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Jaques Smit | Product Manager at PikPok

Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand |

Chris Viggers | Product Manager at PikPok

New Zealand |

Luke Smith | Game Designer at PikPok

Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand |

David Whyte | Producer at PikPok

Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand |

Reviews 231,453

  1. A bit forced
    Jay Earl
    If you like pay to play then this is for you. I imagine it's possible to complete without paying but I'd much rather spend a couple of quid on this and have all top players possible.
  2. Namaste to be a great day and night the night age night of the show will go to the core of his family and friends of
    Dolly Aggarwal
    Kya hua tera naam doon rocks and he was not a single episode of the film and the way you described the whole family is in love you so much that I am not going on in the film is a great day and night the night age and she is not the only one of the two of his life life own way and she is a good job as the show and I am a huge fan of his life and I am sure you will get the best to her and says he is not the only way I am sure that the two of the show and it was a good job of a sudden and the rest.
  3. Awesome with problems
    Liz Graves
    Fun game but gets very hard so you have to buy cash to get good cards so you can win
  4. Really fun
    Abdulrahman Al-Hashem
    Fun and addicting but I really hate the stamina thing, get too addicted and you'll end up paying
  5. Cant start game
    Daxel Goh
    Just downloaded game, at download additional resources part it kick me out saying i didnt buy the game. It's a FREE game pay for what if i cant even start the gane
  6. Very good game
    Mathew Mahon
    The game does have some annoying points but overall it is a great idea and well presented
  7. Absolute Classic, now upped to ******
    Andy Williams
    Can't put this one down, love the card collecting bit which brings back memories of me 'Yooth!'. Hurry up with some updates especially the 3+ card and team strip colours. Lots of promise from this game and hopefully more improvements in the future! Updates here :-)
  8. Good but can be better
    Tiago Frazão
    Shoot control need to be more accurate and the special players are very confuse (why not bronze, silver and gold players like Rival Stars?). Many good things from your basketball "brother" game should be used to make it better but its already a very good game indeed. Four stars now but have potential for 5 star rating...
  9. Good fun, adverts are annoying
    Dean Wilkinson
    Adverts give it the feel of a cheap game, when it's actually quite good
  10. Christian Gonzalez
    Good hame but it is still missong a few things. Maybe more packs that are opened with gold instead of cash. Add more variety to the commentators. Apart from that a good game all around.
  11. Allan Sopi
    Pretty good, not amazing or anything but definitely worth downloading
  12. JM Jeffcott-Calzado
    Good game but without buying anything I have randomly been given over 368,000,000 cash. Send help!
  13. Class
    John Reardon
    Kids sit and play game and use up energy so must be good lol i enjoy playing the game as well wastes time when you have to, cheers
  14. All good
    Clint Ridgewell
    Love the game. Just hate running out and then waiting for the refill.
  15. Does not open when the commentator comes it lags then crashes how annoying
    Abu- elsa3di
    The problem is on grand dous 1
  16. Awesome but laggy
    James Anstey
    Great game just 2 small problems 1.a bit laggy takes a while to load.2.Opposition Goalies are too good its sometimes too hard to score
  17. Solid game
    Joel Ridley
    Good but more gold packs would be good. Plus very slow and the comentators are boring
  18. Good game but...
    azizan nugraha
    Please add more pack of player that we can buy with a usual gold
  19. I can't play ?
    Karim Demachkie
    Everytime I start up a league it leads me back to the stamina store when I already have full stamina. I then press start then the game leads my back to my team then I press start it goes back to the store. This keeps happening and I can't play anymore
  20. Awesome game
    Pearson Brennan
    Made by the team that created "monsters ate my condo" this is an awesome game. Pik pok does a good job of marrying arcade style game play with rpg elements. Highly recommended


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