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  1. Good game
    Jacob Mussenden
    If u guys will have put in cuztimazation on the cars then i would love to play this game alot more.It does get addictive for a few minutes then after it kind of gets a little boring but overall it is a fun game.
  2. A+
    David Hill
    So far it's a great game, very dynamic racer. Plenty of tracks to race on, tons of cars and very interesting game mechanics involving the scrap metal system to upgrade cars. You earn these metals by scrapping other unwanted cars or by earning them in races throughout career mode. Features many different game modes, career, league, clan battle system and challenge mode. Awesome so far !
  3. Good but downloads too much
    Brandon Larsen
    Good game and its fun just wondering why it has to download each new track I'd rather it download the track info when I download the app then after and there's some lagging going on in my game only happens after I press the turn arrows
  4. Wonderful
    Cliff Rossberg
    Absolutely great game, controls are prestine. Only thing I've noticed is that when you tap to enter a challenge, the little pop up message is in German. Not sure why.
  5. Just started playing it
    Manuel Jimenez
    So far so good! I do not want to spend real money so for now, it's all good.
  6. Cool game
    Derek Lukasek
    Not really sure yet but fun so far. Still playing.
  7. Great anew bugs though
    Thomas Camacho
    When I level up I exits me out of the game. Which frustrates me because I really love the game 5 star other than that so yeah amazing game
  8. What are you waiting for? DL it !
    Amine Niar
    A really nice game. I think there is too much loading screens but they are short so it's okay. Nice graphics as well. Just download it :). (I hope I will not have to pay to enjoy all the game..) Bluetooth races are not working as expected .. From a device to another,we don't see the same thing and got some bugs here and there, shame ^^ ! Anyway, nice job, The Binary Mill !
  9. Cool thanks for the first best game
    XxRaGe QuItZxX
    Hey guys it's not like you have a lot more than just one of those things
  10. Great looking fun game!
    Nicholas Winkowski
    The game is just a little hard to understand what is what. It mentions you need to buy parts but I think parts are actually just cars and you use cars to upgrade other ones? Not sure.
  11. Fun
    Casey Kehr
    So far it's a very fun game to play. Easy to win right off the bat and you receive new cars often
  12. Nicely done for a free game
    Edin Pasovic
    Nice progression, not dependent on in-app payments, great graphics, runs fine on nexus 5
  13. Epic
    Braxton Magers
    This game is sooo good I finally got all the cars unlocked and got to number one on the world bored they are epic if u have this game you should try to get every car
  14. Better than the original!
    Jose Traviesa
    Bought the original game (single player only back in 2013) and I loved it! This is 10x better because now you can play online. Only thing I prefer from the original is the controls... Wish that on the second steering option the arrows were farther apart like in the first game (steer with both thumbs instead of just my left thumb).
  15. Nice game
    Goran Dugic
    The game is very nice and playable. Only thing I don't like is that the tracks need to be downloaded separately, and are very big to download. And the game loads a bit slow. Other than that, the game is ok.
  16. Really nice
    Brandon Ramlakhan
    Its so good and very well executed, but the tracks could at least have traps or something tension building, and I personally like customization in games like these, was kinda disappointed there
  17. Tons of fun and addictive!
    Alex Valenzuela
    Awesome game could do with a bit more explaning on the little things like what exactly the parts do I find myself guessing what I'm buying and what they're actually improving on the car. But otherwise mad game :)
  18. One of the best games I've played
    Nanita Dhungana
    The game is great and fun but in challenges mode the other cars are better then mine so can you please make it more fair thanks
  19. Pretty Freaking Amazing!
    Ragnarok Minamoto
    Honestly at first I thought the controls were going to be bad since I saw the steering wheel controls. Other racing games have wonky steering wheel controls, but this one had very well done controls & the two camera views is also a nice touch. Although sometimes in camera view 2 you have to already know where to turn on some tracks. Challenge and League System is simply amazing, the 24 hr length of it makes things go by so fast it's good instead of waiting like a week or so for it to finish. Very great game
  20. Amazing
    Dustin Harter
    This is not only fun but it is also challenging so u don't fly through the story u actually have to work for it which is great for once I can right a good review for a well deserved five star game