good man
    Jenkotipe Hz
    You 've to get this app, or just try and you will see !
  7. Bug where I can't turn at all
    Vic Bell
    I love this game and play it all the time, except lately when I first open the app I can't even turn or change directions at all. Most of the time I end up wasting the spinner bonuses. Fix please?
  8. Addicting
    Nicholas Harness
    One of the most, maybe the most addicting game I've played yet. Issue with most recent update causes boulder not to jump when I tap my screen. Otherwise solid game.
  9. Fun infinite runner (roller)
    Anthony Cassar Aveta
    Liked it, fun little game, just doesn't give you much info on what you can smash and what will smash you. Also, the homing mines and the tanks which shoot them suck since often they're impossible to avoid. Overall, fun!
  10. Fun but...
    Sam Halpern
    I'm almost done with all of boulders. I would love a new boulder and new challenges. Also my high score is artificially high and I'd prefer my true high score, which is much lower to be shown.
  11. Great fun and music
    Colton Brooks
    A great way to pass the time with great music , hilarious characters and vibrant colors.
  12. You must download this!
    Diana Karunia
    Fun, addicting, and stress relieving... basically u just have to smash the whole village! Also, no need internet connection and no annoying ads!!
  13. It's so cool
    Alwin Mangsat
    I like this game very much you now why how did I find this game because of the annoying orange and tell me when you are watching the annoying orange
  14. Fun
    Alexander Meskienyar
    Most game I play start to get somewhat inadequate after a while but this game is a quit efficient time passer
  15. This game ROCK'S
    Jaydon Vandre
    A giant boulder rolling down a hill hitting people in a video game ... IS A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!!!
  16. Wut?...
    Johnathan Knie
    Why can't you upgrade your boulder? I mean, the whole coin thing is useless if you just have it as a decor..
  17. Really awesome
    Marcanthony Santana
    It lets me to show everyone whos the big guy
  18. Mike Dahlor
    Surprisingly challenging and fun. Great game for those who just like to plow through scoring points. Simple enough to only need one hand, challenging enough to get you in trouble at work for not putting it down.
  19. Fun
    Rodrigo Balbi
    There goes my free time... great game to pass time.
  20. Greatly addictive.
    Yasar Shaikh
    Must have a retry button soon as we are out. Still great.


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