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  1. Good mind workout
    Tom Trembley
    Some of the clues and puzzles were clever, but others made no sense. Hints weren't much help. Graphics and story line we're great. Great idea, just a little too cerebral.
  2. Difficult at times...
    Charity Miller
    Great point-and-click adventure, however A LOT of going back and forth. And I did get stuck more than a few times at the end. But a great ending made it worth it!!!
  3. Awesome Game!!
    Zener Diode
    If you like puzzles and challenges, this game is for you.
  4. It's OK
    Andrew Barr
    Well done. Some challenges are too vague though. Kept me busy for 2 or 3 hours
  5. Great game, but a little too short
    Jamie Glydon
    Overall, I really enjoyed the game. I wish it was longer, but it's still worth the price. I recommend this game for those that like mystery puzzle games.
  6. Great game
    Lynn Tassos
    Much better than shooting a stupid bird from a slingshot.
  7. Good. 'Never ending' story.
    Paul Winstone
    Some good puzzles, nice story line. Too much backwards/forwards travelling, though. Occasional tough puzzles, but well worth playing.
  8. Loved it!
    Jennifer Taft
    I have played a ton of games like this and this has to be one of my favorites. Long playing and difficult. Perfect.
  9. Andrea Godthaab
    Well, after perseverance, I eventually managed to play the game, it was brilliant really enjoyed it, just a shame that at the beginning they were a few bugs with crashing and not saving.
  10. Very well designed!
    Stephen Hunter
    Quite tough and well worth the struggle to figure it out without using the help... Seems overwhelming at first because of the size of the play area, but again it gets easier after a few hours... My only knock on the game is that I finished it after a couple of addicted hours...
  11. Great ending!
    David Coleman
    This is a graphically attractive game which covers many locations and provides some absorbing challenges. I frequently needed the the help section and the map and had to skip the underwater tile puzzle because I could not do it in the time limit (didn't even get close!) This probably reflects my limited skills but it did not stop me enjoying this excellent game - and a very clever ending.
  12. Great adventure game!
    Amy Frost
    It's had to find a good adventure game that runs smoothly, is challenging enough to keep it entertaining, WITHOUT being so impossible that you get frustrated and give up. This game is that for me. Everything you need is there- somewhere. You just need to find it and put the clues together. Stayed up half the night to finish it because I couldn't put it down, just like a good book!
  13. Only one problem
    Jem Dixon
    Loved this adventure for its breadth and complexity, but I feel like I lost out on the storyline, and probably some useful hints, because none of the notes scattered around were readable. When clicked on the font size was so big the message didn't fit on the screen and couldn't be scrolled either, so I couldn't see half the words. That's what lost it a star, otherwise I'd have given it 5.
  14. Great Game!
    Mary Stanley
    This game took me nearly a week to complete. Long running, nice and fairly complicated so you won't get bored easily or rush through the game too quickly. Anybody that claims they whipped through this in a few frenzied hours is a liar! This is a LONG playing game, and I've played many difficult games over the years. Beautiful graphics, highly recommended for the sleuths in the crowd.
    I really enjoyed this adventure which was lengthy with a large amount of interesting puzzles to solve and no hidden objects to find. The hints were very helpful, the graphics were awesome. A very well thought out app which obviously required a lot of work. Hope the developer will make more of the same!!!! Very well worth the money!!! Cannot criticise at all!!
  16. Fantastic
    Joseph Durham
    Lots of different puzzles and traps to solve but if you get stuck there is good walk through and map. Hours of fun. Well worth the cost. Going to try their other games right now
  17. The hardest game I have played to date!
    Kevin Hibbert
    All I can say is even with the built-in walkthrough and the WEB I had the hardest time with this one. Puzzles that you had to repeat to finish; puzzels that your time was limited to finish; puzzels you did not have to use all that items that were given to you; and more travel, back and forth that you can shake a stick at. Engrossing, intriguing, colorful, well designed and wonderful.
  18. Did not like the mechanics of the game
    Henry chin
    While the game maps are extensive, having to constantly use the back arrow to move between scences as well as getting into the maps and notes was tiresome and a clumsy interface. There are better designed games such as "Lost Shop" etc out there. There are interesting puzzles though such as finding the ingredients and creating the stick of tnt. Not even bothering to finish the game.
  19. Quite good, but......
    Barry smith
    Items are spread out through a vast area. By the time I had found an item, I could not remember where it was for. This tended to spoil the game and make it a little tedious to play. Instead of finding clues a lot of the time, it seemed to be down to guess work as to what needed to be done. Normally in this type of game there is a normal progression through the clues, but this game left the progression very haphazard in the way things happened. Needs more thought behind the storyline.
  20. David Coombes
    Well deserved 5 stars best game I have played for ages more of the same please.


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