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ipega game center
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  1. La'Tirah Smith
    App is great makes it a lot easier to find games to play on a pad people have lives so updates are not often but still a good app to get a feel of what's out there so five stars good job dev or dev's
  2. Could be better.
    Jamie Bainbridge
    Great helpful list of games to play. Dev seems responsive and friendly from review comments. Interface could be a little cleaner. Often makes Play force close, which resets where you are in the list, so you need to browse forward again which is tedious.
  3. More work..
    Davido Al-Nabulsi
    Okay first of all this is a very helpful app but it need to be updated regularly as you see every day new games show up..and i found that there is some games that are not compitaple with joystick and i did help saying that in the app...but because it really did help me..4
  4. 1234legomaker
    I love it. It has many games that work on my ipega controller
  5. Jordan McCormack
    Great list of controller supported games, makes it easy to find hundreds of games. My only gripe is the 'sort by rating' option, it just shows apps with 1-3 five star ratings. If you could factor in number of ratings to this I'd give five stars
  6. I don't like it.... I love it:-! :-! :-! :-!
    xXGamingPro99Xx GP
    Good app the person reading this download now u know the button that is in the screen that read out download now no joke F***** legit. :-P :-)
  7. Full of errors
    Francois Roy
    Sadly, this list is full of crap. It literally filled with errors. I sent many reports, but they don't seem to be taken in account. Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies and Strike Team are NOT compatible with ANY gamepad. Neither is After Burner. Same goes for too many others.
  8. S Barnstormer
    No you can't actually search ps3 nor is it sorted by controller
  9. A must for mobile gaming enthusiasts
    Lee Weaver
    This is undoubtedly the best app for sourcing gamepad compatible games. This app must have over 1000+ that are compatible with various gamepads. If you enjoy plugging your phone into the tele and kicking back with a gamepad and mouse than this app is for you. Yes you can search by controller, try tapping the bar at the top that says 'all' & if youre looking for ps3 compatible games then select HID!
  10. Best app ever invented
    Robert Hand
    Very awesome it gives so many games and they are so fun who ever made this and the update thank you so much
  11. luis gonzalez
    Great list... altought it would be nice if we can search games by category.
  12. Website is better
    Daniel Carr
    The app is hard to exit from (doesn't support BACK or ESC). To be honest I found the website (which is excellent) is easier to use.
  13. Great if it Would Have Worked
    D. D.D.
    As soon as I started to look at the games it went back to "browse". Then it crashed completely. Turned it back on. Same thing. Then it crashed again. And then again. After that it crashed again. Then another crash. Several more attempts...several more crashes. Reinstalled it. Crash, crash, crash. Never had an app do that before. Finally gave up and uninstalled it. During the brief moments it worked I could see there were a lot of games that were listed. Too bad I couldn't see what they were.
  14. Xbox one controller
    satinder jalf
    Need to play my games with xbox one controller but havent been able to. Once its added ill give it 5 stars.
  15. Great App
    Dustin Wray
    The only con that I have is with browsing games. I couldn't search by genre. Solid app that will get better with a bit more TLC. Using Sony Xperia Z3V with my PS4 controller via Bluetooth. Keep up the good work.
  16. Not without minor issues
    James Kyes
    It works be nice if the app would either remember your progress. Or install some sort of bookmark. One other small but significant to that would improve this app, would be a "like" feature to show people the ones they favorited. And be able to go directly to the games that are in that category after being closed.
  17. This is nifty.
    Joseph P.
    Although this should be a sub - category for the playstore.
  18. Dis is excellent
    Suffian Van der Haas
    Dis app gives me more reason 2 connect my sixaxis 2 my OnePlus as it it gives me more choices/suggestions of gamepad enabled games 2 play with. I feel sorry 4 the dev dat quite a number of ppl rate dis app poorly thinking dat dis app helps dem use their controllers 2 play their games so here's 5 stars 2 help offset the poor rating a little.
  19. Missing some games
    Juan Colina
    Good app i find a lot of new games on this, but I find a few games on my own maybe I should submit whenever i test the controller on a game that is not on this app's list. Great app still.
  20. Love this app!!
    Tyler Blackburn
    This is pure dedication to people! The updates are peoof of that. Keep up the good work, your time and effort is much appreciated!


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