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Austin Meyer | EL PRESIDENTE DE POR VIDA! at Laminar Research

Columbia, South Carolina Area |

Reviews 85,242

  1. Very "weak"
    Uriel Mazoz
    How can I set Speed, heading and altitude in autopilot? Autopilot in this sim is almost useless.
  2. Physics are disappointing - not for me.
    Nik Barbour
    Graphics are ok but not up to Aerofly standards. Clouds are good. Regions are small. It's the physics that puts me off. Trying to decend close to final approach speed felt awful. Also the UI is poor, whoever put the map slider next to the throttle? Edit- Responded to dev via email - review stands as it is.
  3. Gad Krumholz
    Can't fly if I can't pull up. Probably something wrong with calibration. Also... Only 1 plane? What about all the ones I bought with xplane 9 mobile? What about other airports? And for the love of god... Why does this have ads?! Just plain awful. 1gb of data wasted. This game is huge, and also a huge letdown. I'll stick to Xplane10 for pc. Uninstalling. Edit: RECALIBRATING DOES NOT FIX THIS. (but thanks for the reply)
    Sean Garafolo
    Awesome job! I've been waiting for this for a long time and now it's here. I play xplane 10 on my pc but a bit hard when on the I can! Thanks again!
  5. Expensive
    Alexander Lucas Wenig
    Great flight sim, very realistic, but I think it's a bit too expensive.
  6. Potentially expensive
    Darren Z
    Beautiful graphics; silky smooth performance; easy and intuitive controls; realistic flight-modeling. So why only three-stars? Buying all the optional aircraft (which you'll need if you want to pursue all the challenges) will cost you around $40 -- or roughly the price you'd pay for the complete X-Plane package on the PC. That seems a bit disproportionate to me.
  7. Cameron Carmichael Alonso
    It's a good start; nice selection of aircraft, awesome 3D cockpits. UI is leaps and bounds above any previous version of X-Plane, but still a few minor niggles (such as map slider next to throttle). Being able to select start airport and position would make this a whole lot more appealing, as would a proper autopilot (being able to change values is a must). Definitely heading in the right direction in terms of simulation. I think this has the potential to become a great mobile simulator; please don't let the free-to-play model turn it into a cheap "plane game". :) Looking forward to seeing what comes next.
  8. Meh.. (it's still new)
    Rockin Rehearsal
    I love X-Plane & have the desktop version + XP9 mobile, but I'm not happy with how this flies.. It's like flying a boat.. XP9 you could control phone sensor control. That would be nice do the plane isn't rockin all over the screen.. Looks fantastic, the cities & lights are awesome!!
  9. Thx developer
    Edwin Mathew Perello
    I waiting this flight sim and i freaked out when i see it and i share planes and cool but cqn you make traffic planes and cars
  10. Amgad Selim
    I use this game in my pc it's very hot game for whom interesting in planes
  11. Crap
    Chris Ryder
    Physics are off,graphics blow,multiplayer is only with friends and not on a world server,only get the 172 for free and the fully functional 3d cockpit is throttle and flaps I'll continue to support FDS with Infinite Flight.......and to think you guys have a company of employees and the product still blows in comparison to a 3 man team....hahaha
  12. Sakari Boro
    Very nice. Reminds a lot more of your desktop version. However, regions are small, just 1 plane at start thats ridiculous, new plane prices are very high, thought there was interactive cockpit but no, physics are quite good though. UI is weird, but not too bad. Overall im impressed and definately better than your previous sim
  13. Screw it man
    Alexi Derkatsch
    A game is not free to play when they only offer you one free plane to play with. My suggestion, put a bundle out there. I have been flying xplane since it first came out on the iPods for 10$ a pop. Loved it. Laminar gave you everything. Production costs aside, I am not paying for each individule aircraft. Get it together, put a bundle out there that includes some aircraft, all aircraft and removes ads. I hate ads on an app I love. Fix it bro.
  14. 1 plane 1 star
    brett cuff
    No graphics options, No sensitivity settings, The physics are terrible, few locations, only one plane free the rest (the good ones) cost too much I'm not spending money on polygons in a half-baked game, and who thought it would be a good idea to not lock the screen rotation so when I pitch down to crash my useless Cessna it auto rotates and pitches back up it's stupid
  15. Great flight sim
    Mirza Syafiq
    Love this game, played on my ios device before. Now gonna try this on my android c:
  16. Erick Delgado
    Awesome! Huge upgrade from the last game, much need and appreciated! Ps add C17 thanks
  17. Greg H.
    Why can't i download it?it keeps failing to download
  18. Awesome!
    Luke Kindelin
    If you like flight sims, the reigning champ has finally come to Android! Keep in mind the ~900MB file size though.. This'll run best on top notch hardware.
  19. Finally On Android ;-)
    MR T
    Five starz for arriving on android, lol. Will update my review fairly in a couple days.
  20. Where are you ?!! Love it
    I was waiting for this, and finaly is out thanks guys


What`s new

* Fixed crash on startup for PowerVR based devices
* Added logging to catch devices with no sound.
* Fixed crash while dragging the aircraft on the map
* Fixed AUTH error while packing for some flights
* Fixed crash on quit while downloading
* Fixed broken download progress
* Fixed missing browser window

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