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  1. Best Battery App on the Planet!
    Omega Touch
    Its the only app that can do what it does I believe and its the best one because its file size is small and its simple and unique and the premium price is amazing! The DEV on this app is what makes this app so good. He/she is dedicated to make sure you get a high quality app and when you purchase this app, they make sure your premium purchase counts for you. I have been using this app for about half a year and its been one of the best purchases on my google play store. Thanks Guys! I love it!
  2. New Update : Great Design - 10 stars.
    Sharad Tanna
    Awesome. This is the no. 1 application in the android market. Very simple but works really GREAT. Thank you developers.
  3. led indicator
    chard lindero
    please add a feature that enables the led light when connected to a charger because my phone doesnt light the led when charging thanks.
  4. Continues to be the best battery charging awareness application.
    Brian Hanson, Jr.
    I have been a long time user of Full Battery & Theft Alarm and I just recently purchased a Moto 360. I saw that I wanted to be aware of when the watch would be finished charging by my phone and I look for an app to do this all over the Internet. Fortunately, I come to find out that this app here has what I was looking for! So kudos to the developer for excellent support and implementation. In addition, hopefully there can be an auto alarm enable functionality added for the smart watch alarm.
  5. This is great
    mr e4
    An app that really works with today's phones costing so much who wants to ruin there phone by over charging it
  6. Nice
    আসরাফ ইঞ্জিনিয়ার
    This is vary nice. But I went this default/custom many ringtones.
  7. Seng Choy Lai
    Beside the ads, the rest are working well for me. Keep up the good work.
  8. Best app to make u alert when phine is fully charged
    Neeraj Verma
    Thanks to team and wish to see more like these apps
  9. Very useful!
    Michael Nuke
    It really alarms when my battery is full. Cool!
  10. Very good
    samer kasem
    Thanx a lot for this app this is exactly what I need
  11. Deep Patel
    Awesome app... i use this app when i buy my first android phone...
  12. Good
    Tho nguyen ngoc
    Do you write this application on IOS ?
  13. Mookambika. AP
    When I start up it always says not responding
  14. Good! It's more than good.
    Vinay Kumar
    Some alarms does not work properly but this is fantastic, only it has to be activated while charging the only thing that matters is its "automatic on" does not respond always.
  15. Does its job perfectly!!!!
    RK G
    Searched and tried many Battery Full Alarm apps and finally ended up with best one and 100% working one.
  16. Don't wasted time
    Ketul Goswami
    3rd class apps... System battery % & Apps battery % not match. I have updated version.
  17. It works
    ART G
    The only app that ever worked. Thank you Jesus!
  18. For me the Best one, Very nice, easy to use
    FM Elsarmane
    Could u please add option for backup and restore by email.
  19. sumanth hegde
    Really an awesome app keep it up
  20. Perfect
    Angel Rayder
    A good way to charge my phone in a correct way. Thank you very much.


What`s new

- Android Q support.
- Auto dark mode support for Android 9+ devices.
- No low battery alarm in silent hours.
- Some optimizations and improvements.
- Please contact to help me to translate for your languages.

Warning: If you use any task killer or ram cleaner app, please add this app to exclude list.

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