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Yaron Leyvand | Vice President - Social Casino at Zynga

San Francisco Bay Area |

Jamie Davies | Vice President of Games at Zynga

San Francisco Bay Area |

Benjamin Webley | Senior Vice President, Ad Monetization & Business Operations at Zynga

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Lastikka Marko | Vice President, General Manager at Zynga

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Reviews 1,111,181

  1. Not happy
    Debbie Rogers
    Game keeps not sending drawings and taking bombs but making me repeat games. When I try to send it just keeps spinning. Plus I can't find some facebook friend that play. By Facebook or user name.
  2. Cool
    Caitlyn May
    It is very addicting and fun just some of the drawings you guess are annoying and don't look anything like what it is supposed to
  3. Love the app. Wish I could rate peoples drawings.
    Julián Higuera
    The app is cool. Love it. Hate the adds .. A bit too many. I'd love to have the option to rate people's drawings.. Especially for those who should be playing write something!
  4. Ugh
    Alana Leger
    It won't let me send anything. How come the check mark is gray. Does it have to be green for me to be able to send it
  5. Ehh
    Marrisol Cantu
    The draw something 2 was better, u could follow accounts and like and comment on there drawings it was really cool. This one is just boring I want draw something 2 back
  6. monique souza
    Will not open at all. Just stays loading. I've uninstalled and reinstalled I've cleared the cache I've done everything. Still doesn't work. Every since the new update I haven't been able to play!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Learn to spell
    Matt G Hall
    Almost half the words that have more than 4 letters are spelled incorrectly. For some examples "Marnier", "Limonade", "freinds". Don't download any app from zynga, or should I say Zynja
  8. Jacklyn Erker
    It's a good game, but honestly you should be able to report people who refuse to play correctly. I have been in So many matches where people refuse to draw and only write out the words, then proceed to get angry and offensive when I draw and play the game correctly. Between the pointless matches and offensive players, playing often is unpleasant.
  9. Been better, becoming less fun.
    alex reynolds
    It ok, but I hate all those ads. I know there's a paid version, but could you please dumb down the stupid ads? Anyway, it's ok, it shuts down sometimes. Plus, the stupid screen gets dark, and I can't even see the game. Recently, it's has been less accurate and if I screw up, it doesn't let me quit the game. And, i have to restart my tablet just because of that. So, this is getting really annoying now. I thought it was better, but now it's getting worse. Please fix these errors, and I might rate 5 stars.
  10. Annoying
    Lexi Saunders
    Everytime I try 2 close out a video it replays it which I'm ok with until it continues 2 replay the video so I close out the app then it says unfortunately Draw Something stopped working. But other than that he app is gr8.
  11. Great game ruined by ads
    Daniel Burge
    Played this a couple of years ago when the craze was in full swing. Picked it up again this week to find adverts EVERYWHERE. Irritating to the point of quickly losing interest.
  12. Broken?
    one direction is my life
    I go into the app and it loads then immediately after going in it will say, "unfortunately Draw Something Free has stopped." Fix this please!
  13. Meh
    Carla Grantham
    Its OK, I only play because one friend wants me to. Way too many ads, not fun enough for me to pay for. And since the last update, almost all of my words are in different languages. I checked the settings and everything else is still in English but once I choose a category, it thinks I speak Spanish. I'm done.
  14. Text & icons too small
    Karissa Yu
    The text, icon and screen size is stretched out to cater like that of the resolution of a tablet, that it appears too small on my phone. Please fix!
  15. Ehh, could be better
    Melissa Luviano
    It has WAY too many ads for me to play for more than a few minutes at a time. The worst part is that some of the words to draw are written in a different language (and only English) is selected. Wtf!
  16. App Crashes
    E Mz
    I enjoy playing this game, but the app is so bad because it continously crashes. Sometimes the other persons move does not register. This is a fun game, but it's not worth downloading.
  17. Saskia White
    So I bought loads of the colours with the coins go back and I don't have any logged into face book and everything well annoyed uninstalling because that -.-
  18. Fun game / terrible ads
    Robbie Boland
    A really fun game that has some REALLY annoying ads. I feel as if I'm being bullied to buy the full version to get away from them. Which, I am not spending money on it.... Sorry devs, you did it to yourself.
    khamran krahl
    I really do love this game. It is amazing and a great game to have fun. But i have ran into some trouble. Everytime i play the challenge and i use a bomb, it takes away letters. After i exit the game after using the bomb and reload the game, the bomb has been used on the challenge but all the letters are back. This game deserves a 5 star rating from me if that can be fixed. Great job otherwise!
  20. Good for an couple rounds
    Michele Pataky
    Started playing. After a bit of time it force closed and will not let me open it back up. Keeps saying "unfortunately draw something stopped" it is highly annoying. Plus, to many stupid ads. Needs to not be so often.


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