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Ryan Holowaty | COO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jordan Schidlowsky | CEO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Ben Schmidt | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jason Knight | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada |

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  1. Great potential
    Luca Crosby
    Game is great enjoy it alot but completionist achievement is still bugged. Would love to see extra characters weapons and levels added in the future
  2. broke
    Andrew Hamilton
    looks good but the display has error, only shows me 1/2 the screen. refund plz?
  3. Love it but
    Android News Hub
    There's and issue where I cannot use the characters abilities (in my case the knight has no option to block attacks). I might just be missing something but if would be nice if this was fixed. Thanks
  4. Yes
    Julian Cisneros
    It works yay no problems but can you add a mode so you can survive
  5. Nice
    justin palmieri
    I've played and beat the first 2 this one is even harder great fun platform game and Money well spent !
  6. Laggar som satan
    Manny A
    Stort fan av serien! Dock blir min lur överhettad på några minuter vilket resulterar i brutal lagging. Kör på Oneplus one men hade samma problem med de tidigare spelen även på min S4...
  7. Better
    Marek Hrozany
    More guns, more characters, but still the same amount of levels as before.
  8. Good game..
    Kris Bennett
    But think that its stupid how when restarting a level or advancing to the next level that you don't get full health... As you are better off just dying on purpose right away so you can try it with full life
  9. Simple suggestion
    Thomas Leary
    Please put button on death screen giving player the option to go to shop and level select. Other than that great game, would be nice if I could aim down however
  10. Great 2D Platform Shootemup.
    Doug McGuire
    RPG elements help make this addictive, and that is a great thing considering the grind if you refuse iap's after paying for the game.
  11. Best one
    Jose Torres
    This one's better than the other ones before and has nice old school feel but my only problem is the price for some in game items it's to high.
  12. Very adicting and fun game
    Boris Pavlovic
    In my opinion this is BEST game on google play.But i pass hole game with 3 stars and all skulls.Please make more world
  13. Great
    Aaron Delphin
    I love it thank you so much for fixing this game
  14. Playin this game
    Matthew Herndon
    It's ausome I knew arcade games were awesome but not this awesome wow!!!
  15. Great
    Jared Penny
    Loved this series :D if only u had more heroes
  16. After update
    Flash Vector
    I can't play. All my progress was reset and when i completed level 1, 2 was not unlocked so I have to play level 1 again and again
  17. One complaint.
    Evan Backer
    Description of the punk is incongruous with his abilities. He does in fact take damage from spike pits. Please fix.
  18. Graphic glitch
    Lívio Volpe
    Same problem as everyone in my Samsung Gran. I didn't ask for a refund due to the liking and trust i have for what Noodlecake releases, but lets be honest... what a way to kill the excitment! Wasn't the game tested on different phones before being released? Seriously.
  19. ---~~~* A Mataeus Review *~~~---
    Mat Cooper
    Well, at least there isn't an achievement for buying a coin pack this time. However, the grind is insane if you refuse to be nickle and dimed, as I do. You can collect ONE skull per level, then it's permanently gone. Upgrades to weapons and characters start off at 3 skulls, then 5, then grow exponentially. Extra skulls can be bought for 500 coins, and unless you want to play the same level hundreds of times, extra coins can be bought for a small fortune. The first game was great, and the grind was fair.
  20. Perfectly old school
    Willy Robinson
    Noodle cake is a really good game company. I support them


What`s new

Fixed the Completionist Achievement
Fixed an issue where users couldn't purchase the same item twice!
Screen resolution issue fixed.

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