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Andrew Heijdens | Producer at Magmic Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada |

Andrew Manley | Game Systems Developer at Magmic

Ottawa, Canada Area |

Mo Agha | President & COO at Magmic

Ottawa, Canada Area |

Simon Vendette | VP Games at Magmic

Ottawa, Canada Area |

Reviews 35,525

  1. Warning Do Not Update!
    Delane Davis
    Update makes game awful. I loved the game and gave it 5 stars but now would give it 0 if possible. Used to have options for game (determine if you want game harder or easier, etc.) No longer worth it!
  2. Update 1: Skipbo isn't as fun as it used to be. I used to play against my husband and friends on the leaderboard and they took that option away. I wish they would take it back to the way it was!
    Betty Babcock
    Update: updated my Google pad last night with the newest 5.02 version and now my Skipbo won't work. I hope they will update the app so it will work with the newest version soon! Love playing against my Facebook friends! Great application!
  3. Carol McKenzie
    I paid for it but haven't been able to use it I've asked them to fix it and now several months later I'm giving up and uninstalling it. I like the paid version over the free version,but not if I cannot play the dang game due to glitches!!!!!! I'll never buy it again!!!!!
  4. Great game but had to pay twice
    Amber Smith
    I purchased this game over a year ago but recently after an update the game would freeze and shut down every time I tried to open it so I had to uninstall it. I was finally able to find it in the play store again and the free version had way too many ads so I had to pay for the app again. Not impressed.
  5. Creators of Skip-BO PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Christy Pratt
    Hello, I absolutely love that you can play with friends finally. But the problem is I can only play with my Google friends in my circle. I can't play against and iPhone user. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys made it to where you can sign up with your Facebook account, and also be able to play friends who do not have a Facebook, maybe search by username as well. Also you guys need to make it to where you can return to the lobby where your other games are waiting to be played. I have to completely exit the game to go back to main menu and manually go back to my games. If you could just go back within the game that would be great. I also don't see a place where you can chat with your friends. Also fix the bug issues! Please take in consideration my feedback! Thank you for your time, Your number 1 Skip-Bo Fan! :D
  6. Horrible horrible update
    Julie Lucken
    A few days ago this would have been a 5 star review, now I'm going to uninstall. Not worth my time now. Used to spend hours playing this, now i can't stand 1 game in solo mode. Great work at ruining the app!!!
  7. Don't like update
    Tiffany Eklund
    I don't like update since it does not keep score any longer. When I paid for it it kept score. Also it does not have difficulty levels as clear as before the update . Please bring back the original game I paid for!
  8. Fun!
    Jamie Scott
    I've always loved Skip-bo, growing up this laughter inducing game on the weekends. I decided to give this game as try. Taking one star away because the game can sometimes add a source of corniness. Over all fun game, resulting in a fun way to pass the time.
  9. Too many screens
    Mauricio Jabur
    The user interface just got way worse. In order to start a game it is necessary to navigate five screens! Every time!
  10. Hate the new version.
    Joyce D.
    Can't call it a new update; it's a downgrade in my opinion. If you want to be challenged you need to host a game. I have no interest in playing online, but my only other option is to select one of three stationary avatars per spot. Takes no time at all to figure out thier weaknesses. And, they aren't really interchangeable like they were before. There is no challenge anymore, no leaderboard to work your way up. I may keep it...for those sleepless nights when sleeping pills won't work.
  11. Terrible update
    Magan Baker
    I sent numerous emails for help and support and never got a response. I paid for the app but after the update it's back to the original free version. Very disappointed
  12. Update
    kimberly newkirk
    I really love the game but hate the new updates. Now I can no longer see a profile picture and it's not longer a score or a Facebook connect!
  13. Skipbo
    Kori Khaos
    I love playing skipbo in real life and it is nice to find a game that is almost the same. I am very pleased and glad I bought it. I played the free version first and it was ad ridden but this is nice, smooth game play and I don't know what these other people are talking about it never freezes.
  14. Crashes
    Peter Brandon
    Multiplayer mode crashes as soon as you go to play. Installed on my S6 Edge. Disappointed as I love the card game. I need a refund
  15. Update sucks!!
    Beck Meredith
    I loved the fact that we had a high score board and could choose a difficulty. Now there is no score, or score board which makes it feel like im just wasting time rather than trying to beat my old score. Please change it back to what i paid for!!!
  16. David Stephens
    Love the game. Had it for my NGBA for years. This plays great on my Samsung Galaxy 2. How many stinking times is this going to ask me to review it ? It is very annoying!
  17. Much better before update!
    Kristen Erwin
    I used to love this game. Now it's so watered down it's barely worth playing :(.
  18. Sue H
    Susan H
    I always thought this was one of the best games. But now you got a down when you play one player instead of getting 30 cards you only get 10 why is that I think that stupid. I paid for this game I should get 30 card I want to fix that's ridiculous. I'm not happy with the new situation.
  19. Love this game a hole lot.
    J Rathje
    Follow me so I have some one play one here with. Sent I see you play against other people in this game now.
  20. Good Game but not Great (yet)
    Judith Bambrick
    It's a good game to play when you don't have friends that can come to your house and play cards with you. Very frustrating tho once the game is finished and you click on continue only to have to go back to the beginning and click on start, then start again for the level.. I've just won a game and clicked on continue which is what I would like it to do.. Continue playing the level I'm in and reload with a fresh game once I hit continue.. Another frustrating aspect is I have bought the game but I can't set up my profile.. I'm just "Player". Why can't I have a name - I DON'T play through FaceBook and I don't want to. It would be 5 stars but due to the two frustrating aspects it's just a 3.. Fix these two things and it will be "Great" and 5 star :)


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