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  1. Fun, simple, works
    Tim Sleigh
    A good game, no annoying ads. Fun and great music as well.
  2. Great game
    Sylvain Goulmy
    One of the best game i played on android. A multipler mode would be great, moreover the there is no distinction in the different levels with the selected difficulties. More levels please !
  3. Simple and elegant.
    Mike Chevalier
    Extremely fun game that is simple to learn but is good at offering challenges. I just wished the levels were balanced better in the scoring of points for time and actions. The most complex levels seem to have arbitrarily high ceilings for both categories making them extremely easy to score well on while some of the low to moderate complexity levels seem to require that you figure out a very exact sequence of moves to score well. Annoying.
  4. Great concept, mediocre execution
    Nick Xitco
    Little Stars 1 was great. And Little Stars 2 is great too... At first. LS2 is a great and fun RTS up to the end of the first 20 levels. The second set of 30 will drive you insane, taking you through extremely difficult stages simply because the AI is given a gigantic advantage, not because your strategy is inadequate. Level 2-14 is the pinnacle of this mechanic, and I have yet to see it be beaten. The game's difficulty should be based off of your opponent's skill vs yours, not based on a gigantic advantage.
  5. Thanks for listening to your customers.
    Richard Sandford
    Ok, update to fix update better but not perfect. Personally i feel a Ships speed should remain the same thru out the game. The power is in what's done at home, not how you get there. If you wanted to make the Original game better, make the default defence mode equal Ten for strength, +1 every 30-60 seconds to infinity while owned. Drop the speed difference all together, slap in a map editor. And watch YOUR STARS climb up the review. Ranks to 5, thanks for listening.
  6. My Go To Game
    Gordon Visgandis
    Whenever I need a quick distraction this is the game I play and I've been playing it for at least two years now. Great game. Please can we have some more levels?
  7. It is very well made love it
    Calebmon S
    I've played for hours on end this game is one of the best games on android!
  8. Alex Padilla
    Not sure why but the star map and everything disappear after a few games. Then all the maps start doing the same please fix this. Thank you
  9. Multi player over network request!
    Petrenko Oleksiy
    Maxim, plz do the multiplayer over network gaming. Would be great!
  10. Its ok
    me me
    An ok game but would like a way to control when the ships move move at the moment they just seem to move at random times when their direction is set plus would like a skip level choice as i cannot seem to complete a level but can't play the next level till i have making the game now useless to me.
  11. Greg Koshinsky
    Love this game. Needs more levels. Keep uninstalling it and reinstalling it to play it again.
  12. Really relaxing
    Steave Smith
    Simple mechanics that can be sometimes challenging, love the music.
  13. Super fun!
    Minh Huynh
    I play this all the time. Could you please add worldwide multiplayer? Anyways, great job on developing a great game. :)
  14. just fantasic!!
    Robert Montaldo
    dev please please make no.3 .. happy to pay for such an awesome game!!
  15. Awesome
    Joey Cole
    Great game, lots of playability. Only wish changing difficulty kept separate record of completion.
  16. Best game
    Christian T
    I played this for years. Perfection. Music and sounds fits the game so well. Please make more levels, I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you for the best game ever made for a phone.
  17. Love it!
    Coltan Adkins
    This game is perfect for killing time. Challenging and sort of addicting. Im ready for harder levels! Though level 1-3 is impossible to get all theee stars
  18. Awesome
    Johnny M
    Definitely like the defense fix. Would still love to create my own custom maps tho. I can't be the only one
  19. Great
    Jason Stacy
    I have played this game for hours, days, weeks, months. Keep coming back to the randomly generated maps. Simple yet deep strategy. Get it.
  20. Outstanding Rush!!
    Sal Di Matteo
    This simple yet complex game is a must for anyone interested in resource management, and distribution.


What`s new

After years of silence, from out of the void a message has been received. Version 2.0 is finally live!

New engine, new levels! New everything!
Read full patch notes here:

- fixed issue with custom battles when player sets human players more than actual players on level
- fixed wrong statistics info for customization
- added timer for anomalies

2.1.9 - Space Babylon
- added more languages
- translation tweaks
- changed font for some languages