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  1. Best in class
    evan webb
    Very well done, fair and balanced, interesting with more depth than ypu might expect, no thuggish pestering to spend money. A rare game. I donated 10 bucks out of respect to the devs.
  2. Explosive
    Brandon Mosley
    My one and only issue with this game is the bombs. The only way to get ride of them is using an energy, or letting them reach the top and explode. You should be able to match X amount of bombs together to either make one giant bomb or make the group disappear completely. The game is amazing I love to play it the God's are fun the monsters are challenging after a point. Great concept great execution.
  3. Addictive good fun
    Katherine W
    The deceptively simple artwork and game play are part of why I am addicted to this game. I also like the ancient Greek myths, so I enjoy the flavor that brings.
  4. Fun
    andrew sprout
    Definitely drains my battery but I downloaded it this afternoon and haven't stopped playing for 3 hours. Pretty fun twist on a block breaking puzzler with a little Greek myth and rpg thrown in. Enjoyable!
  5. Ladies and gentlemen
    Blake Regehr
    This is the first "saga" game that doesn't use hearts or energy. The only time you use hearts or energy is for powerups. Therefore, the game and the MUSIC make this game super addictive.
  6. Sucks
    Eduardo Bañuelos
    I downloaded it but I can't play it yet. The game doesn't start and it just goes to crash! Fix that! It looks like a nice game :/
  7. One of a kind!
    Its a puzzle unlike any puzzle game. Sort of RPG + puzzle. Downloaded it and stuck for an hour playing it! Good time killer
  8. Great
    Richard Harrison
    Love it. A really addictive and fun game. Great!
  9. Great game i ever play on mobile.
    Orhan Kızıltepe
    I install the game then i can't bring from my hand about 2's first happening to me.
  10. Awesome game
    Squee Hooves
    Mujo is great. I love the simplicity of the game, both the mechanics and design. It can get quite addicting to play. Mujo is definitely one of the best games I've downloaded so far.
  11. So much fun, but kills my battery
    Steve Soldwedel
    Really loving this game. Its presentation is great and it's really engrossing. On my HTC One M7, it eats my battery so quickly. Likely my phone's fault but, if there's a way to improve that, it'd be nice. Also, I don't like that I'm asked to log in everytime I load it; I'm not interested in sharing scores, etc.
  12. Taptastic!
    Adrian Norton
    Great, it's one of those "ok gotta stop, but just one more go!" games.
  13. Addictive Puzzle Game
    Andy Saiden
    Wasn't too sure about the game at first but it slowly become very addictive. Simple yet very fun, brings back some distant memories of playing tetris.
  14. Absolutely maddening
    Renee Covey
    Very fun at first but once you get to higher levels you can't succeed without getting extra energy. And after I finally beat Kerberos, it lost that progress and put me right back in the middle of that level again. Ugh!
  15. Mitchell Bell
    Great game, very good at keeping me wanting to play, to get the combos and defeat the enemy
  16. Gradually driving towards pay wall
    Jake Jenkins
    I would give this game a 5 star rating easily except I am close to uninstalling it. I used to get quite a bit of game play time with the daily rewards and have even spent a few $$ to continue my play or trying to get past a level but it has reached a point where it almost feels unplayable without spending money.
  17. Challenging
    Challon Perry
    Fun game. Like a previous poster said, I wish you could string bombs together.
  18. Good but progression question
    Santiago Gomez
    Its not bad, but I don't see a point to level up the gods if the level up isn't very significant
  19. Beautiful game play
    SJ Walley
    Very enjoyable game... too enjoyable in some ways! Play for hours and hours.
  20. Gordon Kerr
    I just realize everyone has a candycrush game they'd play.


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