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Iman Mostafavi | Co-Founder and COO at Limbic

San Francisco Bay Area |

Arash Keshmirian | Co-Founder and CEO at Limbic

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Lauren Wong | Office Admin & Customer Support at Limbic®

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Marcus Montgomery | Senior Game Designer who believes great games are created through prototyping, process, and people.

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Reviews 182,281

  1. New addiction!
    Adam Dresden
    I just downloaded this game but so far it's pretty addicting. Game play is pretty good!
  2. Good game!
    James Butler Jr
    Great upgrades,runs smooth. Slay zombies, with great weapons! More to come,zombies in the city....ill be back! James
  3. Mind Blowing Superb
    Tarun Sandeep
    After my Professional Job to get relieved I play this Game till I doze off in to a Sleep by Protecting Civilians from Zombies world as I feel its my responsibility.....!
  4. ultimate zombie kill time!!
    Nelson Brennen
    cruise at high altitude and wield super awesome cannons to good old gattling and wipe'm out by the boatloads...... way sick game
  5. Freaking Awesome!!!!
    Jesus Zuniga Franco
    Death to zombies!! I love this game!!! To Gameloft: you should make a game similar to this but instead of shooting zombies you shoot, destroy and obliterate those ISIS scumbags I bet a lot of people would play that maybe even more than this one. I'm just throwing that out there. :)
  6. Love it
    This game is awesome! It's way better than I thought it would be. The graphics aren't great but you are flying in a gunship trying to rescue humans from hordes of zombies. Upgrades are pretty easy to get. It sounds awesome through headphones. It's free. Give it a try. ✈
  7. Badass
    Ed Star
    This game is a very cool weapons platform for crushing a boat load of standard zombies as well as a few large ones on Zombie steroids! Love it!!
  8. I just started playing! And...
    Keenan Stone
    I am starting to enjoy this game, I like using the 25mm, just spraying. But the civies just get in the way! Love it, I stayed up all night playing!
  9. Excellent Game -
    Michael Cullen
    Just not a fit for me. After a while it gets monotonous. Having to do the same thing over and over again gets old after 10 mins. Hard to advance. Tutorial needs work. Great game, just needs work.
  10. Absolutely awesome!
    Edward Wright
    This has to be one of the best free games available to download for your phone. It's addictive, exciting, graphics are good and best of all it meets the zombie apocalypse with a logical response: an AC-130 gunship!!!!
  11. Heart lifting
    Steven Strickler
    Im now a senior in high school at 17 yrs of age. My plan after high school was to join the military and become a combat engineer. However, unfortunately leukemia delayed my dreams from coming true. Playing this game actually makes me believe im in the military saving lives from the undead. A very realistic game with good graphics. 5 stars all around.
  12. Great but...
    Gavin B
    They could make the civilians a bit smarter to avoid the zombies more often, not totally, but often.
  13. Greatest app ever
    jay hankins
    I use this app to train for the eventuality that I will be ask to man a gunship weapon system and kill ground targets. I try not to think of the white targets as human. They are only obstacles to be avoided if possible. Sometimes I kill a few just to get some R&R back in the rear. A few hours of intense councilling and I am as right as rain and ready to get back to work. I hardly ever get the dreams anymore. The pills have stopped that.
  14. Love it. So addictive.
    Christopher Ortiz
    Best game so far (for me at least). Awesome graphics. Best thing about it is the fact that you can play as much as you want without the need to "buy" coins or upgrades. Just play and score as much as you can. Accumulate coins to buy access to the next site to defend. Great game. Much recommended.
  15. Zombie gunship
    James Strawhorn jr
    It is really awesome I recommend every body playing it the apps are kind of crazy but still a awesome game
  16. Great game.
    Troy Loewen
    Big guns. Killing zombies. What else is there to say? Runs smooth, ads are annoying but I'm too cheap to pay to get rid of them.
  17. Awesome game
    Sean Snowden
    It runs really smooth, very accurate, very challenging and also very fun. This was a very well done game. It was really awesome to play
  18. Clear to engage
    Daniel Greaves
    It is a brilliant game,It's smooth to play and deeply satisfying to shoot the hell out of zombies.Maybe some new maps and reactive scenery like exploding oil drums or buildings you can destroy.Add those factors and it would be amazing
    Em Pav
    Zombie gunship is a great game with decent graphics and addicting gameplay. If you love to kill zombies what better way then to do it from the sky in thee worlds toughest and meanest gunship the AC-130. Limbic is one of the best developers in this business. They are what other developers should strive to be like. They answer you in a timely manner and they actually fix your problems unlike some others I've dealt with in the past who just give you the run- around. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK LIMBIC.
  20. Addictive fun
    dante giuliano
    Great game...simple, fun, zombie killing destruction. I'm really enjoying it, finding it a sweet little escape when my brain is tired...give it a try, killing zombies is more fun than you think!


What`s new

What's new in 1.14.3
- Fixed a loading issue for some Samsung devices on Android 5.1.1.
- A sound bug on certain devices was fixed for the 105mm and 45mm guns.

Note: ZG now requires expansion files due to being over 50MB in size. We now request 2 new permissions on Android in order to use the expansion file feature of Google Play.

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