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Ryan Holowaty | COO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jordan Schidlowsky | CEO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Ben Schmidt | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jason Knight | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada |

Reviews 181,420

  1. James Parsons
    Cool game. But when I create an online game, i can only play up to 5 games. As of right now, all 5 opponents I currently playing have each stopped playing for over 8 hours each in the middle of the game. I cannot delete any of these games because it is "their turn". So now no online games until one or all finish or delete from their end. And I don't get race mode.
  2. Decent game
    Benjamin Meyer
    It's a fun game with a few significant opportunities for improvement. The ads aren't the worst but there is no option to remove them for a fee. There should be. Also there is no way, that I've found, to end an online match that's been abandoned by your opponent. All of my game slots are tied up for over two days now, still waiting for my opponents to have their turn. If not for these two issues I would spend real money on this game, and give it more stars.
  3. Fix race mode
    Dee Hall
    Fun game, but you eliminated Race Mode. Fail.
  4. Wow!
    julie anne p
    I'm not a golfer but thank goodness for golfers all over the world there's not a course like this one in reality! Awesome fun!
  5. The doom of SSG2
    Marcus Anesund
    SSG2 used to be a good game, great game even before they removed the (BY FAR) best feature of the game; Race mode. That part alone gave them lots of their players, and with the removal of it they will lose even more. Noodlecake, please put Race mode back in again!
  6. Lowered my rating from 5 to 4!
    Jon Hopkins
    I really wish that hitting a ball into the water or out of bounds wouldn't cost me 2 strikes. Sometimes I accidentally hit it in the water twice in a row. This brings your final score up a whopping 4 points! On top of doing that ,at be one other time on another level. It's really too much and makes the game less fun. I hate having this happen on the third level of a course and having to start over the entire course because I know I won't reach my goal simply because of this.
  7. Can no longer connect to multiplayer server!!
    Cam O'Neill
    Please fix! It's not just my phone either. All of the ppl I play against have the same issue. Android and iPhone. Once fixed, rating goes back to 5!
  8. choppy after lollipop upgrade
    this game was really smooth on my note 4 till i upgraded to lollipop. now, i can visibly see the ball stuttering and the game lagging in single player during the hole flybys. anyone else see the same?
  9. Dj Mayer
    This is the 3rd time that the game has crashed on me and will not open. Each time I have downloaded the game again, only to have all my cash GONE! All my other items and accomplishments are still there. But I'm left with 0 cash, which is frustrating because I'm still trying to get the last 2 hats.
  10. Cool
    iqbal Siddiqui
    It's an awesome game for passing the time like you are in the airport for your flight, you can play there and if you are in the aeroplane, you can even play there. I am saying to you all that you should download it.
  11. Once was Fun.
    Jesse Fink
    It was my favorite game, but once they removed the race mode and added tons of ads even after I purchased items it took a bad turn. It's bad when updates ruin a game.
  12. No respect noodlecake
    Brett Evans
    Plus size women's swimsuit ads every time you open the game. Uninstalling
  13. SSG2
    Alexanxra O'cean
    The game freezes and I dig this game, but right in the middle of turn based play the screen freezes. I had the same problem as the person who had all the bucks taken and it is not fun without play bets for some. Can't bet without bucks. I may have to uninstall if the freezing glitch doesn't get fixed. Otherwise this is the most fun.
  14. I can handle pop ups but...
    Nick Ewing
    Good game but now they put game previews on there??? Get bent you bunch of money grubbing tools!
  15. Can't save progress
    Tom Nelson
    I absolutely love this game, but when I had to switch phones, I had to start over and lost tons of progress. Now, the app won't open, and I'm going to have to uninstall and reinstall and will again lose all progress. Not going through all of this again
  16. Online play
    Neil Blanchard
    Very fun game, lots of hours wasted playing. Frustrating when online opponent resigns when you're winning and you don't get xp for it.
  17. Great game
    Matthew Palmacci
    You should probably delete the impossible level though. It almost made me delete the game.
  18. Awesome
    zeyyab asif
    Greatest golf game ever made... I like the idea where there is no energy needed to play any level.... One suggestion could u lower the levels needed to unlock the courses and I love the course... The Impossible course
  19. Russell Bertrand
    Would be perfect, except for the multiplayer system. I have to wait 1-2 days to hit one ball. Even after spending my "golf bucks" to host more games, I still have to wait for days to play... PLEASE FIX THIS! Otherwise it's a great game.
  20. Funnest Game Ever (Yes I know I Funnest isn't a word)
    Karen Voluntad
    I love the cool accessories and the cool abilities that the balls could do. Each track is unique and has its own characteristics. This is the best golf or mini-golf game I've ever played.


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