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  1. Mikey Fischer
    Its seems like a game that's designed to not be won. The random element generator sees to that. If I had a nickel for how many times I was surrounded by 5 or more black holes with no way to get hour or two in and the game gets really boring. All the events start repeating after your 5th or so attempt.
  2. Great game
    Ross Wilkins
    Glad i bought it if only to encourage developer to invest more into translation. The minor grammatical errors don't ruin this otherwise awesome game
  3. Love it
    Moldy Potato
    I would definately reccomend this to anyone who enjoys space. I can just play it over and over.This is the game I have been dreaming of forever. *Disclaimer. Slightly exaggerated
  4. Great..but
    Wan Ahmad Nasry Wan Mohammed Faidzal
    It's an awesome game. Great concept. Though the game is 70% based on luck when digging. I don't see the point of having a scanning ability when most of the time you don't even get to assemble a geo scan. Not to forget FINDING the components. The least you could do is take off the scan or land option. It only drains more fuel. A person could be a quarter from winning until bad luck shows up. That'll be unfair. I would really love the game but there's not much logic in the design. Hope to see changes
  5. Fun game
    Jonah Lepinski
    Fun game that entertains my need for constant sci fi, i think i got really lucky in that i beat it on my first try since everyone is calling it difficult
  6. Best game ever!
    Joshua Rosenthal
    I don't play games much, but the art, strategy, and imaginative writing made this game a gaming experience even I could enjoy. It felt like a choose your own adventure book with beautiful artwork. I can't wait for the omega version!
  7. Opens up your mind
    Phillip Totton
    It goes to show a lot of weird things can happen in space. Game takes a few playthroughs to get used to. Great for killing time on a sunday :)
  8. Great but hard!
    Greg Dawson
    This game is difficult, it's frustrating and to a certain degree, luck is going to come into play (although only to a degree, often more to do with dying very early on), I've completed the game, I've also lost within the first 10 solar systems. The game is however highly enjoyable, and due to the difficulty, when you eventually complete the game, you do feel like you've actually achieved something. Definitely worth the small amount of money it costs!
  9. Ok but no fun if u can't save
    Christopher Parker
    So basically u travel to random parts of the universe explore planets etc. But u die randomly and have to replay all over again. This makes no sense. Why would I invest hours only to die and replay the entire game over and over? Sorry I purchased this. Great concept, poor execution
  10. Play to lose
    Delon Eubena
    This is not a game for the casual or impatient crowd. The other reviews are right in that the difficulty is punishing and stacked far too heavily against you. Progress early on depends too much on luck and very little on your choices. Fuel is a constant problem and drains too quickly on starter ship. Decent graphics and good soundtrack though. Wish gameplay was a bit more fair and less hardcore.
  11. Wish
    Chris Mendenhall
    That I could save a game. Starting over gets old after the 50th time doing so.
  12. Has potential
    Out There is probably the closest youre going to get to FTL on android but it's still lightyears behind in some respects. Its obvious the game deprives you of what you need; if i need fuel i won't find any gas giants. That's not hard, it's impossible. I should be able to upgrade my probe , not hope to god i find the ultraprobe. The fairly short list of random events is easy to memorize and The life encounters dont have much depth either. That being said, it's a thought-out and stylish game.
  13. Quite Fun
    People compare it to FTL but the only similarities are in the way you move, manage your resources, and random occurrences. It really fun and relaxing though tough. You have a destination and you travel there by warping to solar systems. From there you can go to the planets to collect resources. Resources are stored on your ship as well are upgrades. You have a limited space and can encounter abandoned space ships that you can use. I wish they would warn you that you wil end your run by goin smwhre importnt.
  14. Immersive Mode
    Cris Austria
    Amazing game but badly needs Immersive Mode support. Add it on the next update PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
  15. A Real Challenge!
    Taylor Moosman
    This game is difficult! But I like that. Each time I get a bit further... or not. A lot seems up to chance, but you can get better by learning through trail and error, or sometimes just taking the risks! Aside from a few noticeable grammatical and spelling errors this is a well made game. Its got a lot of various scenarios to encounter and plenty of opportunities to fail and start over to experience more of them.
  16. Freezes on boot
    Joshua Zimmer
    Won't get past the Dev logo, just crashes, HTC One M8 GPE.
  17. A stylish but repetitive game
    Dan Cross
    This looks and sounds gorgeous, but as a game it is quite repetitive and it is luck rather than skill that leads to progress.
  18. Excellent game!
    Yevgen Klevanskyy
    This game is just great. Beautiful art, tight and hardcore gameplay, interesting story and most of all, this feeling of loneliness. Recommended to everyone.
  19. Highly suggested
    Mateo Marchan
    I was hesitant about purchasing the game when I heard people mention how hard it was, but I decided to go for it. Now that I have it I can say for sure that anyone that says the game is hard is exaggerating. It's no breeze, but if you strategize correctly it shouldn't be as hard as they say. Once again, this is a STRATEGY game. It is NOT supposed to be easy. I highly suggest you trying this out yourself. I wasn't disappointed
  20. Beautifully Frustrating
    Future Karlos
    Truly great game, but it can get irritating. Every time I die/run out of fuel I just want to play again. Can't wait for Omega Edition!!!!!


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