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Euan Potter | Director at Minicades Mobile

Melbourne, Australia |

Reviews 33,039

  1. This is better than csr nitro nation an etc
    Charles Branch
    Its about time a excellent drag racing game like this made it to android. Nitro nation an Csr this is how it done. Guy keep up the good work
  2. Good but
    David Hunter
    I like it but 40 dollars to unlock everything is just insane. The audio needs te reflect what the car is doing and not just a constant idle. And increase winning amounts so you can upgrade cars. But the basics are great.
  3. Best drag game out!
    Jonathon Abrahamson
    The only thing I would add, is detailing the cockpit better. So you can see gauges and steering wheel, maybe shifter as well. HANDS DOWN BEST DRAG GAME OUT!
  4. Needs one thing and then best drag game I have played
    Brian Duffy
    The top fuel series really needs to be available on Google play and not send me to iTunes if I was able to get top fuel from Google play then I'll give it 5 stars
  5. Drag n brag
    Charles Visser
    I like it except I can't play anymore because it always goes out of the game to the home screen
  6. Feeds my need speed!
    Chris Grant
    When I can't literally go race my car I'm on this game. It's awesome for killing time and virtually burning some rubber.
  7. AWESUM!!!!!!
    Ernie Webber
    I would give 5 stars but there are a couple of small issues with this game. But it by far blows away most of apps of this type. So I guess it's 4.5 stars from me. Graphics are top notch. Not cartoonist looking. Definately a well thought out game.
  8. Mopar Drag n Brag
    J Reed -660 Mafia- Outlawed
    In the top 3 best drag racing games in the market!!! Love the game a lot...AwEsOmE!!! (A way of in-game communication would be the cherry on top!!)
  9. To many bugs!
    Jameel Salahuddin
    The reg stock left jump the light and don't get red lighted right lane does I never see that on the Gator nationals! Even it up!
  10. Nice
    Orlan Coston
    Updates needed speedometer,a lil better sound quality on engine when racing, make a manual shift option,custom mods on cars..would def b 5 stars an way better den any other drag racing games wit dese updates for sure..nice job& ima import guy..
  11. Will not load after initial play!
    Jeremy Boschee
    I am using a galaxy s4 and I downloaded the game and loved it then I shut it off for awhile and went to play again now the game won't start all the way my car looks like it is sitting over a canyon and I have no controls or anything just sits there idling with the announcers voice in the background. Great game if it worked
  12. Good game
    Glenn W
    Good drag racing game, good graphics and game play. A couple of things need tweaking though. Engine noise needs to be better, it sounds like it's trailing off as you go down the track. Also the cars feel like they're doing the same speed the whole race, it should feel like your going faster towards the end. Ability to paint and customise would be great and so would a manual gearbox. Other than that it's cool. Great time killer.
  13. Cassandra Lukes
    A Guy Friend of mine, turned me on top this. Way better than the other one i was on! Since unistalled the other one!
  14. Please fix it...
    Tjaart Pieters
    Game only work after first run then doesn't want to open. Please fix it. Works after uninstall and download again but when exit, it have the same problem.
  15. Long way to go..
    Kemmoy Dennis
    The game is alright... I can see you guys have the right intentions it's just not executed properly. A lot more could be done to the game but you are on the right "track" guys lol
  16. Lots of potential.
    Daryn Batterson
    Maybe a line loc and trans brake. Steering is super finicky. And the tree seems to be a little bit to graphics are amazing. Leaves nothing to be desired. Last critique is the burnout. I've played this game for about a week and the burnout is hard to master. Not the complaint. The challenge makes it fun. But even if I hit 100.1 percent tire temp it slows my time by like three seconds... that is my biggest complaint. Great all around game! Rivals door slammers on ios. Keep it up!
  17. Simon Dynek
    Its ok good graphics but with any car when your half way down the track it sounds like your still wateing for the green light also the cars shake alot when you do the burnout
  18. Most realistic at least
    Sam Ahrens
    No tuning or real mods. NO TOP FUEL!!! Except itunes!!! Really!! Jet drags are a novelty at real drag races. Top fuel is the top. Stop screwing up the game the rest is fun and great
  19. Needs work
    brett riege
    I gave it 3 stars because I think you should make it more realistic. You should make it to were there tire and fuel ware. You should Make full damage on so if you hit the wall you have to repair it. If those ideas get added I will give you 5 stars!
  20. Love it
    Roderick Peebles
    This is so cool I love drag racing and I've been looking for a good and never found one. I seen some close to great but this one is great. The only thing they need to do is work on the sound of them going down the track but other than that awsome I needed this game. I also have a request I would love if you put pro stock bikes in there aswell I would love it even more. And put pro mod bikes on there too. If not make a different game with bikes and the different kinds


What`s new

-Option to turn off tilt-steering and use on-screen steering buttons instead
-Multiplayer handicap is now also displayed after a race
-Bug fixes

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