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  1. Lmyn
    happy Ching
    Membantu unt jadwal nya, tp saat mau komen selalu error, payah bngt! Pdhal ad yg mau d tnya kan k sesama Laluners, tolong d perbaiki dong!!!
  2. need improvement
    Devi Kumalasari
    Please improve the quisioner in self check with another statement or new things Then I'll give 5 stars
  3. Helpful App
    Yoshiko Vania-B
    This app works well and give some predictions accurately. Helps women to know their body and menstruation phase well
  4. yay
    Nadya Salsabila Ramadhan
    i love this app. first, why i downloaded this app bcs the free line coin xD and when i input the last period, this app help me to the right schedule. i can't believe it. i was thought that this app kind of bullshit but isn't and it's successfully!
  5. I love it
    Baby Fathonna
    I can share all my mind in Lalune with all the woman around the world, thanks
  6. Thx 4 free line coin
    Zaky Firmawan El-Hakim
    Tanks for free line coin, i install it and then i remove it immediately XD and you know this is kind of bullshit you say that 2 million Japanese women use this app but this app only downloaded by 5 thousand user :P #lol
  7. Something need to be fixed.
    Anisa Nurjanah
    Some girls are usually having menstruation period for more than 7 days, while in this app, we can only set the period for max 7 days. I think it might get the calculation goes wrong for people like me and others who are having period for 8-9 days. Please fix this and I might give you more starts. Anyway, good apps
  8. Thanks!
    Zulfa Noor
    been a long time since I wait for this app!
  9. Thanks a lot!
    Hikmatiar AS
    Im a man, and i install your application just to get some line free coins. After opened it for a while, i installed it.
  10. Thx 4 free coin
    Zanurul Rifhan
    Thank you for the free line coin. As soon as I installed and received the coins, I uninstalled it immediately. :)
  11. The reason
    Primatama Nabil
    Why it says 2m but in the desc. is 10k, because we're in different server. Maybe in Japan server they have 2m users...
  12. Add alarm
    Dessy Juliani
    Please add alarm to recall the awarenes of bringing the pantyliner. Traveler will get this setting very useful. And you can reduce question about sex, in some countries it's too sensitive. But you can add version to this setting.
  13. Good app!
    Andria A
    Very nformative and give you quite detailed info about mood and chances of pregnancy on daily basis. Very helpful in tracking the period.
  14. Free line coin
    Jhere Koike
    Thks for the coin, i uninstalled this crap as soon as i got my coin lol lol lol
  15. Coins
    arfin ardelius
    I like to download this app because i got the coins hohoho
  16. yukie ryuji
    Good... So crunchy.... Dont forget to take a look.....^^
  17. Can't
    elysabeth martin
    I can't receive the coins ): ): what happens? ):
  18. Frida Adyasari
    I got free coin at Line.. Thanks
  19. Fyan Lawliet
    2 millions people? I only see 10 thousands people. And thanks for free coins.
  20. Ifo Yuda
    Not only girl to download it, i think boy can download it for sticker line. Hahaha LOL...