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Ryan Holowaty | COO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jordan Schidlowsky | CEO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Ben Schmidt | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jason Knight | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada |

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  1. Almost exactly what I wanted...
    KJ Halverson
    This is just a fun, grindy game that somehow manages to avoid getting boring. I bought it for my tablet, but the screen had some scale issues, so sadly I had to get a refund. But I ended up buying it for my phone and it's great. *Word to the developer: when scrolling through the shop, scrolling up can ONLY be achieved by scrolling down first. Might need to tweak that.
  2. Whaaaa?
    Brion Fallon
    Epic, epic, epic. So fun. So cool and stylish. Super tight controls. Simple gameplay for short bursts. Plenty of depth and features for long gaming sessions. Enjoy this little gem, its soooo worth the money. LG G2.
  3. Fun Platformer with a few flaws
    Zane Ross
    Not a bad platformer for mobile devices. I sprung for one of the in-app purchases (2x coins) to make the game a bit more fun. The two things this app lacks are: 1) Some way to synchronize progress across devices like other games do using Google Play Games Service, and 2) Ability to play with a bluetooth controller. Add those two features, and this will be a 5 star mobile RPG/Platformer.
  4. Fun easy game
    Tony Nicklow
    It's a fun game but it wad a bit short I did everything in a week. But it was hard to stop playing. Its worth getting the coin doubler but not the coin packs. So plan on spending $6 on the game. It's an easy way to score XP for play games. Its a good game I like it but don't love it. It runs very well on my LG G2 no problems or crashes.
  5. Extremely mediocre and not worth the price of admission
    Ryan McLaughlin
    Boring and grindy. Got halfway through the game and couldn't take anymore. Not roguelike in any way. Progression is linear with no originality and items are straight upgrades that only require more money, most of which comes from pots and crates that take way too many hits to break. Secrets aren't actually secret at all. Bosses are the only enemies that have any creativity put into their design and even they can be brute-forced to death. Platforming is precise but fighting is simplistic.
  6. Adam Patterson
    It would be nice to have different characters with different ranges and types of weapons bows, magic, bombs, etc. And make an extremely difficult mode... too easy lol, but fun. If I could describe the game in one word, it would be "repetitive". One more thing: a good update would be to change the animation of each weapon, they All swing the exact same, it's like the same weapon with different looks. I would pay .99 cents if I could do it again, but too expensive for what it is.
  7. Love it,
    David Nicholson
    Once again Noodlecake come up with another brilliant game. Well worth buying.
  8. More content ?
    Nicolas Gibelin
    Fun game with an overall good progression. I'm just a bit sad about one thing : it's short and bosses are way too easy. After one week playing in the metro, I have the collector achievement without any In-App purchase. Are some more worlds/contents/bosses/levels to be expected ? Do quests have an end (currently at the $800 quests) ? Great game nevertheless, good job !
  9. Amazing Roguelike
    Tycho Malinkhi
    This game is a masterwork fusion of simplicity and addictive RPG grindyness. Despite being a mobile game, precise control and reflexes are possible and a definite asset. Excellent variation of monsters and their attacks, great music, fun progression with high replay value, and the IAPs are 100% unnecessary...although I feel the developer is very generous with the price point. Minor glitches include scrolling of shop lists and some achievements may be bugged (in favor of the player...)
  10. Good times in the Devious Dungeon
    Zane Knutson
    After going on a retro gaming binge recently playing my Genesis more than anything else I own this was the perfect addition to my tablet! Tight controls, great pixel art, cool bosses. Good job guys, highly recommended!
  11. Very good.
    michael stanker
    If possible moga enhance or hid support. Add screen showing what's equipped on hero besides having to only see that through Olaf's emporium. Find and equip random items in dungeon? Sell unused item finds? Any of these improvements would greatly enhance game. But very fun as I too. :)
  12. WTF!!!!!!!
    Jeremiah Phinney
    I set the phone down game forced closed and reset so i got to start over again thats crap. Was a good game till that happened i been playing 2 days so wasnt that far but lost all my gear and have to start back at tutorial
  13. Great bite size grinder!
    Doug McGuire
    Really a superb game, and don't let the iap's set you back. They are there for the impatient only. It superbly blends hack n slash/platforming with rpg elements. Randomly generated levels are an awesome touch to a deep game well worth the asking price.
  14. Great game.
    Daniel Reid
    Had a lot of fun playing this game. Got 95% of the achievements but for some reason it won't register the spend more than 5000 in the shop even though I have bought everything.
  15. It's a fun game, but...
    Kenneth Schefer
    It starts to feel quite repetitive after a while due to the fact that all you can do to attack is swing your weapon. The frame rate is also quite choppy on my moto x. So bad, in fact, that it has gotten me killed more than once.
  16. Update?
    Craig Riehl
    Is this game ever going to get an update? I liked it a lot but once you get through it (and it doesn't take long) there really is no replay value. You update your free apps more than the paid ones. Come on man.
  17. Yes
    David Darnell Jr
    This game is fun, tight controls, good enough variety of enemies. Light on story and equipment variety but it's worth the price of admission and worth finishing
  18. Good game but...
    Adalberto Barbosa
    There is a bug which makes me lose my impulse in the middle of a jump(mostly to the right) it feels like I had released the right arrow when I don't... Very annoying and dangerous, imagine a jump you have to make with spikes below you, if you lose your impulse in the middle of the jump you know what's going to happen!!! Please fix that and my review will be 5 stars!!!!
  19. Winner winner chicken dinner
    Nathan Campbell
    I want more. More levels. More upgrades. Controller support would be nice. Looking forward to DD2.
  20. Great but needs more bug fixes
    Neeno San
    I didnt receieve the pebble achievements and the dragon slayer and finishing the game achievements. Please find a solution. Maybe because i keep the game running and use other programs while the game is running in the background or maybe paused in the background. Overall the game is fun and kills time .


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