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Marek Rabas | CEO & Co-founder at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

Okres Brno-město, Česká republika |

Tomas Slapota | CoFounder and CoOwner at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

Okres Brno-město, Česká republika |

Adam Čunderlík | Designer at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Dominik Brablec | Game Designer at MADFINGER Games, a.s.

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Reviews 1,426,244

  1. Excellent game
    michael parchment
    I love this game but there is room for much improvement. There should be more ways to earn gold and money, such as challenges which when complete you can earn gold to buy desent fire power. Otherwise, this game rules. .. Two thumbs up!
  2. autentication error
    andrés david Muñoz diaz
    i can't login, because say autentication error, and i can't recovery my password, the e-mail never is send to my Gmail. fix it please
  3. What happened
    Abraham Bremer
    Seems like I was just getting into it. Got a lot of good weapons and all of a sudden now story mode is done, I think, after finding out about lucy? Can anyone tell me if there is more do I just have to complete some more regular missions or what? A little disappointed about that if I already completed story mode.
  4. Thomas Dossett
    Great game. Graphics and design are great. One major thing that needs work is how you get gold coins in game. I'm fine with watching a few videos or doing one of the things on tapjoy, but when some things cost over 200 gold, the amount of coins received for both of these need to be increased.
  5. A lot of fun, good graphics..
    Kevin Siclari
    A little cumbersome to play on a tablet and i wish the controls were a little more intuitive. Luckily my Asus Tranformer has a dock with usb cotroller support. If you are looking for a PS2 quality game with controller support, this one is a winner!
  6. LEL
    Tbh just wanted to rate a really long time ago, about 1 1/2 yrs I've been putting it off xD
  7. Awesome! But..
    Parth Khare
    Controls stop working sometimes.. it moves nd shoots at its own.. guns should be made to bought with normal money... all the cool guns have to be bought with gold which is too hard to earn... plz fix ..some minor bugs... hopefully game would be fixed in next update..
  8. Wow
    kartikeya gaur
    This game is so well optimized that with a little stuttering (playable) it runs on my old froyo device samsung galaxy lag on ultra on new phone and simply a flagship game for zombie fps
  9. Good
    Ron Charvon
    BORN BLOODY!.. Blood everywhere! Hmm god knows how its 12 plus where strike fighter is 17 plus....great game n graphics no complain about that but shooting button n changing direction is with the same finger so tht makes it a lil slow and difficult so it'd be better if its functions are divided among 2 fingers..:)
  10. Dead Trigger
    Todd Marple
    Laser cutters and blade cutters don't work the same after this update. What happened? Developers need to look at offering an expansion pack after level 50. Update is in need of fixing! I was hooked on it until I downloaded this bad update. My recommendation to other gamers...don't update your game! Stay away from this update!
  11. Awesome
    Jessie Collins
    This is like the best game I ever played and to the people that hate it I hated it before but I got better and better and I am on the last level that hard but you want to know how I passed all of the others I believe in myself.
  12. Addicting
    jonel don
    It's fun to play, I like shooting the heads of the zombies and it has a nice graphics I played this game all the time and I'll never uninstall it because it's the best! people are getting some bugs but I didn't detect some of it. "I hope I will not." Cheers!
  13. It's fun and addicting.....
    Adriana Castro
    I really like this game it has great graphics and weapons. The only thing I don't like is the fact that most of the guns have to be payed with in gold which can take a while to get. I would also like it if you could play with friends online.....
  14. Superb
    Alex Mendez
    This game is 100% flawless graphics are beautiful the guns are amazing there are no mistakes with it this game is awesome good job madfinger games
  15. yes, cool game!
    Jonathan San Pedro
    it is very addicting BUT, how can i buy funds? it always say "failed"...
  16. Best fps
    Gustavo Garcia
    This is one of the most entertaining zombie shooters I have played. It runs smoothly, the zombies are fun to demolish, and there's plenty of guns to choose from!
  17. Pretty fun
    Jordon Moss
    It is basically a free version of CoD: Zombies without the BS.
  18. Great..... In my Moto E Gen I
    Ajay Ravishankar
    No frame drops encountered in my Moto E... The game is very cool... You don't need data connection every time to load the game... That's pretty cool. Graphics is great.. Go ahead, download and enjoy...
  19. A game from memories....
    Allen Zarco
    This game is WAY better than two because no matter what,all guns are treated the same but with different range effects. Dead trigger 2 forces you to choose a stronger weapon than the one you like to survive. Part one let's you choose and as long as its max out on upgrade,it can be good as any weapon. When u play a zombies,you aspect to be fun and a little challenging but part 2 aspect you to use a Fuckload of bullets to kill one zombie. Not fun and takes to long,I just want simple killing action!
  20. Please help MADFINGER games!
    Lachlan Robinson
    I was rank 15 had a new gun ( Striker ) and lots of money, I was about to backup my game data and it went to the screen which shows before you start a mission, once the screen had gone I looked at what had happened... It put me back to rank 13 took away my new gun, all my money, all my high scores in arena, took away the extra item slot I paid for and my new bait grenades I unlocked, please see if you can get back my guns and money and I'll give it a 5*


What`s new

New Features:
Rank up with maximum player rank increased to 60
Earn improved Daily and Rank up Rewards
Every weapon now more powerful with a new 4th upgrade tier
Take on new challenges as the game difficulty is now more balanced
Enjoy improved aiming and shooting mechanics
Convert Gold to in-game currency for your upgrades
Use Gold to unlock Premium weapons sooner
Improved graphics for the latest generation devices
Boosters no longer take up inventory space

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