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  1. Taking you back to the past!
    J. R. the Hutt
    This is the best NES emulator in both quality and price ($1.99 is a steal!). The user interface looks cool and is highly intuitive. I hope the devs add an image box for each ROM title so we can add cover box art. Afterall cover art is part of the experience for nostalgic gamers.
  2. capy bara
    I have to say, just due to the dynamic d-pad, this emulator has the best touch based controls on the market. Swiping to go left and right feels natural, and I feel the fact that they figured this out alone is worth a donation. It feels so much better than having to look over for some fake buttons to make sure you're pressing what you need to press. However, I think you guys should consider adding an option for the dynamic d-pad that allows it move along with your finger when you swipe outside it's area. Sometimes I swipe a little ways past the d-pad, and when I swipe in the opposite direction to turn, I'm so far away from the d-pad, I can't turn around; with a NES game, it can really hurt your playthrough. It'd also be nice if you guys added an option for the dynamic d-pad that disables diagonal presses, as some games consider it a deadzone, which, once again, is the difference between life and death in an NES game.
  3. So there is a Paid version.
    stiv k
    Nice. 2 bucks isn't very expensive so I had to buy. Now... Why do we need a big N as the thumbnail pic/icon. Change it to an new pic please!! Also do a Sega genesis. Others on here sort of suck
  4. Very good
    Sebastien Gouaux
    Excellent app but is there an easy way to have my Xbox controller to work with it? Directions are fine but A and B are no go..
  5. Love it
    Arthur Ludwiczak
    Powerful time machine taking me back to the old days. Highly configurable. I love it.
  6. 5 stars for this brilliant app.
    Martell Nelson
    Well worth the investment for this amazing product. Please keep it up!!!
  7. Perfect!
    Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal
    Make sure most games like Du Ma Racing and Ikinari Musician will be run properly in future versions. I am so glad I spent 88php with this full app. Thanks so much and keep up the good work ;)
  8. Best game ever
    gabecoxcool !
    I can play mike Tysons punch out
  9. Great Update!
    Brett Czajkowski
    Works great on lollipop thanks! If only we had cover art... Other than that is app is perfect!
  10. Good
    Francisco Samour
    It has the best sound out of all the Android NES emulators. Awesome. It is the best NES emulators for Android.
  11. It's a really good app but..
    This is a fantastic emulator, but for some reason, it won't connect to my Moga controller. I've gone through preferences and tried different things like editing the keyboard and changing the keyboard to get it to work, but nothing seems to be working. I hope this issue can be fixed soon.
  12. Best Mobile NES Emulator
    Jacob Lucas
    This is the best mobile NES Emulator I've ever used. It's definitely worth the money but, if you want to go cheap, they have a free version that also works great.
  13. Runs great but...
    I'm having a problem with holding down multiple buttons. I want to hold Start and Select at the same time and then press A to do something and it doesn't work out on here. I tried it on another emulator and it works fine, but I'd like to continue the game on just my phone if possible...
  14. Best emulator on the market
    Arthur Hackett
    Only complaint I have, is I've been trying to play the nes world championship. You have to press start on a second controller. Anyway to be able to do that in the app? And it won't load the Japanese version of Mario Brothers two. It keeps saying "Failed to load"
  15. Ok
    Mohamed Ali
    Please change the font when add genie codes
  16. I love it
    Don Givva
    Havent tried with my xbox controller yet, but its well worth the price.
  17. idiotwithgunz
    Gotta love an emulator that just works
  18. MULTIPLAYER mode
    Vishesh Bhambri
    U guys have enabled this by instructing us to play via wi-fi servers which is good but if u can also make it possible to be playable via bluetooth connections, i would be really satisfied!!
  19. Best app ever
    Doug Walker
    I'm not able to press "b" while holding "a" button while using touch screen. The "a+b" button doesn't quite do the job because sliding from "a" to "a+b" realeses "a" for a split second. In Super Mario Bros 3 I'm not able to pick up a turtle and jump with it
  20. Best NES emulator !
    Dustin Bess
    Best hands down free is perfect but worth it to buy Pro! Plus it helps support the developer so he can continue to make this app awesome!


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