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jiji math games



Maxime Audouin | Développeur chez Magma Mobile

Région de Paris, France |

Angélique Lesage | Développeuse chez Magma Mobile

Région de Montpellier, France |

Vincent Dubois | Infographiste 3D à Magma Mobile

Région de Paris, France |

Angélique Lesage | Développeuse chez Magma Mobile

Région de Montpellier, France |

Reviews 48,902

  1. Such Fun!
    Katherine Spencer-Howard
    - If you like this sort of thing! A game with appeal for those with a mathematical or engineering turn of mind. The "worlds" are merely the same background in various colours, but I enjoy getting it right and progressing through the levels.
  2. Good game
    Briel Dicristofaro
    Good fun. It would be much better if you could review the screen you just solved. Right now it instantly gets covered by score etc. W/ no access to review it.
  3. Obsessive rate me pop up
    Bridget Marble
    I installed the game on 12/14/13 and have gotten to world 14. The only reason I haven't rated the game before now is the incessant popup asking me to rate the game every time I go into the game. You think after 7 months it would get tired of asking me daily if I want to rate it, but no. My stubbornness has lost. So this is a pity rating in hopes it'll finally stop. I only hope I'm not leading it on...
  4. Awesome
    Emily Brown
    I had problem with the game lowering the sound on music player. Placed review indicating that. Next day problem fixed. Awesome customer servíce for an awesome game.
  5. Fun to play
    Ann Cooper
    This game is fun and it makes you think, too. Performs smoothly on my LG phone. All in all an additive game that makes time pass quickly.
  6. cmoores McKnight
    I love this game but when I try to connect one to another, it makes one beside it lose touch with another one, but this is a fun game I love it. :)I love this game so much I deleted the game because I beat it but I re downloaded this game because I love it so much
  7. Great game!
    Ret Robertson
    So many levels - and they're all free! Try the Halloween and Easter ones too ... they're ALL good!
  8. Everyone needs a connection
    Larry Lawrence
    Connect here, connect there, keep connecting until you unravel the sequence in the puzzle. Fun for all.
  9. I love this game...but
    aliison kobe
    The only complaint I have is I would like the option to skip tutorials.... I've deleted and redownloaded this game and know more than well enough how to play. It gets really annoying to do the tutorials.
    julia thompson
    This game is soo much fun, its addicting, has a lot of strategy , and makes you think.
  11. Renee Bergey
    Great game, when you least expect it there is a challeng. Could be a bit more challenging though.
  12. Lisa Carpenter
    Our family ranges from age 4 to 34 years old and we all love this game!
  13. Connect'em
    Susan Burton
    Great game to get children thinking and a good brain work out for adults too!
  14. Fun to play
    Sharon Miller
    I plan on keeping this game. Un lrrdd my phone tells me my storeage is low Most games The least movies would be the high score But on this game the more money I make and the longer I seen you take then the higher my score and I get stars Am I correct is this the way its supposed to go? But I do still enjoy playing the game went back to eat now bye bye
  15. Challenging
    Annette Desrosiers
    It would be nice to return to the last level when returning to the game.
  16. Love it
    Aisha Humaira
    I just downloaded this was easy and entertaining. 5 star !
  17. Dope!
    Ikeem Thomas
    Fun game, addicting, tune will pass by playing it.
  18. Totally awesome game!
    Adam Cory
    Unbelievably addicting can't stop playing it. This game is good for the mind and puzzle solving skills. I rates it number one in my book.
  19. Nice
    Keisha Richardson
    This app is a good app to kill time and use strategy.
  20. Great game
    gregory abendroth
    Good time killer that keeps you thinking


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