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Elizabeth Yang | Production Assistant

Jodi Holt | Senior Project Manager

Kieron Mirchandani | Guest Planning

Judy Moy | Line Producer

Reviews 4,854

  1. Big Problem
    Dakota Bridges
    I'll give it a four because it's fun. But on my Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 whenever I watch the videos to get time extensions it says I skipped it.
  2. It skips the videos automatically
    Roland Perez
    Don't get me wrong, I very much like this game, but it keeps skipping the videos whenever I try to watch one to get a time extension or gold. Please fix.
  3. Energy really
    Matt wilhide
    You only get 5 energy and they come back so slow game would be 100 times better with out energy or give me some more. And the tofu doe really takes one hit and game over makes me not even ever want to play this game again
  4. Tuff tofu terminator
    Fun game if you only have a minute to play at a time. Sure you run out of energy, but you shouldn't be playing on your phone all the time.
  5. Seannon Briscoe
    Nothing better than freshly killed tofu. Sometimes i dont even wait to cook it. Kill it, clean it, eat it.
    Kenny B
    Super fun game very funny, few things I'd change are the shooting button is too far to the right side of the screen, some missions time given are way too short but with upgrades that won't matter. Overall this game is sick!
  7. Fun but one major problem
    Dezz Archie
    The game is fun but virtually impossible to enjoy because the Free continue doesn't work. Every time I try to watch a video it stops and says I skipped it. Even when I replay it and watch the entire thing it still says I skipped it.
  8. Bad
    Anibal Melendez
    Its is fun but the they use is terrible I've seen this before in games 'll they did was copy hundreds of other games very similar all they did was copy a game and changed the enemy to tofu
  9. Love it but one problem...
    Dustin Farrow
    It works just fine. Its fun. Great time consumer. But when your allowed to watch a video for energy or to continue it will play for a second and cut off. Haven't been able to use it once.
  10. Love it
    Devin Watson
    One i love the game can't stop playing but oh boy the time thing is killing my im mean 45sec and 25sec come on the night vision mode you need a bit more time then that. I would be some much batter and it would save my phone some wall time lol but over all great game
  11. Video ads don't work
    Yana Banx
    It's and okay game. Run out of energy too quickly, no opportunity to earn extra energy. On top of that, the video ads for time extension or gold do not work. It doesn't play at all, I have to hit the replay button and actually watch the ad, but even then it says I've skipped the video and won't give me the extension or gold. That's a rip off.
  12. Fun for killing Tofu and Time
    George Meller
    Four Stars. Game is fun, and the ads aren't a murderous sort if torture test, should you want to earn some extra gold or energy. BUT I'm not too keen on the fact that certain weapons need to be bought with gold. So... Either spend hours watching ads, or pay. Other than me being a cheapskate (lol) this game is pretty fun--sometimes the controls are a little too sensitive though... Often shooting without even touching the screen properly.
  13. Fun time killer
    Sam Strange
    As pointless as all other AS games but pretty fun and addictive. Shootin tofu in its face is strangely satisfying.
  14. Pretty fun with a few kinks
    Tom M
    Overall I really like it, but the free videos don't work as many others have said. Also the fact that the doe are so weak and instantly fail missions is rather lame. Overall would recommend.
  15. For Shame.
    Never thought I'd see the day Adult Swim resorted to that stupid energy system King games so graciously made popular, but here we are. Gameplay itself is a massive decline from the AS standard and somehow. Been playing AS games since Viva Caligula, and this is definitely the weakest I've played.
  16. Ad scam
    Esa Schneider
    Fun game, could be 4-5 stars. The watch an ad to get extended time is bs. They let you watch an ad, then tell you you didn't watch it all the way through so therefore you get nothing. They're getting ad revenue. Are my few extra seconds of game play really going to break you AS?
  17. Good but the timer thing is horrible
    Sonei03 Nothing
    I already sit through adds for more time in a game but then I need to sit through a 15-50 second long ad just to get into a game.
  18. Crashes after 10 minutes...
    Ed Sheeran
    Also I want another gameplay like free hunting different tofu species and getting money for them without time, it would be the best game ever.
  19. Awesome but annoying
    Ellie Lincoln
    Love this game and destroying some innocent unsuspecting tofu but super annoying that have to wait for my lives or w/e to reload. Also if I try to watch the video to get an extra gold bar it doesn't recognize that I watched it so I sell pieces of my soul for nothing. Lame.
  20. Like any other scooter game.
    Jonathan Wolfe
    The game is fine. Ads are too annoying. And your pay packs are crazy expensive for what little you get. Uninstalling. They're far too many games like this for free!


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