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Aaron (dahai) Li | - CEO

San Jose, California |

Liang Chiu | Marketing at - Feel free to send me invite to connect: [email protected]

San Francisco Bay Area |

Abbass Safadieh | General Manager Jollychic,Ecommerce,E-commerce,Fashion,lifestyle e-tail

الإمارات العربية المتحدة |

Hevanpal Tseng | MENA Growth and Localization of Jollychic

الإمارات العربية المتحدة |

Reviews 31,259

  1. not working
    Abaid ur Rehman
    my phone grand 2 galaxy... it only shows error that could not update at this time... re install also same thing
  2. worst app I had ever seen
    Anup Salian
    I had order from markavip and now its more than one month when I asked them why my order has taken so long than the lady replied ther is some system issue when I asked her how much time it ll take more she replied it ll take one more week for update and than they deliver so I said cancel my order and I canceled all my order very worst service I had seen in my life. I even mailed them for my order issue so they replied they have some system problem they told me to call. so I finally deleted this app.
  3. Most of brands are fake brands
    Omar Alhomsi
    Fake brands, copy items not original , higher prices than normal, takes more than 6 weeks to receive your order, use this app to see the new models & buy from other app it gonna be better...
  4. I hate the fakers
    TeNaSeNy aNa
    Good website design. But every one complain about your services and steelong people money. WTF are doing!! And soo much ads for your program and websites judt to steel money and making poor service. If you are not ready or qualified for this then don't do it.. People must Sue's you all
  5. Bad Reviews
    Ilhan Ozer
    I installed and deleted right away after readin the reviews. The poeple didn't get their orders even after months wow...
  6. hello
    maryam alyafai
    just want to ask can i cancle a portion of my order and keep the other if it is already approved or if its in the aramex office, and if yes how? a very good app & site btw i dont know how ppl r hating it! much love from me
  7. Farah Al-Masri
    They loose my trust I face wth them alot non profissional service they delay my credit for 12 days they said that they well debt the amount from next order as soon as my order arrive they said we cant debit ur credit cuz its not available till now in ur account
  8. Totally Amazing
    Mutaz G.lafi
    MarkaVIP is amazing, I love it the application is amazing and the products that they are featuring is wonderful with a lowest prices I've ever seen! Keep it up MarkaVIP you are amazing, I advice everyone to try it you won't lose anything simply it is amazing. Best wishes.
  9. Most unprofessional app I have ever seen!!!!
    Safwan Butt
    I have placed an order 200581687 more than a 1.5 month ago.... and just now I have received an email that my order been canceled. Post my order placement I received a call on my phone a week later that my order will be sent in 21 days.... bull!! When I called on 20th day to check the status the customer service representative said the shipment is delayed by the supplier. Then I sent 3 follow up emails and multiple skype calls but no response. Terrible tribble .... worst experience ever... never ever again!!
  10. Bad reviews
    Osama Ammouss
    I deleted it before opening after I read all that reviews. ... It's look like you are not ready yet guys.
  11. Poor service
    Jay-ar Alejo
    Ive been using this for how many orders and really, I never been satisfied anyone from their products. As you observe, most of their products are made in CHINA. One time I ordered a watch should be designed and made in USA but when I received the package, it is made in CHINA so I dont recommend this site. I keep on ordering from them because i still have credit on my account which I need to consume it bacause I have returned orders.
  12. Worst thing ever
    Alina Riaz
    Don't believe such scammers are still in business after so long and so much theft. The jewellery which they sell is of worst quality, they have the nerve to deliver broken things and stones missing. Or they confirm your order, take your money and then cancel it and say the things aren't in stock. Use your money as store credit. To buy other stuff which you don't want or need. They should be brought down.
  13. Dunia Chuang
    I received again fake item, they use manufacturing China synthetic bag instead Italy leather bag. I pay 285SR buy a fake item, it coast 25SR if I buy from whole sale in K.S.A.. very bad cheating!
  14. Shahlo Kamshad
    Hi don't like from here buy something and I was ordered before they bring the order after 1 month, not good quality and still I was have money with them they block me so no one order from this and sorry for everyone I just tell the truth
  15. Hi
    Sami Al Kadi
    Plz some one tell me what is the scale for feet 44 actually im interested to buy shoes btw the available size are from 6 till 12....
  16. Looking forward to trying out the app.
    Emad Marji
    I only installed it because my friend Dr Mohammed Rashdan recommended you.
  17. Jhai Montes
    Not good disappointed I choose one item, and then when I want to order it, they ask for login. So I make my account . Then, when I already have an account, there was a red cloud ,saying "CONNECTION FAILURE" even I have a connection, I can browse to other social sites but not marka VIP. Please fix it. I want to order something special for my Mom. Now I can't order now. Tsk tsk too bad..
  18. Australia
    Atef Jawad
    Hi I live in australia as a student, I just want to know if you are ever going to expand and start shipping to australia or not, thank you.
  19. Tasnim Ajaz
    I can hardly give 2stars.few days back i recieved a long skirt which was totally different from the picture shown.namshi is much much better than markavip
  20. Bad Bad markavip service
    Mohammed Mahbouba
    We can't trust upon you. You canceled order after approval ( Please note that your Order Number 500724800 placed on is now Approved )


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