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  1. Awesome version... easy navigating
    Elizabeth Guss
    This is the closest to my PC version of FreeCell Pro that I've found so far... The pros are the card movement & the undo feature (for those 'rare' mistakes). The only con - and it's picky - is the 'scoring' by number of 'moves'. That isn't the point of the game, but that's NOT even what the score really counts. It counts the number of cards that are moved in the course of play - a VERY different concept. I'd be happy if all that could be turned OFF and I could just track W/L record.
  2. Finally
    Lori Noneya
    Finally found an app that doesn't have pop ups every game. Doesn't use my data. And allows me to play the games in ascending order. Best free cell app!
  3. Great game
    Steve Lewis
    It's just the app for using in those moments when you have a while to spare. Other solitaire games tend to dictate the outcome of a game by the way the cards are dealt. This one can be solved everytime with a little bit of thought and forward planning (although apparently there is one that is unsolveable). Very addictive especially when you build up a good unbeaten run. A computer classic.
  4. I've played free cell since 1995
    Susan Lea Dragon
    Playing online is cool. Just play to relax and keep my brain occupied. No gimmicks. No "pay to keep playing" and that is what I love about it. Wish there was a freecell similar to solitare arena. Would be fun to play freecell in that same scenario.
  5. mario cassano
    It's to easy to play, but like it, pass the time.
  6. Freecell solitaire
    Scott Noel
    Would've gave 5 stars, but almost too easy. It's near impossible to lose a game.
  7. Great game to pass on the time
    Dana Wright
    Great game for a break from work
  8. Addictive
    Alison Frost
    Enjoying this version and love the auto finish when all cards are freed up.
  9. Cory Nott
    Kings should play on aces. It would be great of a single tap could pick up all cards regardless of which card is clicked on. Too much precision required for a smart phone.
  10. odesys freecell
    Mervyn Partin
    Enjoyable game. Has ads, but do not interrupt the game. Very good ap
  11. REAL freecell with game numbers
    Scott Walker
    Uses the original freecell game numbering system and allows you to choose the specific game you want to play.
  12. Fun way to pass the time
    Eriq Michael
    No bugs, no issues. Great game, challenging and fun.
  13. FreeCell solitaire
    Kath Lake
    Easy to use appreciate the statistics being kept. Still engages my interest & I carry a 95% ,win rate. Liked stats being transferable.
  14. Dimakatso Mokgokong
    I just love this game keeps me entertained
  15. I suppose I'm addicted to it
    Dave Krause
    I play it for an hour almost every night to relax!
  16. Great game
    Cindi Berg
    There are tons of games to play
  17. Enjoyable!
    Debra Garrett
    Truely close to the PC version I love. Unobtrusive Ads is refreshing.
  18. Great
    I will never get tired of FreeCell! One of the very few apps with zero glitches. I love that statistics of number of moves and time per game are kept - you can challenge yourself in those ways, not simply wins/losses.
  19. Freecell
    Nicholas Pascoe
    Works well flows far better than some others I have tried the reset functions and options are good from my point of view. The only thing that I could complain about is the limited information in the instruction panel other than that this has been a pleasure to use. The ads can be a bit annoying at times I have just learned to live with them.
  20. Glenn Kaneko
    Like the graphics. Screen doesn't seem crowded and seems cleaner and easier to read, but, recently, the game has been crashing and reverts to home screen. No problems with other software. Contacted Odesys. Thanks for the hint to switch ad option to full screen. So far no crashes. Ads are easily tolerable tho surprising at first - thought it was a crash.


What`s new

1. Allows the player to request and review a solution of the current game, when available
2. Bug fixes
3. User interface improvements



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