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  1. I played this once
    Cassandra Nightingale
    sadly I could not complete it but I loved the last Halloween event. But I recently 're downloaded this and it had not saved anything from my previous experience sadly
  2. So addicted
    Cathy Hatter
    I love this game! It's so addicting! Reiner is swoon worthy. Feek free to use my code BTRK6PAGvc we'll both get free stuff if you do.
  3. Nice
    Ahmed Nabil Syed
    You have to wait 20 hrs to fully recharge I understand though if we didn't wait people would've complained the game is short and you wouldn't have got good ratings plus this app is free I mean in other games like this u have to buy to play the whole thing
  4. Great game
    Ashlie Lessard
    GYHpX9bptu, use my code and we both get awesome stuff!! It's a bit slow to charge power (four hours is a long time to wait when the story is getting really good..) But otherwise its great.
  5. Variety+New feature idea
    Loreli Serrano
    There needs to be a larger variety in the Invitation bonus. Instead of JUST angel kisses. Add chocolates or Pieces of justice, dressers, even. Ridiculous. Also, it'd be cool if you could sell items for, like, 1/2 of what you pay for em. Angel kisses for 500 n such.
  6. Mariah Ellis
    It really is an amazing game, but you run out of power so quickly. You have to wait 4 hours and have it play for a few minutes again or pay. Almost uninstalled because of it. Any way we can fix that? At least make me able to play a bit longer? Thank you.
  7. Great!
    Gabby Allen
    I love ruvel! Is it really possible to fall for the guys in this game? It would be really cool if i could really meet them, although, if i did i wouldn't get to choose who i like best! Only thing is "reapers mood" is hard to pass, do i have to do something special to pass? Or is it just luck? I really dont know.
  8. Fairly good.
    Melisanthi Greco
    I liked Diaval and Raug the most, as they were the only ones who didn't turn out lame. I was disappointed for Feryl. Good job anyway! I like most of the stories.
  9. Meh
    Victoriya Chistyakova
    The stories are nice if you have the patience to wait 4 hours for a few min of reading. Waiting is okay with me, why I rate only 3 stars is because you're still required to waste money to get past the "angel gates" and the "reapers mood" and not only once, but a few times throughout each story.
  10. It's really fun
    It's really fun although the time and challenges is challenging but you can change character halfway in the game... and resume back your character after that without needing to restart all over again . This is my invitation code pls use it to get gifts N1HdCZSdSn
  11. Fix the checkpoints
    Hanna Morton
    I really love the story. But the checkpoints are either very difficult or they take forever to pass. Other than that it's OK.
  12. Um...
    Adia Munson
    I loved playing it for the first couple days of it being downloaded on my phone. But by the third day of having it, some of the pictures on the app won't show up, and when I click on a character to play a story, the screen will freeze on the background stripes. I also can't check my mail. Please fix this.
  13. Angel or Devil
    Naomi Crisera
    I love this game so much and I really love the stories too but the story timer thing, cant it be an hour for every story because it really does annoy me and I want to read the stories because they are very good.
  14. Cant stop reading it!!!... Use my code... It will help u a lot : eES2FJ0aA
    Clari San
    Wonderful and amazing story... U will really fall in love in seven days... I can say so myself... Hehe...
  15. Love it
    eva johnson
    You get more out of this one than the others, your not blocked by charm levels or clothing updates before you can read on. You seem to get more out of the story, faster than the others. I love it and I wish the others were more like this.I can understand paying to get the story faster but Im glad they give you this for free. I think if more if the others were set up like this more people would be pleased. Excited to get through all the storys and see how the guys turb out .
  16. Awesome!!
    Willow IsCatching
    Great I love it!! No payment required! A little bit of waiting but it gives me time to do things in between. Enter this code when you log in and get gifts that'll fasten the waiting time!! KytMD5x5Qe
  17. Add F4ustQDSkW
    Theresia H
    If you add this code on the invite code you will get 5 Angel Kisses, you have to wait later on in the game for chapters but with the Angel kisses you can save 20 hours of waiting.
  18. Good
    Ronald Odom
    Invite Friends ↓Let's start our romantic story right now! ↓  Receive rewards for inviting your friends to play! When your friends complete the tutorial, both of you will be rewarded with items that will come in handy later on in the game.  Your Invitation ID : Mb5aUmE31u Copy your invitation ID and share it with your friends! If another player enters your ID, you'll receive an item as a reward!  Go to My Page
  19. GREAT!!! - EKfyCb1SiJ
    gureumin pcy
    Totally addicted to this game!!!! with such beautiful graphics and great story lines. All the guys in this game are so hot♥. But to get 1 energy, you have to wait for 4 hours..... It's kinda long. Please use my code [ EKfyCb1SiJ ] then you will get the reward. You won't regret it for sure!! :)
  20. Good but...
    Twinkie Foster
    Waiting 4 hrs for 1 ticket insane! They should at least make it 2 every 4 hrs like episode everything else good.


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