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  1. Limited
    James Carroll
    Work's well enough, bit lacks about ability to play through speaker like similar apps do. App seeks and finds available stations, but the scan takes too long.
  2. Weak Signal Always
    Rahul Arora
    No matter wherever I play Fm using my Moro G, inside house, in car, in park, I never get a good Fm signal. Whereas any other Fm supporting phone works fine everywhere. Also there is no loudspeaker facility available. I had to download another small app to enable loudspeaker for Fm
  3. Hated it really
    hari balaji
    No stereo effect..i still wonder why would such a great developer would not add stereo effect to the radio! But the ui is quite simple and good
  4. Soni Yadawad
    Not able to play through phone speaker even after updating! Doesn't show the loud speaker icon. Help please!
  5. Good app but lacks loudspeaker mode
    Vineet Dad
    This app is good to hear FM radio bit lacks loudspeaker mode. You can enjoy FM from your headphone. May be this problems resolve on coming update.
  6. Works fine
    Jared Leitch
    Anyone asking why apps need certain permissions for it even though it might not seem related but it is, this app needs to know if you are receiving a phone call while it's playing, So think about permissions that a app needs first logically instead of moaning about it. Works great..
  7. Not so good when compared to other radios
    Sriranga Bijapur
    Add loudspeaker facility and the recording ones please... It will be complete... Remaining no problem..
  8. Not good when compared to radios in other basic phones
    Saravana Kumar
    Lot of basic functionalities like, manual tunning, saving the channels, etc were not available
  9. Good need some improvisation
    santosh kumar
    U need to fix bugs .. On Lock screen it as to select only favorite channels and taking some time lag to switch one to another channel and add loud speaker and recording features.then i will give 5 star rating
  10. Excellent update
    Dennis Brouns
    Finally I am able to play through my phone speaker. And also adding useful features, like being able to seek at the lock screen. Even listening through Bluetooth is possible. Keep it up Motorola this is the way to go! Maybe being able to give radio stations custom names would be cool for a future update!
  11. Lacking loudspeaker option
    Baritto Paulson
    Would have given a 5* rating.. Oly if it had loudspeaker option. Other basic options lyk manual tuning, record are also missing..!! Plz add em ASAP..
  12. Good
    Harish Kashyap
    Is really good like a normal FM player. Would have been BEST if there was recording option. For 7k Moto-E is beyond expectation n hence without recording is manageable.
  13. Bluetooth
    Michael LaBree
    Love the app,but only issue I have is with last update it says u can listen too radio via blue tooth,but with my Motorola moto g smart phone I have contacted both my blue tooth ear phones and blue tooth head phones and it say pls plug in our headphones,they act like an antenna; message..
  14. Seek not working on lock screen
    Venkatesh Sathiananthan
    I updated the latest update for FM radio and the new feature for seek from lock screen is not functioning at all. I have to pause and then only seek for the next station and then release the pause. The update is not useful.
  15. Not up to there
    Piyoosh Singh
    Even now I am not able to switch to speaker and earphone, it's earphone only. While in moto e, I can see option in there for same. Any developer can confirm whether this is possible in moto g (gen 1)or not?
  16. Quit bitching!
    Rob Keith
    Radio works amazing! Picks up channels that I can not get with a regular radio, plays them loud, and shows me what song is playing. Why all the bitching, if you don't like it, find something better (good luck). Developer has done a tremendous job making this great app better.
  17. Bad bad.... :(
    No speaker output, no quality music experience...
  18. Update for FM Radio ! who does that ... hats off Moto!!
    Akash Dubey
    Now that's how you spoil a customer ... giving perfect updates even for minor issues ... Excellent !... would have given 5 stars if you add FM recording facility in next update .
  19. need more features
    Vamsi Prasanna
    can't play online radios, no additional equaliser modes, cant broadcast music as a local shirt distance transmitter.
  20. Bluetooth capability
    Kathy Black
    I'm perfectly satisfied with this ap except one minor detail. I would like to listen via Bluetooth headset but when I open the radio, it tells me to plug headphones in and won't let me do anything else until I plug my headphones in.


What`s new

• Added direct link to FM Radio Help content (Options->Help)
• Added direct link to Moto Feedback (Options->Feedback)
• UI/UX enhancements to improve discovery of voice commands
• Bug fixes and stability improvements