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  1. Amazing art
    Rachel Saffell
    WRDq95izC Invite Code Please Use at your discretion :) I kinda skimmed through the dialog. I mainly use these for inspiration for my artwork. Feel free to looK me up on Furaffinity or Deviant Art. Username Sil3ntRav3n.
  2. Too predictable, not enough character action.
    The Grimalkin
    Chapters are too short; too much side story and not enough character choices; life restoration takes too LONG; connection is slow. Story is too predictable. If you like Mary Sues and romance cliches, then this is your thing...
  3. Story Drags
    Sak Thur
    It's an interesting concept for a story book game, but a bit slow for my taste. And the game has a tendency of freezing up on you. Still if you put in an invite code you get free game items my Invitation ID is: BTnZ3vB8HU, if you want to download and get a jump start in playing.
  4. Invite Code: DyPecay8Na
    Brooklyne Dunlap
    I enjoyed the game and the layout, the colors and character distribution was amazing. However, its hard to pass the checkpoints. When I try to get a passport, the amounts i have to spend are crazy. I don't think its sufficient. I try not to spend money on games like this, but its all the game asks you for. Right now im in a standstill on the main story, so im going to change the story until i get more passports, but i wanted to bring that out.
  5. Wish it had less wait time
    Aubrey Wegscheider
    I like the game but it's 20 hours before all 5 of the power comes back
  6. Excellent
    Lara Bianca Tordecilla
    My invite code...GCFDsBhumC...pls use it. Loved how compared to other shall we date this was improved especially adding pictures to know more of the situations.(^ム^)
  7. Lbju88ubyA, please use my invite code!
    Andrea Rawson
    Yes, theses stories have long recovery times for reading energy and the quests can drive you to distraction. However, I am enjoying them anyway. I have 9 different stories going now just to keep myself distracted while waiting between recovery and quests. This one has a lovely art style and if you can find your patience it can be a completely free story. Good luck!
  8. STILL DOESN'T WORK..The kuso route won't load past chapter 4-14
    After I passed thru the 2 passport check point the game won't load. Other character stories still work. I've tried clearing cache and stopping the app but nothing fixes this.
  9. Good game but...
    NaCelease Smith
    It's a good game but the story-line drags so much... If it wasn't so long I would give it 5 stars
  10. Umm i love it but the beginning is dull
    Talaya West
    I just started a few weeks ago and the beginning is dull but I'm still at the beginning but I know it will get better because all of there games are AWSOME..... :-) ;-) :'( :-)) :-} :-{} >:)
  11. Great Artwork!
    Tatum D'Amore
    I loved the artwork in this game and the flow. Ive heard some dont like the flow but my writings arnt great so this flow is great to me. I highly recomend games by "Shall We Date" All of their story lines are amazing.
  12. Its ok but needs alot of improving.
    nanami me
    The story was good but got boring quick. Spend the whole chapter talking about the same thing which wasted alot if tickets. Play again is low because no matter who u choose the first 5 or 6 days of tickets are the same story which got old fast. And the training was bad u had no way of knowing if u were gonna do good or not and u barely got anything from it which means it takes along time to accumulate in game coins. I love the 2 seasons of anime that comes with story so i was expecting more from this game.
  13. Interesting story but little romance
    Arvin Jennifer
    Historical fantasy. Well developed mythos & strong female character. But after 2 weeks of logging in at least twice daily, still waiting for romance to start. Very long story about its world, its characters, and its troubles. Totally ignores player choices so doesn't matter whom you choose, the story is the same for most of the journey and your interaction options quite irrelevant. Good story for a manga but not for an otome. Giving up. Currently enjoying another Shall We Date title much more.
  14. Waste too much money...
    Alex Castillo
    I love this game, overall i love anime and reading so it does interest me alot. It is annoying though when there is no possible way to earn coin. I often find myself too much into finding out what happens next that i buy coin to buy power restorations. Then i don't have any money to buy my own things i would like. It would have been better if 1 power was restored every 12 minutes or so, i think waiting 4 hours for one power restoration is just disappointing.
  15. Kim Colon
    Inviting code LET2H6exG0, Really fun game i love it, the waiting does bother me somtimes but i like how i can look forward to reading a great story every night before bed!
  16. I'm loving it so far~
    Alice Maes
    The cg's are good, little to no grammar or spelling errors, the story is good, and the heroine is awesome!! i love her! And it's hard for me to like the heroine right off the bat. But I would recommend to try this game ^-^ My invitation ID is: Mc6FTTBbpC. If you use it, it helps you (and me) since the game will give you extra items you need in the game ;)
  17. Story Line
    Morgan Charries
    I really like the story as it has played out. I have yet to finish with one character but for the two that I have started so far I'm kind of disappointed. They have both been exactly the same. I have done other apps like this and if I picked a different character the story changed completely. Different people different bad guys and different struggles. I do like the story so far but I feel like it's not fair to the other characters if I chose someone other than Gentoka if it's geared toward him anyways
  18. Repetitive story,repetitive choices.Easy to forget whose story you're playing!I skip everything until I find something new.
    Chuyo Tasogare
    Love:Male characters,art,protagonist,daily login items,complete missions=items,training.Neutral:story. Hate:Rare slot medal,zeni avatar shop.
    I love the story, but the timer for getting more chapters/parts of the story is messed up. Fix that and 5 stars
  20. Erina L
    I the game but the amount of time for a power is just too long. It should be tht u get 5 powers after 4 hours and not 1 power after 4 hours.


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