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Andrew Heijdens | Producer at Magmic Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada |

Andrew Manley | Game Systems Developer at Magmic

Ottawa, Canada Area |

Mo Agha | President & COO at Magmic

Ottawa, Canada Area |

Simon Vendette | VP Games at Magmic

Ottawa, Canada Area |

Reviews 76,645

  1. Creators of Phase 10 PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Christy Pratt
    Hello, I absolutely love that you can play with friends finally. But the problem is I can only play with my Google friends in my circle. I can't play against and iPhone user. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys made it to where you can sign up with your Facebook account, and also be able to play friends who do not have a Facebook, maybe search by username as well. Also get rid of the ads! I would pay just to get rid of the ads, that is how much I love this game! Also fix the bug issues! Please take in consideration my feedback! Thank you for your time, Your number 1 Phase 10 fan! :D
  2. Ads are annoying!
    Patrice C
    I love this game but the ads every 20 seconds is ridiculous! I'm forced to watch ads more than I play the game. Makes no sense to keep this app. Uninstalling now. I'd rather play the actual card game with friends than suffer thru the same ads every time I blink!
  3. Hate Ads
    Elloweze Gray
    Love the game butthe constant ads popping up is horrible. May have to uninstall for that reason only...too many damm ads.
  4. Issues!
    Gary Swisher
    The game doesn't let you play cards to complete your phase, and I even lost a phase because a ad popped up in the middle of the game. I'm deleting this game until it gets fixed.
  5. Good game, bad software writer
    Christy Luk
    About the ads, yes I agree it's annoying. ..but when there is a paid version of this game, I guess it's necessary to make it like this so people will actually buy the game instead of playing with the free version. However, the reason I give 3 star have nothing to do with the ads, it's more about the glich, the game allow the computer to form a run when it is missing a number without a wild card. ......all I can respond was....WTF!?
  6. Ads make it junk
    Rick Merker
    I just can't do it. There is like a 20 second video ad loaded between each phase making this game more of a video ad than a game. It's not worth it. Don't bother downloading this horrible thing.
  7. Love the game, hate the videos
    Callie Lampe
    The game itself is pretty awesome! But you are forced to watch a video ad after every single round, which is insane.... Not to mention the fact it's the same couple of ads AND they are between 15 and 30 seconds each with no option to skip. Ridiculous.
  8. Fun at first.
    Debbie Volz
    But now all three computer players gets every phase right at first deal every hand. Just isn't fun when it really feels not challenging anymore. I completely understand getting a phase dealt to you right away once in awhile but not every deal.
  9. Alex Gerontas
    Love this app,it has the greatest graphics of all phase 10 apps but multiplayer sucks.After 2 or 3 hands the game freezes without an error or something.Please fix this I am willing to get the full version, I just want to play this awesome game online.
  10. Room for improvement
    Jen Mo
    I am excited this app finally exists, as everyone I work with plays the heck out of this game. Now we can play together even when we work in different areas. But it needs a couple important improvements. 1. MUST HAVE in game chat capability. What's the point of playing if you can't curse or gloat? 2. needs to be able to play as the Masters Edition. Going through the phases in order gets very dull very fast. 3. I'd like to see the app mimic the Masters Edition pay for app in look and feel. The table top view is nicer and the game play is more intuitivd.
  11. It's okay
    Kristina Johnson
    The odds seem really bad on the first two levels, but the hardest level seems fair. I have not played mulitplayer and can't say how it is.The ads are bothersome but I simply turned off the wifi and they don't pop up.
  12. Galaxy note 3
    Brandy Foster
    Love the game. But its unfair. Medium and hard mode is just about impossible to beat. Its controlled too much by the computer. And all the ads between every phase is irritating as well! Fix and will re-do my rating!
  13. Ads are ridiculous!
    Tim McLaughlin
    I love this game but the ads after every hand is annoying. Get rid of the ads and I will rate it 5 stars.
  14. Commercial
    Gracia Williams
    Look here these ads need to be put to rest I am trying to play the game and an ad pops up every time and every time it pops up and I go back to the game the round automatically ends and this only happens during solo play and the round was no where close to being over so I would like you to fix this please and thank you because this is one of my favorite card games
  15. Horrible Game
    James R
    Doesn't follow the actual rules of the game. You can't place a "skip", on a player, who already has a "skip", in the same round. On "medium", & "hard", the computer AI, cheats. And stacks them on you. In same round, had all three computer AI, each place a "skip", on me. In same round. IE, I wasnt able to play, until 4th round. Uninstalling, fix your freaking game.
  16. Love the new update but the ads are ridiculous!
    Mary Williams
    I love the new update. But the video ads are annoying. I found that after hitting the mute button like 3 times, I no longer get the option to mute the video. I don't want to hear the video ad. It's not fair especially in a quiet setting. Take away the noisy video ads or at least give us the option to hear or not.
  17. This game cheats!
    Quawana Ashton
    I thought that this game was cheating but I finally got my proof. I finished the last phase first, cleared all my cards first, had the least points and still lost.... Hummmmmm fishy
  18. Ads are terrible.
    Alisa Wiles
    There are 20-30 second video ads between most hands on the solo games. multi player games can take days to complete. Changing between several multi player games takes too many clicks. I deleted it, and also refunded the 1.99 version. ..same issues.
  19. Addictive but unfair
    Shari Higgins
    I love playing the game but it is controlled by the computer too much. The 30 second adds are over kill between every hand. I get sick and tired of getting the same cards I just threw out the hand before or already have in my hand. I don't mind playing against computer characters if the game is fair. The recent upgrades made the game worse. Time to delete this app.
  20. Ads and unnecessary permissions
    R Gress
    Deleted immediately. Ads do not need to be so annoying and the permissions are ridiculous. Makes you wonder what they are doing with this Spyware


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