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Reviews 138,469

  1. Love it but why the but
    qritason qrit
    Nice game could use a beta doh but I do appreciate but I don't play long cause it kick me out it pains me I use tecno H5 pls fix for me
  2. Amazing
    brent sannicolas
    Dnt be judged by the image download this this game,if played Avabel ,order and chaos ,irungna ,league of legends etc this game beat them in my vote story line down to battle system is addictive and fun
  3. Highly addictive
    Aidan Daniels
    Movement during free world roaming could be less angular. Apart from that, it's a fantastic game. I almost thought these reviews were fake but the game really is that good.
  4. Perfect game BUT
    Daniel Luongo
    My ONLY issue with the game right now is the infinite battle system. For the past 3 days it won't load any players to pvp with and then when I try searching again it freezes. Without fail every time. Please fix this, just because I love everything else about this game. You're so generous with hand outs and winning rare heroes I'd really appreciate if I could enjoy the pvp aspect again as well. Still 5 stars though. Still a huge fan!
  5. Alex Ienco
    Incredible game. The devs at Nexon have to be commended for their efforts. Great customer support to go along with a great game. Amazing depth with a decent story as well. Stamina system is a little too heavy but otherwise great job devs.
  6. Disappointing
    Ziyaad Ameeroedien
    I really liked this game until recently,i had problems and i was told there's nothing they can do about it. its been like this since other people took over..really disappointing
  7. True time killer
    Harith Lim
    1st time I've played a game that is so addicting unlike summoners war.Kudos to the developers \(^o^)/.EDIT:after i used mobile data to play,i couldn't log in with wi-fi, i had to switch from mobile data to wi-fi ingame.If i log in with wi-fi, i get this network error but i assure you i have stable network connection.this happened right after i used mobile data to play the game, pls help me and ty in advance
  8. Give it some time to truly appreciate it.
    wayne wynter
    I started playing thinking it was boring, but its not. It's a deep game with alot too it and I enjoy it. What could make it better is if battles were more interactive, its more like your just watching than anything sometimes. Besides that great game.
  9. Entertaining
    Martin Heyting
    Fun. Update: Fun and engaging storyline! Further update - still fun... Picked back up after several months... Great fun!
  10. Fun
    Roger Bivens
    This game is actually fun. I am tired of all the wait to play game. This one I just jumped right in and am really enjoying it. Even if an update or two gets a little buggy I will still stick by this one. Great job. Keep up the good work.
  11. If you're busy, don't try this great game!!
    Craig Burkey
    You'll be hooked just as I am!! This is the most well done game I've yet to see on Android! I cannot believe it is free! So much to do, easy to learn, honestly enjoyable with many options and tweaks available. They could charge for this for sure, happy to see such quality work and obvious care put into a free game!
  12. Simply AMAZING!
    Raymund Lanit
    This game is just pure awesomeness. Not just the game itself but also the people behind it. The support is great! GMs are friendly and always ready to assist! The game is not Pay-To-Win. No need to spend money to get ahead. But you can always show your support by spending a few to keep the game running! The only CON I could think of is the Energy system. It prevents you from playing all day long! But I guess it helps reduce the load of servers. So, what are you waiting for? Join the fun and see u in-game!
  13. Awesome Boss Fighting!!
    megan swift
    I am only at level 10, but the graphics, music, quests, hero's, and more are great!!! I can't wait to level up more to unlock more areas. I love the features where you can watch other players: attack, invite them as hero's/friend's, see their team, message, and more..My autistic son just loves it too!! We enjoy playing together.. It also helps him with reading dialogue's.. We stopped playing Clash of Clans totally.. LOL. Have fun enjoy the game..May take up app space..but worth it...
  14. Love it
    Hana M
    Great game. The wonderful aspect of a story line that you further whenever YOU want, along with pvp and guild aspects (and what that entails) makes it already awesome. The ability to control you character in an open world format, collect heroes, and - my favorite - get their attck info in an especially informative video/demo format make it even better. If you want a laid back MMO that has stats, turn by turn format, and other such levels of complexity, play this game! If not, still play it! Ita great!
  15. Great game
    Logan Hopper
    So many cool people the grains are pretty good in the movie clips but overall awesome! Get the game if you enjoy killing creeps and badies.
  16. Good job
    Matt S.
    Lots of fun, decent and engaging backstory, graphics are also good (although movement is a bit jerky/angular), and the characters are pretty funny and the music made me unexpectedly LOL. Importantly, this is a more genuine free-to-play: you're not obliged to spend real cash just to advance a couple steps (although of course you have the option). Gameplay is fairly intuitive, nothing too complicated, with the standard P2P options. There aren't many strong open-world games like this around. Nice one, devs :)
  17. It's awesome
    Henry Canada Jr
    The story and characters have really been put into work. I just don't like the insane long loading screen and just disappointed the story is about a setup hero you can choose instead of a created one. And that I can't interfere battles to help other players to assist. But I do like how you can be friend random players and have them assist you along with their heroes.
  18. Wonderful Final Fantasy type game.
    This is a game that takes me back to the early 2000s with games such as FF9. Very immersive turn based mmo that gets more intriguing as the story unfolds. Difficulties are not overbearing and that makes for a fun game. Well done developers.
  19. Best
    Adrian Smith
    OK been playing for almost a year. Reach the maximum level, but I think this is where I say goodbye to legion of heroes. My account has been deleted somehow and every time I log in I am prompted to create a new username to start the game from the beginning. I'm not going to restart from the beginning. Sorry guys its been nice but its also bye... Best of luck to the LOH team.
  20. Has been a blast so far.
    Cloud Wu
    Just started this game and so far so good. Fairly impressed with the battles mechanics and storyline.