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  1. Fun but
    Terry Zhao
    I wish there was enemy aircraft. Tanks do more damage than aircrafts, so I just wish there were air enemys. I also wished for a machine gun.
  2. Thanks a lot
    Bob Marshall
    Thanks a lot for the sandbox mode I have lots of fun .
  3. Thank you so much for adding in the Sandbox update I requested!
    george spadaro
    I also liked the fact you can upgrade further then your supposed to!
  4. Love it
    Shane Sombke
    But,WARNING: don't go crazy with the sandbox I might of did that and then I had to reinstall it. :)
  5. Loved it .
    winthada martinlavis
    This game is a super fun game. Well great gameplay . and I would recommend about the helicopter can pierce through buildings . well to make glass buildings are weaker and stone or concrete buildings stronger . I'd recommend adding more maps helicopters buildings guns special missiles and enemies. And I also find it so easy to get combos. and please make trees less heavier well when flying the helicopter into the tree and the helicopter dies . but anyways 5 stars . keep updating . stay awesome. great game!!
  6. Awesome good game
    DeMeNted OnE
    I love this game its super fun but I would like the buildings to actually be able to fall. XD
  7. Nice
    Roger Ordonez
    Good game but would be very nice if there was more maps, helicopters and guns
  8. Awsome!
    Rodney Wheeler
    I'd like different modes, like multiplayer, but in all, AWARD WINNING GAME!
  9. Bdmc Yeiser
    It won't load if you don't have google play :/
  10. Nice!
    Ernest Cheung
    Cool destruction game! Reminds me of Rapture
  11. Fun blowing stuff up
    Bob Chen
    Great helicopter game. Had fun blowing stuff up.
  12. Lags
    shosho tahes
    I go to the main menu it keep on saying ksksn
  13. Cool concept
    Billy Boren
    Fair game, reload time has 2 go.
  14. Great game
    Neketo Ragaki
    It is quite well implemented, fun to play
  15. Matthew Hodgson
    Love it. Can you add more weapons and levels id happily pay for extreme levels full of buildings and enemies fighting you.. Keep the sand box feature its great. Last thing is that its abit clichy with increased levels of bomb usage can you sort this out
  16. Awesome but
    Debralle Wilks
    Every time I fire a missile and in too close I lose alto of Hp hen next updated plz. Add were if you fire a missile and your too close you lose no Hp plz fix :-) and In the upgrade menu can you add a gun selection and should cost about 5000 coins per weapon guns like mmachinegun also if we could have are own army men in are helicopter and that should 15000 for ppermanent men and 5000 coins for men for a weak also add multiplayer so you can ccompete against other people. Online not Facebook because I don't have Facebook >:) and can you make it to were you can crash through buildings instead of you crashing into buildings and crash
  17. It is ok
    Leah Marr
    I am a boy I now It says a girl
  18. Doesnt save and rips you off
    Masen Doll
    It does not save the missions and when you break your record it gets stuck abd says it wont save.
  19. Yayz
    King Penguin
    So fun but I'm bad at this
  20. This game is awesome!
    Ethan Criss
    I'm not too good at but it's amazingly fun. I can't wait to unlock more choppers and hopefully there are more to come!


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