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gem games


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  1. Great until timer levels
    John Lussmyer
    Loved being able to play without time restrictions, then the upper levels started having time bombs, so there is always time pressure.
  2. Great
    ruby Myers
    I have a new favorite's fun and not alot of crazy pop ups or wanting money for something ...thank u to the creators...
  3. 1 Of My Favorite
    Cynthia Dawn Raynor
    ***MY GAMES STUCK & WONT EVEN OPEN***theres always a lvl that you get stuck in, no matter how great you play, also hard to save your work, I was on the last lvl of 2nd part of the Castle & all data was erased so I had to start all over! Now in 1st part of the Castle lvl 37 is stuck & its not my gamer skills.Plz fix the stuck lvl issue & if you need Beta Testers plz hmu!!! You have my info to contact me. Currently Im on 2 gamer websites & playing from 3-5 app games daily. I should design a game! hmu!
  4. Take back what I said
    Georgeann Edford
    When you get to the relic level 18, you think you complete it but it never says so. You then keep doing the same ones over and over and over. Need to get rid of that bug!
  5. Kathy Ewing
    Great game. Have to play till my phone goes dead...addicting!
  6. Inconsistent rewards
    Marijke Groothuis
    Rewards for combinations are inconsistent. No problem at lower levels but unpredictability makes higher levels a game of chance...
  7. Pretty good
    Dennis Whitaker
    I like that the challenges vary. Pattern and "unlock" puzzles make it interesting. More levels please
  8. Love no life restrictions
    Kye Wilton
    Like the fact that if your halfway through and know you're doing rubbish, you can just start again!
  9. Love this game!!
    Camela Johnson
    This is a great match three game. I like the fact that you have specific goals for each level. It requires some strategy to meet the goals and you can choose to be satisfied with meeting the goals with one, two, or three stars. If I'm frustrated with a level, I will play till I get at least one star and then come back later and go for three stars. There are LOTS of levels to play. I haven't had any problems with it crashing or losing data.
  10. gtstang1420
    The game is VERY slow the farther you progress. It has locked and RESET itself twice on me and I had to start from the very beginning. Please fix the bugs and glitches this game has. I would not recommend this game until the slowdown, resetting, and freezing are fixed. As of 5/15 a lot has been fixed very challenging now 4 stars.
  11. Better than Candy Crush!
    Lorri M
    If you like Candy Crush but hate the limited lives, friend spamming and pleas for your money, this is the game for you!
  12. Great game
    Mark Kelcinski
    I love this game. I hate games that are in app purchases. This game is free and no purchases. It gets challenging at times which I love. Keeps me busy when bored. Ads are very tasteful not annoying at all. Great work on this game
  13. Best game bar none
    Dwayne Gaus
    Love this game. Only wish there were more levels. Took me over a year off n on to complete all levels. Just keep repeating the Just as fun now as it was when i first downloaded it. Love the fact there is no timelimit or life renewals to wait for.
  14. Thorne Palmer
    I played through this game five or six times now on four different devices. Why is the game such a laggy memory hog on every device? I used to love it and find it to frustrating on my note4...
  15. Fun to play.. But
    Julie Strauss
    Fun game and nice graphics, BUT... come on now - Since when have those stupid FULL PAGE ADS become the norm for advertising? I understand ads - those below/above the game to help pay for the development of apps. But when the ads become more apparent than the game, the game is no longer any fun. This game, tho I enjoy the game itself, is going into my maybe list of games to keep. If I get too frustrated with the ads I will uninstall.
  16. **********10 Stars! The absolute game!
    Cyntthia Delaney
    I have downloaded many match 3 games, and without any hesitation this is the BEST OF THE BEST! This game truly takes you for a fantastic journey! I recommend this Match 3 game! Please if you enjoy these types of games, you must download this app! If you do not agree that this is the best of the best, u can always uninstall! I'm betting that once you play once you will be addicted! Have fun!
  17. Robert Dolly
    Only thing I don't like is when I'm on a higher level and stop and go back to play it opens up on the first level, in stead of the level I left.
  18. Glos bag
    Boost Mobile
    It is a wonderful game its been a favorite for many years. But, it has some issues heating up on my phone.But thru it all I have reccommed it to my friends and they love it too.
    Pattye Scott
    I absolutely LOVE this game..I highly recommend. Challenging and addictive. New levels added all the time. Cannot stop playing!!
  20. Gems journey
    Arunachalam chandrasekar
    Interesting game. But only one remark that patran type is bore


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