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  1. Simply, user-friendly.
    Kuriskanye Mehonlga
    Didn't have to do a single thing to get this working. I can't wait to try the Kirby games and Pokemon R/B/Y. The interface looks almost as if it was specifically designed to play Metal Gear (2000, GBC) and I love, love, LOVE that. Very pleased.
  2. Those ugly blue buttons!
    Francis J.
    Top quality emulator, the most fully free featured GB/GBC emulator around, non intrusive ads, top animation and rendering quality... All those great features smeared by that ugly blue button layout! Devs might find this review insulting as the aforementioned layout is probably their "signature" design, but it really sucks! I would buy the "pro" version if it would feature an option to chance the buttons to a more sober appearance, but it seems it is not the case, and changing its opacity is just not enough!
  3. Good for jellybean. Bad for ice cream sandwich.
    keiv yeah
    It easily adapts to any 4.1 android but sadly, when i used it in a 4.0 android, things began to get rough. Controls are difficult to navigate. Anyway, no problem so far in 4.1 usage. Nice emulator. GameBoyColor of nostalgia deserves a 4/5 stars.
  4. Yetunde V. Babalola
    Best emulator I've seen so far, very customizable, vivid graphics, smooth controller input to get the most from racing games especially. Thanks for the nostalgia
  5. Love it
    Tabitha Long
    Love the GBC and NES apps! Please make apps for the other systems!! Can't find a good Genesis app!
  6. Lag on arrow keys
    sebastien thibaud
    Since last update some lags during game when pressing arrow keys. Sometime even pressing a key is not take into account. Otherwise its still a good emulator. Probably the best I've tried.
  7. No speed up?
    Gary Cartes
    even lite should have it. Keep up with the comp im going to them
  8. Okay
    Adrian Walker
    Not too bad, works fine with PS3 controller. Sound emulation not brilliant though. UI could be improved upon
  9. Nostalgia GBC
    Queef Bag
    Best GBC emulator out there. No lag what so ever.
  10. Sorry for the bad review
    Lee Ifurung
    But it is true that this app does not deserve any single star
  11. Best GBC app
    Excellent app even better than Visual Boy Advance (pc emulator). Only thing missing is the option for linking. Will give 5 stars if you give that option.
  12. Great!
    Tyric Carr
    I love it! Oh please add the Bluetooth connectivity to add players. :) please!!!
  13. Best GBC Emulator Out There
    Tanner S
    Definitly download this app! You guy should make a GBA app too.
  14. The best emulators
    Tisha Markley
    Nostalgia makes the best emulators I've ever used. Seriously have never found any better emulators for my phone.
  15. Almost perfect
    Mark Dell
    Many other emulators can emulate the cruddy GB screen and I'd love to see that feature get added here too. I'd also really like to see a GB skin too, or if copywrite's an issue, a way of using a custom one.
  16. Champion
    Nathaniel Bennett
    Lost my gameboy, so I downloaded this free app. Got roms of a few of my gameboy games. The app finds them, and in a tap of a button they run - almost like my phone was made by Nintendo Itself. Hooked up a ps3 controller - champion.
  17. All games aren't showing
    Abraham Lopez
    I have 7 games and only 6 appeared, it always every time I load this up. Fix this and I'll give it a 5.
  18. Plays games fine seems like games are in HQ quality.
    Love the options and how simple it is to move buttons to your desired location. Would only ask, is it possible to create something which allows 2 Emulator(phones) to connect and play with each other?
  19. Play?
    Shahar Effendi
    how to play I have no games in this game
  20. LG Optimus G Pro F240k on T- Mobile USA
    carlos medina
    :) Not Bad Game Nostalgic GBC is great


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