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  1. Amazing
    Bronson Torres
    Great, simple, fun. At times challenging but not infuriating.
  2. Great game.
    Charlie Stark
    No ads, great classes with unique skills. Can be very difficult at times, but I think it just makes it better. Cool side quest for the Alchemist class. Awesome.
  3. What a shame
    Jack Feuchtinger
    So much potential killed by sloppy sticky controls.
  4. Best Rogue
    Jon Thoroddsen
    Not quite like the classic but has the same feel of going against the odds. The permadeath feature, so frustrating in many games works perfectly here. Only thing I would fix is for the thief to get experience for skulking around.
  5. Crashing
    John Weaver
    I have a nook and it crashes when I atempt to open the app. I really.liked the PC version though.
  6. Epic game.
    Preston Rosales
    So much fun. The character customization, the items, and the bosses. All on a 2D platform. Wonderful game. Prob one of the best iv played on my phone.
  7. Really good game ruined by crashing issues
    Max Tidwell
    I was really excited about this update because I hoped it would fix the constant crashing. I played the new update for less than ten minutes and it has already crashed twice. Love the pc version but not this one.
  8. Great game.
    ty chay
    Some characters are way more useable than others though.
  9. For Shame!
    Brenden Spud
    Newest update wiped all my progress, luckily I hadn't spent any cash on this but time is arguably just as valueable. The part that irks me the most is that my various Google accounts (+,play,ect) have always been synced with this game. I really want to see all the changes in this update... but I don't know if I want to dedicate all that time to unlock everything again. Debating uninstalling, waiting to hear from dev. Unhappy
  10. Good game
    Connor Ramella
    Always count on the people of kongregate to make a fun way to kill time
  11. Best game
    Alex Yo
    Beat game i ever played on android, and i tryied ALOT of games on android.
  12. WOAH
    Francis Pascua
    Best roguelike ever. Better than pixel dungeon. Every character really has a different playstyle. Not only that but each has its on [email protected]#$ing build!
  13. Excellent Roguelike!
    Matt Dyer
    Been a big fan of this game ever since I found it on kongregate. Love the classes and diversity amongst them. High replay value and always something new to discover. Stop reading and download already! ^_~
  14. I was skeptical
    Ryan Farnsley
    But this game is so good. Not the best in the genre but still loads of fun. I've unlocked almost everything and still haven't paid a cent
  15. Great Roguelike!
    Cyborg Child
    Wow, great game Kong. Easier to play than watabou's "pixel dungeon". Thanks from 191.
  16. Good Stuff
    John Benson
    The games looks great and plays very well from what I've seen so far. The only complaint I have is the text is extremely difficult to read and downright impossible to in some parts. Otherwise, it's fantastic and well worth anyone's time!
  17. Best mobile roguelike
    Frances Konyn
    Controls being so simple is really great, and yet it doesn't detract from any of the interestingness of the game. If you haven't gotten into roguelikes before, give this a try!!
  18. Harrison Ross
    Simple, you can earn the 'real cash' money with relative ease, and a new adventure each playthrough.
  19. Epic
    Esteban Dido
    Probably the best game I've played on my phone
  20. Hold swipe to keep moving
    J Sumner
    No game has provided me more hours of entertainment on my phone. People the swipe controls work like a dream once you realize you can hold swipe to keep moving. Kongregate: PLEASE make it so the back button doesn't close the app. Please.


What`s new

- Wizard “Enslave” can no longer be dispelled.
- Wizard “Enslave” now recharges over time instead of with XP.
- Paladin “Consecrate” now uses the stronger Whetstone weapon damage upgrade formula.
- Pugilist “Chi Mastery” completely overhauled.

- Added a Legendary Weapon

- Various bug fixes