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Reviews 733,653

  1. New to the app but I CAN'T EVEN SIGN UP
    Ashley G
    So I download this app to get a little bit of money and then the app won't even let me sign up with Facebook, signed in to Facebook, authorized comfirm and then all that but it doesn't do anything. Plus I signed up with my email, but no it still didn't work. Yes I have contacted support and they have tried to help by asking if I got a "comfirm your account" email but an email has not came through to my inbox or even spam. So they haven't solve the case yet. Please fix this!
  2. Rigged
    Cosmo Trikes
    I played slots 45 times, i saved up my coins, and didnt win once, if you look at the lucky winners, its only $1, and i bet the game only allows 1 win per week, jackpot could be rigged, it could. See ur numbers and choose difderent ones
  3. Bullshet!
    Na M
    I just now like 3 seconds ago spun 3 top hats and won 3 dollars from it and it didn't even give it to me into my wallet.. this is ridiculous and bullshit.. I suggest nobody play this it only goes into your wallet if it's 1 dollar nothing more .. fraud game and I'm dissapointed
  4. Brooklyn Sherratt
    Awesome cash money game app! I won $1 on first try. Use my code to get free credits XTCGCI7
  5. Moosa Butt
    it's a ok games so far. use my code to earn extra credit. QMCQKSJ
  6. Can't win
    Ryan Hess
    Cool idea but last update new scratch ticket just takes your credits
  7. Best app. Our luck is important.
    Nirupam Sikdar
    IG4IMHG, use this code. I win $1 2nd day. You must try your luck. Nothing for lose.
  8. Latonya Hoard
    I don't like it yet....still new but 2 stars for now
  9. Scam?
    KJ Kane
    Rating 1 star until I get paid. The game seems extremely rigged.
  10. Alibutt Butt
    Use my code for more credits.. AQEJMNG
  11. Awesome app tons of $$ to win
    Jon Rusch
    You'll love this app!! just give it a chance add my code if you want to FGOGPUZ
  12. Maria Butt
    Like it so far... lets see. Use my code DD9HZNT to earn more credits
  13. Great app
    Dennis D
    I love the new update great job
  14. Time Waster
    Connor Klinzing
    The only chance of money you will have on this app is probably a dollar... Who knows though I havent won any with all 50 plus credits I have used! I went on a 20 credit spending spree which is 100 tries and didn't win a single thing! Not even more credits. The app is obviously rigged and not meant to payout at all. I suggest not even trying to use this app :\ and do something more productive with your life haha!
  15. It's fun
    James Pugh.
    Nice game for a chance to win real money. Though chances of winning are slim. Here is my lucky code so you guys can get free credits PK4KFA6
  16. Winner
    Lisa Samley
    Made $4 so far. Out of the three games you have a better chance at winning slots.
  17. Fair Game
    Victoria Bernard
    More people should comment in here and post their code, mines: ET5SBAF I urge you to use that and please post your own :) Also I can't find the social that was mentioned whilst signing in also I can't enter my buddy's code and now I can't enter codes at all. Why is this?
  18. Ariel Mendez
    Won a dollar didn't show up in my wallet, i have $6 but I'm supposed to have $7 in total..
  19. Ok game
    Vanessa Avalos
    Missing money but its ok so far, chances of winning are very very slim
  20. Predictable
    Kirstien Price
    It's an ok game but the scratch card game is silly. I predicted every win.


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