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Reviews 426,042

  1. Andrew Jones
    I really like this game! It helps me pass time only thing I would consider is take out the refill dink for energy but I get it you have to make money just like all of us. So thank you for this game I have truly enjoyed this game and have only spent $5.00 and have weeks of fun!
  2. Lvl 67
    Marcus Chesnut
    So my friend got me to play the game and I really like it but on level 67 I'm Missing the whole yellow moving piece so I can't make a basket fix and it will be a 5 stars
  3. Bruh
    Braulio Herm
    The game is amazing. I only hate the energy bar. I wanted to unlock all the characters right away!! But its an awesome game! Like you guys!
  4. Addicting
    justin jones
    Finished all available levels all but 3 with 3 stars. Only reason it's 4 out of 5 Is it'll kick me from a game randomly or freeze. Also at times when I hit to restart it will twice and lose my redos
  5. Daniel Anders
    Great game. But I'm out of levels. I've already got 3 stars on all 129 levels. Needs to be updated again and far more often. Other games have enough levels to not know when the game is about to end.
  6. Wtf
    Damion Johannsen
    I opened game and lost all progress fix and get five stars but right now don't even want to play
  7. Not as bad as I thought ...
    Michael Harrison
    I honestly thought it was going to be stupid and that I would get bored quick but I was completely wrong! I enjoy it very much as well as my kids. Only downfall is that you run out of energy to quick and it takes forever to get it full.
  8. Awesome game
    Michael Conradie
    Awesome game. This is the best. Most of the levels are easy. Others are literally impossible. How do I get through the levels? Here are some examples. Levels 67 and 86 are impossible. How can I get through. Hope you answer.
  9. Needs work
    Matt Muldoon
    Only 2 stars because it crashes every couple of minutes (sony xperia z3). Would definitely give 4-5 stars if it didn't have this problem
  10. Great game
    Reid Hoskins
    This is a fun and an addicting game! This is a well put together game for strategy, skill, and sports. Fun and amazing!
  11. Daniel Grubb
    It's alright I mean not as good as in real life but you know whatever
  12. Wouldn't work
    Caleb Bray
    I opened it and connected it to Facebook and whenever I click play on the first level it loads than brings me to my home screen. I will give more stars if this is fixed
  13. Off the chain
    Julius Alfonzo
    I love this game.Can you please tell panda that I said hi.Dude perfect should come out with dude perfect 3.PS I love your videos so much♡♡♡.Awesome game and videos.
  14. Love
    Anthony Chagaruly
    It's awesome I play it when ever but because it's too much fun. And not play I mean to me I would never stop playing is too it's no it is too much to stop playing on my phone iloveyou person stupid voice typing thing I love dude perfect they are awesome stuff it's because I'm doing the voice texting sucks so yeah that's why I would be perfect awesome I would never sell playing play this game all my life I love stop playing this game I would never play this game its too much fun more than Deez Nuts. Gaga. Of you I mean God why I mean gody
  15. Expensive for ad ons
    kevin millard
    The game is really fun but you have an energy bar and if you run out you have to wait a while till you can play again. And if you want unlimited energy it doesn't cost $. 99 instead it costs $9 just to be able to play the game without waiting and all the ad on characters cost too much too. You should be able to unlock them with ought paying tons of money.
  16. Level 83 literally impossible, not bitter just a fact.
    John Sochor
    I watched a walkthrough and saw that I was attempting the right thing, the ball just doesn't go far enough no matter the power or angle. Puzzle games have to be beatable, fix your level.
    jeffery griffin
    This Game Is Fun. Thanks Guy's Now! If You Could Teach Those Other Guy's How To Make A Game I will Be Alright. So Many Games I Downloaded And They Did Not Even Work. Hey! Here's A crazy thought For Every Game we Download And Have To Delete Do To Factor The Game's We Are Downloading Don't Work And We Are Wasting Data That We Pay Good Money For We Should Get Our Data Back Or Some Cash...... What You Think Guy's Let Me Know! Anyway This Game Works Just Fine I Recommend It. It's A Cool Game.
    Robert Hamilton
    Thanks to all my heart and mind that I can get it
  19. Love it
    Carson Conrady
    Really fun game to play, only problem I've had is on level 37 when a bowling ball and basketball collided in mid air and my game crashed, just letting the developers know
  20. A lil bit more to improve
    Danny Jack
    I loved the game 100%.. but what I did'nt quite like was the energy bar.. I know that u guys hav your own way that was well planned about that energy bar.. if it has more bar.. damn I would be happy.. btw shout out to the Panda that gave me extra energy bar.. lol.. I promise I will give u 5 stars if it is improved in the next update.. but I bet I will b more then impressed bcos dude perfect never let their fan's down..


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