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Jaques Smit | Product Manager at PikPok

Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand |

Chris Viggers | Product Manager at PikPok

New Zealand |

Luke Smith | Game Designer at PikPok

Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand |

David Whyte | Producer at PikPok

Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand |

Reviews 49,341

  1. Better if goalie was animated
    Quintin Lounds
    Good overall but hope you update so that the goalie isn't made of cardboard.
  2. Abeer Khamparia
    Worst game in the store. Hate it ****
  3. OH. MY. GOD.
    NO IDEA what everyone is complaining about? Ive been a long term devout fan of this game from the i4, to the s2, s3, s4.. I disliked the 4:3 aspect on the s4 (especially with the full hd screen) But OH MY GOD. FINALLY!!!! FULL SCREEN HD!!! now that I'm on a 5.7" Note 4 and playing this, its freaking beautiful!! Better than ever before!!! good job devs! (for the ones complaining about the ads, just turn off wifi/data.. Duh )
  4. Awesome!
    Islam Alkasah
    I became addicted and i play everyday to try and break my high scores, but one thing is missing for me and its an important feature to be considered in future updates. The thing is i mostly play in arcade mode. It takes 30 minutes to reach 600 goals and its frustrating and time consuming. I keep telling myself if there is a way to save the game. it could be a one, two or three time thing during each game same as extra lives. I think it will be great. Thanks!
  5. Fun
    loom legends
    This game is soo good and I play everyday plz make it so you can connect with other people online
  6. False update
    Adam Burton
    Game freezes on review of score after finishing. Have to restart to play again. Checked on two different phones.
  7. Update
    Mark Elms
    The latest update has video ads. Loved the game and have been playing for months but will be uninstalling :/
  8. Like it
    Bailey Webb
    Needs more modes to play with though. Arcade is fun but only for so long. Needs something to keep users hooked
  9. Great game, video ads
    15 second ads that can't be skipped. Annoying and intrusive.
  10. After last update doesn't start !!
    Olaeru Razvan
    Screen just goes black on my lollipop Nexus 4. Fix it pls.
  11. Lies
    Jerry Pollatos
    No online multiplayer, no customization. All the new updates are adding are longer video ads. Even the gameplay mechanics seem to not work as smooth. I have had this game for way over a year, but I think I will be uninstalling it now, due to perpetual lies over updates and these new ads
  12. Hanged in black screen on my xperia Z.
    Hamza Stark
    After I updated my phone to lollipop, it's not starting.
  13. Please fix
    badboy amir786
    I just got it on my tablet and it does not let me play soooooooo please notify my review and fix this problem please
  14. Doesn't start correctly on Nexus 5 with lollipop
    Sang Chun
    I like the program but after upgrading my Nexus 5 to lollipop it never loads correctly... Screen goes black.
  15. Why lie?
    Stefano Scanzani
    Why does it say there's online gaming and customisation available? Didn't expect this from PikPok...
  16. Very bad game
    Saba Chaudhry
    Never liked it but still 5 stars
  17. Does not work
    hawkwind opaloka
    I know this game from my tablet. It is not working on my phone... Pity as i like it a lot
  18. Please help
    george yossry
    Every time I open it it work till I chose the play mode and then the mobile turn black and just a swinging man appear please help
  19. Impossible to play
    Jos Lagerburg
    Impossible to get past the "flick to start" screen. Just keeps scrolling back and going weird. Impossible to play.
  20. Does not work properly!
    ashley stone
    Game loads,but most of the time that's all it does!screen goes backwards and forwards but doesn't respond to button presses very often!a pity because it looks like fun!


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