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  1. Brazilian Beauty
    joyce Risner
    Game works perfectly until you have a big win then bleeps off and returns to menu. Very upsetting as I paid good money for this game to be able to partisapate in tournaments
  2. Not a happy customer.
    Tracey Hancock
    This one along with all the other WMS slots will not open on my Galaxy S3. I bought them when I had a Galaxy S2 and they all worked great and enjoyed them when I was killing time. Now I feel like I have wasted my money. The only reason I'm giving it 1 star is because I'm not able to rate it no stars. Fix it ti where I can play again and I'll resubmit my review with a higher rating.
  3. Brazilian Beauty and all WMS games
    Joe L.
    Until something is done about the massive cheating going on in the tournament games, I am uninstalling all of your games that I paid for. I wouldn't recommend these games to anyone at this time. The cheaters (those that get hundreds of thousands to millions in points) have really ruined the competition and fun of playing the tournaments.
  4. Bad Business
    Krystal D
    I don't typically rate games, but as I have purchased all of these slot games and spent my hard earned money doing so. I figured I put my input out here. I loved playing the tournaments at one time but since people have found a way of cheating and enhancing their scores, I just quit playing. So money hard earned down the drain. I would hope that a company that makes a profit and stays in business from us "the game players" would care. And put a stop to this. I just hope so!
  5. Brazilian beauty
    Linda Traylor
    What a wasted of money! TeX the helpline, you got the game to finally come up. The. First 2 times it crashed during the bouns round. Third time won big crashed after bouns round. Now game will not open. Fix it or give me a refund.
  6. Short term entertainment
    Stephen Foster
    There's nothing particularly wrong with this and other slots but after a short while they just become boring. Needs something to make them more interesting.
  7. hector williams
    Looks great like the casino chdruange but the payouts, are terrible. Max e should be higher. Being I posted for the game you took away my control over how I want to play.
  8. Won't load
    Ananka Brand
    I have a HTC one and this game and Zeus will not work. First thing I've ever purchased and the last. I emailed the developers, and no response. I want my money back!
  9. Not to bad except the cheating gets old fast
    D Robinson
    Hate how the same people get unrealistic sums of winnings during the tournaments
  10. Brazilian beauty slot hd
    Michael Kinard
    I like the game, since it has the 3times on two lines. But it would be better if it was on all five lines.
  11. Stop resetting my money!!
    Jaylynna Taukilo
    Can you stop resetting my money everytime I leave the game. And also can you make the bets be able to increase. Other than that cool game.
  12. Too stale
    Rizenn Sunn
    This game has no saving options and no payout setting adjustments. Plus you cannot stop the reels during midspins. These little details is making the game lose its replay value. A technological monster like WMS cannot even add these features? Wow.
  13. No bonuses, horrible payouts
    J Terry
    Other than the casino style theme it offers absolutely nothing.
  14. There is no support from WMS for these games.
    George Jorgensen
    All of these series of games have some serious bugs which are being ignored bt WMS support. One of the biggest being the fact that none of the multipliers in any of these games work. Reporting these problems to WMS support falls on deaf ears. The shimmer bonus game uses multipliers heavily and they do not work. Fix your games and my rating will be a 5.
  15. Waste of money
    Frank Thayer
    Never buying another game from you again. No call back and no help neither games work
  16. Charlsie Fletcher
    I like the game but it would be great if you start off at $1000 instead of $100
  17. Waste of Money Again
    Aimee R
    This did not play on my Nexus tablet. No star but had to click on one.
  18. Won't open
    Makayla Baylie
    I purchased this game and fortune seeker. They worked fine at first now they wont open. I want my money back. Very frustrating. No stars!
    Loretta Lewis
  20. Sandy Young
    Brazil Ian might be fun I opened it months ago, it is stuc know cannot pkay, cannot delete. Piece of crap.