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Benjamin Anderson | Co-Founder and CEO at Amino Apps

New York, New York |

Yin Wang | Co-Founder

New York, New York |

Tyler Pennell | Head of Marketing at Amino Apps

Greater New York City Area |

Lucie Karaskova | Senior UI/UX Designer at Amino Apps

Hlavní město Praha, Česká republika |

Reviews 6,217

  1. LOVE IT BUT...
    Marissa Lugo
    It won't let me delete any blogs or discussions I make. It also won't let me unfollow anyone or block them for that matter. It's never happened before up until now..
  2. Sayuri Tanaka
    This is a good app. Plus, it's always on the go. It's roleplaying anytime, anywhere. Very user-friendly, too! But how come there's no JPop Amino? If I remember correctly, there's a KPop. So it's a wonder why there's no JPop. I'm humbly requesting for a JPop Amino to be developed. Please. Thank you~!
  3. It's better than the computer
    ArchangelV62 RFS
    On this app, it has way more options to set up one
  4. LOVE IT!!! ! ✨✨
    I've never been so in love with an app before. Like literally as soon as i got on ppl welcomed mii and WERE SO NICE TO MII. this is ligitly the best app ever. Im not even just saying that either. < 3 cause i dnt rate apps. But if ur looking for new friends or just looking fer cool ppl in genral. Get this. Its to much perfect of an app. #dies# to the developer's. Ty so much fer making this - u changed my life. ✨
  5. Love it
    Shanice Davis
    Its awesome theres a bunch of really nice people and lots of people rp
  6. Amazing! Absolutely amazing!
    Kyle Imran Kusman Iskandar
    Instead of using my facebook to do rps,I can use this for roleplays. Though the rules sometimes bug me,It is still a good app.
  7. I loved it
    Scarlet Rose
    I mad so many friends and found tons of people that like the same things as I do not to mention the role playing is quite fun c:
  8. Awesome
    Lily Carlson
    So great I met lots of people and enjoyed the rp
  9. I love it but
    Jonathan Archer
    One request, you should make an amino for bronys and furries. Now that would be awesome
  10. Great!
    Rinto Baggins
    A very fun and interesting app once you wade through the hoards of 13 year olds.
  11. I like it but
    Anna Patton
    I like this app because it makes it really easy to connect with other roleplayers . The draw back is it makes it hard to disconnect from chats.
  12. First app I feel is good enough to rate.
    hjcmonky HJ
    I never rate apps. But I love this one so I thought people needed to know about this amazing 5 star app. It's super fun. Tons of people use it. Tons of friendly people. You can post about almost whatever you want and relate to people. I love roleplaying and there are always public chats for me to join any kind of rp I want. I even have gotten 3 of my friends to get it lol. I have also used other Amino apps and they are fantastic! ^-^
  13. Amazing
    maka Albarn
    This app is so cool! I'm on it almost every day and I met New best friends and got to know some people that are more like me, and that's cool. I finally found my Soul Evans.
  14. Can't even sign up
    Dream Warrior
    Keeps saying the account is banned then when I got to login to check it says the user DOESN'T EXIST. Update: I can't sign up still, it says that the email is banned even though I haven't used it for the apps before. Update 2: Won't take emails with "outlook" on them. :(
  15. I like it so much!!!!
    Vicente Pasillas
    I love it so much, I've made so much friends, I would love it if they made a "Legend Of Zelda" amino, that would be even awesomer, plz consider it as every Zelda fan might
  16. Love it!
    Cienna Goodsky
    I get to meet new people with the same interests, make online friends, socialize, and make any rp! I love the feature!
  17. It's like rp instagram!
    Julie Johnson
    This app was suggested to me by a friend and I must say, I am pleased. The people are great and so is the structure of this app. I love it!
  18. Eh.
    Janis Berzins
    The application is great and all, but the commubity consists if morons. The 'popular' page is unfair, mostly terrible posts get there, there are unetbical posts about how people love/hate gender specific parts and people think it's okay to rub into peoples faces that they're homosexual, it's disgusting really. You don't see straight people rubbing it into homosexual's faces that they are straight, do you?
  19. Great app but help
    aman shankar
    Hey I can't sign in it says account disabled , but iam signing first time
  20. Amazing!
    Gregory Williams
    This application is amazing, I love the interface.. The setup.. The things you can do, it's fun and easy to use, and I would recommend it for anyone. (Although I'd love to suggest new ideas for it)