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Armen Chlchatian | Project Manager at Nordcurrent

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Ieva Pikutytė | Game Designer at Nordcurrent

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Laurynas Vainius | Game Designer at Nordcurrent

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Inna Vepreva | Marketing Manager at Nordcurrent

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Reviews 147,018

  1. SO MANY ADS!!
    George A
    This app is so ad heavy its just annoying. There is always a banner ad right next to were the controls are so you have to be careful not to hit it while trying to find enough space to put your fingers. Also there are ads poping up in the midle of the screen which you are bound to click without wanting it. You are getting desperate guys. Uninstalling.
  2. Very fun
    Tiara Blount
    The games within the game are extremely fun. Much like some of the 90's games with many brain challenges. They're very fun so far
  3. Ads.
    Samantha Renee
    The games are fun dont get me wrong, but there are too many ads and half the time i find myself hitting the banner at the bottom because it covers the controls.
  4. Wicked
    Christopher Sykes
    A really good game fun for all a must play keeps you entertained for hours some levels bit challenging but who don't love a challenge
  5. Not bad
    Pankaj Kumar Saha
    Games are great for time pass but what is this..?? I have to spend points to unlock the other games. And just look into the spending points. They are huge amount. Now how many times can I to play a single game over and over for 10 times...?? Its so boring.
  6. Love it!
    Candice Thompson
    I love this game. I had it on my tablet before and readded when i found it again. You cant get bored of this game becauae new ones keep popping up. I just keep playing the ones i like best to rack up points.
  7. Love it...
    Kimberly Brown
    Best app game ever... no joke... takes time to unlock games but thats part of it... it challenges you to play more often so you earn more to get more game... I find it fun and addicting... I totally recommend it.
  8. Tammy Mckee
    Great game! Works offline great ,no adds. No problem earing point enough to buy new levels .where I don't have to actully use money . Great graphics and doesn't crash . I have and samsung core and it works great for that so you be the judge.
  9. 100-in-1 games HD
    Char Gagne
    If you have nothing better to do than play this play it because when you first start out the games are terrible but as you progress it gets better
    Jennifer Benson
    This is a really great app! I absolutely love all the different games to play. UBER COOL! The reason I gave four stars instead of five is, well, the app takes up a lot of space on my phone. The second reason is all of the ads. Ads are so annoying! Other than those small issues, IT'S A FANTASTICALY WONDERFUL APP!!
  11. Perfect
    Angelic Wolfman
    This is perfect if you are ever bored, sad or you've just had a bad day and you don't have any better games to play.
  12. Many Games
    Teena Rassega
    Some are fun some are not. It would be nice to be able to try before you "buy" even though you buy with coins you earn. I play on my phone so I have gotten around the ad problem by turning off the WiFi and Mobile when I am playing.
  13. Super rocking fun game
    Kelsey Mitchell
    That game is so awesome I sooo love it it is a rocking game totally fun whoever made this game was totally awesome
  14. Good fun if you are frugal
    Stuart Campbell
    Good little mindless time passer, as long as you don't get sucked into expensive in app purchases.
  15. Dropped the rating due to adds obstrusting view of game play
    Vanessa Lovsey
    I love it! It's slow at the start earning coins for other games, but it does add up fast. Great for kids, with many games to choose from, they stay occupied. It's absolutely wonderful! No mess ups, does not have problems like freezing your device, it's not loaded with crazy adds, over all an easy app to fall in love with. (if you do have trouble loading it, make sure you have a strong wifi signal if you are trying to loss it through wifi, otherwise, it loads better without the wifi)
  16. Great Boredom Cure
    Layne Roberts
    Most of the games are really fun. Its good thing for when you have time to kill.
  17. 107 games... maybe 20 minutes of play.
    Joseph Watt
    The games are tiny. Unless you pay money (or do whatever is required to get "free" points) you'll be playing inane little games for hours to unlock other inane little games. I stopped after the 11th game.
  18. Mixed fun
    Aishah Keenan
    Fun and frustrating trying to reach targets love it
  19. Simple
    Judith Whitehead
    Loads of games to choose from. Like the fact that you're given the opportunity to get free points to open new games.
  20. Very fun and excellent new games
    brandon carson
    It's the same as the other game but just more advanced fun. Great.