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Jung Yoon (Jayden) Lee | NEXON M

San Francisco Bay Area |

Christopher Rake | Customer Service Project Manager at Nexon M

Emeryville, California |

Hyunseung Kong | --

Emeryville, California |

Greg Killion | Creative Director at Nexon Mobile

Emeryville, California |

Reviews 719,512

  1. Don't waste your time
    Kenny stahley
    I gave this game a try as a filler while waiting for stuff to upgrade on Clash Of Clans but, after playing for a few months I realized it's a pay to play type of game and it lost my interest. The game is ok but not worth spending money on.
  2. 1 star for design and 1 star for gameplay
    Andreea Andreescu
    But there are some bugs: 2 battle reports dont explain the battle in 1 he got 30% total damage it said i am the winner but in the battle report it says he won with 3 stars and i lost 7 medals.
  3. Installing the latest update
    Jacob Vargas
    Somehow autolaunched the app. Very scary I didn't select it. I'm uninstalling it now due to that behavior. Was a cool game but I would rather have my phone secure than it running amuck.
  4. Need More Cultures
    Katrina Tia-Jasmine
    This game is ok but they only let you choose from seven cultures to make your nation. They don't even have any culture reflective of Africa and nothing for the Americas (North or South). I am Russian and would have liked to play using a Russian nation.
  5. Honestly leaning more towards this than clash of clans. So much more variety!
    Isaac Reyes
    I have been playing this game for only a few days and I'm hooked! it's everything I could ever want out of this play style. its a must download!
  6. Frustratingly buggy but worth a shot
    Devasena Kanthi
    I spent a lot of time playing, and one day all my upgrades disappeared. This after I paid for a crown pack! It's been 2 days, and apart from a standard pat-on-the-head response, I haven't heard from customer service. Update: It took about 3 weeks, but they finally reset the account to the previous settings and gave me free crowns as compensation.
  7. Stopped loading
    will hamlin
    I would rate y'all with more stars. I have been playing this game for a few weeks now but now I starting up and nothing but a black, blank screen. Fix and the stars go up
  8. Bugs need fixed
    tyler sousley
    Cool game could be a addiction but keeps telling me to check my internet. Y'all need to check your game and why it won't let me play moto g. Using ART runtime fix this and 5 starts
  9. The one issue is...
    John Tobin
    Stuff takes forever to upgrade and you start with only 6 citizens, so you have to build things one at a time, but overall fun game
  10. LG g4 issues
    Assyrian Ramel
    I've played it on my previous phone htc one xl and now it keeps closing after few minutes of opening without saying anything, fix and I'll give 5 stars.
  11. Push notifications
    Joey McMillan
    Please give the option to disable push notifications. Even if disabled in android settings the app will overwrite this.. will have to remove an otherwise good game if it continues to vibrate all night.
  12. 2 stars for now
    Nathaniel Speegle
    When I downloaded the game I had no issues with it. Day 2 however is a different story. Sometimes it'll connect to a server sometimes it won't, I have full service on my internet and it still won't connect. I can't enjoy the game and play it enough to change my rating. Please fix soon! I have a galaxy s3 if that helps the developers.
  13. Fantastic
    Phil Owen
    Bettr than ClashOfClans but they should add wars between Aliances and also alow us to post attacks and defends on alliances, thank you.
  14. Asset bundle
    Malcolm Cooper
    Not sure what an asset bundle is but this software is garbage. Runs almost 40 percent cpu usage and near 300 meg of ram. Resource hog for sure hope it finds its asset bundle one day but I'm sure it won't find it on my device before it finds its way off my phone.
  15. Great game
    Only thing is on the latest update I lost a lot of my bonuses from the library. I had the 10% off bonus for exploration and now I have to pay full price.
  16. Big bug
    austin freeman
    So i like the game but big bug happened when ive only been playing for a few days and was in the bronze age and then all of a sudden my base got switched and i had farm and oil station and half the buildings were invisible was xp lvl 74 i tried contacting them but got no response in 2 days sadly i wish i could res
  17. Memory
    Adnan Khan
    I have 512 mb of ram but this game can not run smothly and force stoped after 2 minutes plz fix this memory issue
  18. They gave me someone else's account
    Alpachka Cute
    After factory reset and new Google + account still have someone else's account... can't start my own game
  19. Great game , but...
    Jose Castillo
    It doesn't work on my G4. Guess it's back to clash until they make it work.
  20. Michal Šubrt
    It's good strategy game! I love it, but i don't understand why it is not supported my second tablet with Android Lollipop, Quad core Intel Atom and 2GB ram. If i installed it manually and moved it to sd card before first run it's works like a charm. No lags, no issues.


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