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  1. The Mystery of Crimson Manor.
    Susan Gallagher
    A little short but a good game. Had to play it twice to make two choices.
  2. Good game, but....
    Gamer Raven
    The puzzles were a little too easy and the end felt alittle rushed.
  3. Get Lost Fountain instead
    Bo Brown
    Same developer, but this one was much shorter and just not as clever or compelling. Ending pretty lame too.
  4. Claudia Fergusson
    It needs solve button if you get stuck in the min games
  5. Taz Devil
    Great game. Not as good as your other games though as there was a lot in each picture but not a lot that you could look closer at and not much to do in each room. Finished this game really fast
  6. J May
    Excellent adventure game from this developer. Highly recommended.
  7. Krystle Allen
    Nice game but way to easy and short.
  8. The Mystery of Crimson Manor update
    Gavin Henderson
    Runtime error when trying to load this game following update today. Cannot access it so needs fixing.
  9. Nice beautiful game
    Mohamad Alfakir
    As others mentioned: relaxing, beautiful graphics, and easy to moderate in difficulty. One spot in it violated the rules of such type of games but the hints help out. The story line is a bit predictable and lacks imagination. The game is short but worth the 99¢. You will spend 2-3 serene hours. Highly recommend!
  10. Good, a bit short
    Jade Foster
    Enjoyed playing this.... Good for passing an hour or so and the visual display is impressive. Would have liked it to be longer really perhaps increasing the difficulty as the game progresses.... By the time you've got stuck in, its finished! Liked Alice too.... Will be waiting for more from the developer.
  11. Great fun.
    Debra Culshaw
    I enjoyed this game,I found it relaxing and absorbing. The graphics were excellent, and the story was interesting. More of the same please.
  12. Good, worth the low price.
    Saurabh Shukul
    Nice enjoyable puzzle adventure with good scene graphics. Quite easy and short, with some grammar mistakes in the English text, and very similar to other "Manor" adventure games, but good first attempt by the developers and worth the low price tag. Will def buy their other games.
  13. Oh dear.
    Diem Von-Sylvan
    I can't say how good the game us yet. I got the first screen and the second word was misspelled. The second screen is a letter that has foregone syntax and punctuation. I don't expect this from a game I've paid for. Okay, now I've completed it. It was better than the average game of this type but a lot shorter.
  14. Fun, but short
    Valerie Quist
    This was a pretty fun game, but didn't take much time to complete. Also, there were a lot of punctuation and grammatical errors, which made it look like it was made by 10-year-olds.
  15. Good
    Cynthia Johnson
    I liked but liked Alice trapped in wonderland better
  16. Kerry berry
    I really enjoyed playing this game, looking forward to the next one :)
  17. Wow
    david bittner
    Probably one of the best adventure. Click games I've played some of the clues were very difficult great time waster
  18. Very good
    Lugsy Pike
    Well worth the money and time to play. One of the better games of this type
  19. The Mystery of Crimson Manor
    Sharon Vickers
    Excellent game. The mini games inside made you think which I enjoyed and the logic was fantastic, as was the layout of the game itself. There were hints you could use if stuck on something but try not to use these unless absolutely necessary.
  20. Jackie Picton
    Very good game would have liked it longer and harder


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