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  1. Addicted
    Jessica Perez
    I've been playing for a few months now and I still can't stop playing. Sure four hours takes a while but still worth it. Use my invite ID and get free in game goodies: DJunwzr2ea
  2. Invite Code for Prizes: NaHKs5JE96
    Moe Luv
    Just started so we'll see how it goes..played others before so I'm sure it won't be much different can't wait
  3. Is it possible..
    Victoria Bieri
    Is it possible to rest this game? I loved reading it before my last tablet broke, and since I have a new one, I'd like to start all over because I can't remember where I left off, and who I all read. Please reply....
  4. Really love it
    Harutora x Natsume Tsuchimikado
    I would like to ask how to earn P-coins. I have trouble earning them.
  5. JzGFUR0dFk ~Enjoy with this code ^^
    Elizabeth Papa
    It's a good game. The recover time for energy is a bit long, but it can be overlooked ^^; I like the artwork, and I think you should play this if you haven't alreadh tried :)
  6. kayla ntim
    I was have a great time playing this….. Until it got to a minigame….. It wouldn't work! No matter what card u picked I couldn't get past it! I don't know if there is a bug or something but you need to fix that..
  7. It's ok
    Alyssa Beninger
    Honestly the slow pace is really hard to get past.. to save yourself from the micro transactions there's almost 2 weeks worth of mini games before you can continue a story line. I'd much rather spend the few dollars to get rid of the mini games and buy the full game. This same company has many well paced games I'd play those instead.
  8. Lisa Werst
    I love this game, but you guys need to figure out why your Tapjoy points isn't working correctly. I've done at least 5 offers in the last week alone that don't pay out. I sent forms on the offers page first (the Earn Points button) before coming here, but EVERY time, it just says "something went wrong" and they "will be looking at the issue shortly". It is frustrating to try to earn points to see all the lovely art and items in the spinoffs to keep getting gypped. Please fix!
  9. Help!
    TwoFires Starwood
    I love these games and have really wanted to play this one but am having trouble with it. I got to a certain chapter and keep replaying it, because when I finish it it says there is an error and to go my page and try again. The invite code is HnSfsHu84a. Please help so I don't have to uninstall.
  10. H4HdqHvkEs Sparkly Princes♥
    Sableux Sable
    H4HdqHvkEs use code for bonus! Love the many romantic choices and the princely eye candies! Story is nice, like the sparkly art. Training should cost 20 each time, 30 is awkward and leaves 10 energy unusable. Should be 5 turns instead of 4 like other otome too. Thanks!
  11. Could be better
    Selina Stabile
    I love your apps and would rate a 5 but it freezes upon loading and opening my page I cant ever play because it freezes
  12. Very cute, fun, addictive game! Love it :D!!! HBVWEDu0GN
    blue dolphin
    I am loving this game! Great art, cute stories, & cute princes. As I get further into the game more I learn more about the stories and characters and it's delightful! I love all the different princes and look forward to their different endings! :) I really like this game and try to login when I can! My complaints are 10 energy can't be used when training, you can only read 4 parts instead of 5, and there aren't spin off events. Haven't had any problems yet. Enjoy the game! Use my referral code: HBVWEDu0GN
  13. Its pretty fun but...
    Maya Hall
    It like bums you out when you get to a bad ending.... the action points take way to long to restore and it doesn't make sense to take 30 away every time.
  14. Great, but a bit troublesome
    Rettiysa Tarigan
    The main story itself is great, except I don't enjoy the heroine's crude language, I can't believe she's a Japanese (haha). The art is gorgeous and the capturable characters cover almost all kinds of hero characters. The power recharge is absolutely annoying and the action points usage is ridiculously odd (I'm glad in other of Shall We Date series it's required 20 instead of 30 for one lesson/training). Great but not that great.
  15. Great!
    Mackenzie Blayne
    I like the story, though there are a few parts that seem too cliche, and the avatar options are some of the best out of date apps, but I really recommend allowing users to trash items in their closet that they no longer want to have, as it just wastes space. Other than that, the art is beautiful, and the waiting period isn't too awful. Naturally, here is my invitation code: GWAQKY2vHQ
  16. Fun but earning money and passing check points take forever
    Taya Seloria
    I have never run into any problems. It's super fun and addicting. Translation from Japanese to English is good. Some grammar errors here and there but nothing to cry over. The training price of 30 is too large (20 sounds better) and the price of item checkpoints is too high (4k) and earning money takes forever
  17. I'm having trouble
    Evelyn Birruete
    This is my first otome game and I really like this. However, I'm having trouble with getting p - points, every time I press the button for the quests it says "failed to load offers from server". I would just like to know if this is an issue on your half or on mine, and what I can do to possibly fix this?.
  18. I like it !
    Desiree Seely
    My invite ID FExtGMuxTU I'm not into romance games but I really am enjoying this game.
  19. Good story BUT...
    Theresa Wuest
    7 hours so we can do 1 Lesson is ridiculous. Not to mention the short chapters between the 4 hour wait for one power. Kicker though? I gain a level, it says I get 1 power. Yet it disappears and always takes 1 power away with it. Example? 2>1 level up +1 power(which means I should have 2 power), go back to chapter 0 power left. Happens every time. And it's getting annoying. And why are the avatar items so expensive? No other shall we dance game is this expensive for items. Please fix or adjust.
  20. Meh
    So I played the crap out of this game loved it. Broke my phone and had to start over cause my code was for a different device. You only get the benefit of the game if you login ever day, which for me is summertime :p So I give up cause the keys and trap-full non story things are too much!! In every freaking story too!


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