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Armen Chlchatian | Project Manager at Nordcurrent

Lithuania |

Ieva Pikutytė | Game Designer at Nordcurrent

Lithuania |

Laurynas Vainius | Game Designer at Nordcurrent

Lithuania |

Inna Vepreva | Marketing Manager at Nordcurrent

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Reviews 147,811

  1. Worth every penny
    Gabriel Santiago
    It's sad that you have to pay for the full version, but $5 is not too much and is worth it every time you have to wait for something (Specially Doctors). Try it free of course. The game is great!!
  2. Should be unlockable
    Kidagakash Nedakh
    You should be able to unlock other levels with game coin or gems instead of real money like this company's other game Cooking Fever
  3. April Tolbert
    Yes I love the game but when it says free it should be free should not have to pay for the full version how dare you get us into a game like this and then expect us to pay that is wrong if it says free it should be free fix that situation and I'll make it 5 stars because the game itself is awesome
  4. Game is challenging!!
    Agnes Henderson
    Game starts off easy then quickly gets faster... Challenges hand eye and mind coordination!!!
  5. trish Henigar
    Should not cost money to upgrade when it says free. Should be able to use coins to upgrade if required. Don't say free if it isn't free.
  6. Totally awesome
    Joshyra Oliver
    I bought the game because it's addicting. Totally in love with it's simplicity while still being challenging. Great when I'm bored or right now while I get my hair done lol
  7. Love it
    Sherika Leggiton
    It very interesting wishing didn't have to pay to upgrade level other than that it's cool
  8. Crashing middle of game
    Chloe Lepomme
    It doesn't stop crashing in the middle of the same level and the next ones if I can even get there before it crashes. It's a brand new phone so no memory problem. For my first paid app that's a disappointment. Plus there are hardly any levels. I have finished it in not even a few hours.
  9. Addicting
    Toye D
    It's a great game to pass time. Only thing I can say for improvement is calibration.
  10. Princess Farole
    Its great.. I'm enjoying but it really takes time that's why it's kind'a difficult..but nice game!
  11. Love it
    mariah Rushing
    No complaints!! finished levels 1-15 with no harrasing pop ups to buy the game. I ran across this killing time waiting for diner dash to take me off of time out Nd this is wayyy better.
  12. Mariah Jackson
    Fun Game,But I'm Not About To Pay For The Full Version Coins Should Be Able To Open Up Other Features
  13. Superrr Like !
    Deepanshi Mandwaria
    Love It :]] But the only problem is that it gets locked after the 15th level! I really enjoy playing this game ..But if you lock it then what will the game lovers do ?! Please think about that :[[
  14. It okay
    Kaylene Gray
    It very nice the only problems is I live in jamaica so I don't have the type of money the game needs for full version an it should have different background and feature other from these it a fun game it should have the money we earn in the game to upgrade the place and different character background it shouldn't be the same for all
  15. Very good fun
    amy russell
    I really enjoy playing this game, good fun, keeps you on your toes. No issues or annoying ads so Far. Enjoying it! Would recommend!
  16. It's good!
    Minivette Rivera
    I have trouble with the frying pan, because I need to grasp the burger and the hot dog to the bread and then serve to the client. But in this moment I first try and then if I liked continue to play the game.
  17. Good Challenging Game
    Sadie Catalano
    This game provides me with a good challenge because I have to race against the clock and give customers what they want before they leave, which puts me under pressure. The game certainly reflects the fast food industry, trust me. I don't really like how we can only get through one restaurant for free and then we have to pay real money to get the rest of them. I would prefer having to use coins or some sort of special in-game currency but the good thing is the fact that it's not that expensive to upgrade.
  18. Precursor to happy chef 2
    Cammie Sinor
    Definitely not as smooth or pretty as the second one. Looks like fill game price is hovering around $5, but given its age, lack of user friendliness, smoothness, not really worth more than $2 or $3. Decent little time waster though
  19. Christina Spiridon
    I love this game. It's so fun. Whenever I'm bored, I play this game.It is greatPerfectIt is so cool
  20. Very addictive but...
    I haven't stop playing this game since a downloaded but why does it says it's free when it is not?


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